View Full Version : It's March, and you know what that means... (take 2)

purple gelatinous cube o' Doom
2007-03-02, 03:54 PM
(I posted this in FB, but didn't get much of a response, so I figured I'd try here too.)

Yes it's now March, and that means that the madness of the NCAA basketball tournament selections are a week from Sunday. I was wondering if there was any interest in getting a GiTP pool together. I'll investigate a few places we can do it, but I think Yahoo does.

Edit: Please only post if you're interested in participating in a pool and creating a bracket. I'd even allow more than one bracket if you do one serious and one goofy one (such as a coin flip bracket). And yes, I have known people to have a better bracket flipping a coin than trying to pick winners.

2007-03-02, 04:21 PM
Or... its March which means that the Six Nations is almost over.

2007-03-02, 05:02 PM
We were doing okay in the rugby until you guys thoroughly trounced us...The upside of only caring about one sport is that I can just sit back and laugh at every other sporting failure imaginable though.