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2014-07-23, 12:37 AM
Hello, I would just like a bit of a review and a few ideas to help me improve a campaign storyline I've been working on. So I'll just get right to it and explain the plot. So to start off, my characters have heard of the deck of many thing, an artifact of great power. It is situated in the old ruins of an abbey started by Bahamut worshipping paladins. So the PCs go and explore the abbey and do multiple quests all the while gathering more parts of the deck. As they explore the old abbey grounds they meet an other group of adventurers and become rivals because they are also after the deck. At the end of this adventure the PCs should have the deck and they face off against the other group as they try to take the deck away from the PCs. The PCs win but 3 of the other group's members teleport away. On the body of one of the dead ones they find a note saying, " Once you have the deck, come back to Khyber and report to me immediately. -Jonn" And so the PCs then go to Khyber (a far off kingdom). When they get there they can't seem to find anyone to help them, but then a rebellion group finds them and asks them why they came to Khyber (not many people go there because of the oppresive government). The PCs show them the note and the rebellion tells them that the note is probably from Khyber's emperor; Jonn. The rebels say that they could help the PCs to figure out why he wants the deck, and that a person who matches the PCs description of the other adventuring groups leader has been meeting with Jonn and shall be doing so tonight. When the PCs go to spy on the meeting, there is Jonn, the other groups leader, and Khyber's Chief Archmage (a friend of Jonn's) and a mindflayer. They hear Jonn saying this, "We have been searching for these 5 artifacts for a year! And all we have so far is this one staff and possible locations of a few others! This latest defeat at Gardmore has convinced me that we need to accelerate our plans. Tam, you keep on trying to get that deck, Sylvan, you go after the sword, and you [mindfayer's name here] go get that tome, I'll get the crown myself. We need to try not to get to much attention too, don't forget that. Now go! For power!" When the PCs report back to the rebels the rebels tell them to go to a sage in the East who can tell them about the artifacts that Jonn mentioned. The PCs go and the sage tells them this," When the gods were still battling the primordials, they knew that the earth needed strong leadership, and so 5 different gods each gave a gift to the man they wanted to lead the people of the world. The artifacts combined seemed to offer enough power for someone to permanently reign, however nearing the end of the war one of the most powerful primordials destroyed him, and when he died the artifacts were scattered by his subordinates. Now forgotten by the gods, the artifacts lie scattered, still holding enough power to reign a million years." With this info the PCs and the rebels now know they need to stop Jonn from gathering the artifacts. Then the PCs go on a bunch of missions to gather a few artifacts and parts of artifacts (2 of the artifact are broken into more than one piece). After a while the PCs get back from one adventure to find the rebellion more or less destroyed. There are now only mabye 30-50 members left. Also they figure out that Jonn is a lich. ALSO the PCs find out that the Khyber army along with a few undead and monsters have invaded 3 neighboring nations. The PCs go and help defend one of the nations and get a few more artifact parts. Now the artifacts all lie with either the players or Jonn, and all they need to do is try to attack Jonn himself, however because he is a lich they first need to find his phylactery, and so they attack the Archmage's tower, where they hope to find information about Jonn's phylactery. In the end they have to fight the Archmage. If they win then they do find a book with the locations of the phylactery. The PCs then go on an adventure to find and destroy it in the corner of the world. When they get back they find that half the world is in Jonn's hands. They manage to travel to Khyber and then attack Jonn's castle with the remaining rebels and a few soldiers from various armies. When they get to his throne room, they either win and save the world, or loose and let the world fall into the hands of darkness for indefinite ages...

2014-07-23, 11:25 AM
I'm not sure if this is the forum for this kind of thread. You're probably better off posting in the dedicated 4e sub-forum. Unless, that is, you are proposing some new game mechanics to go with the campaign.

As for the campaign itself, it strikes me as being a bit linear. On the other hand, the formula of escalating stakes is a tried-and-true one, and linear storylines aren't bad if you're there to roll dice and have fun.

I think the "regalia of rulership" (the way you have described them makes me think of the Regalia of Might (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regalia_of_Might)) artifact story could do with some re-working. Perhaps they could be artifacts not created for common purpose, but which (it transpires) can be synergistically combined to result in the outcome you have sketched? Unless you have your own set of homebrew deities, it seems to me that the D&D gods have too many divergent or competing interests to ever want a single person to rule over the sentient beings of the world. (*)

(*) By which I mean, to ever want a single person that wasn't absolutely in line with each god's individual priorities, which IMO precludes the gods working together on a set of artifacts to grant unending rulership.

2014-07-23, 12:39 PM
You're right actually about the gods not wanting a guy to rule unless he was with all the god's commandments or whatever. Mabye I should change that, I could even include something about what in you explained in the new story. Thanks for telling me about the thread, I thought that mabye because it was a homebrew campaign or something it would go here.

2014-07-23, 12:47 PM
This is homebrew forums, there is also the World-building Sup Forum, which is where your thread would belong :smallsmile:

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OK, then, sorry. It was my first post, so I don't know much about the site yet. Thanks though!

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Is there any way to move a thread from one section to the other?

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Yep and its eays. just notify an administrator of the intent and they will do it for you :)

2014-07-23, 11:35 PM
So you are starting a campaign with the Gardmore Abbey adventure, is what you are saying... are the other adventures published as well? That could help us link them for you if that is what you are trying to do.

2014-07-24, 12:29 PM
No, I'm just starting with Gardmore, the rest I'm gonna make.