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2014-07-23, 08:18 PM
Eh. So

3d6 Guts
3d6 Glamour
3d6 Grace
3d6 Guile

3-8 = 1; 9-10 = 2; 11-12 = 3; 13-16 = 4; 17-18 = 5.

There's a start.

Stamina = Guts + Labor
Persistence = Glamour + Education
Tenacity = Grace + Training
Patience = Guile + Study

2014-07-23, 08:31 PM
Action, Fatigue, and Growth Economy

Action points (AP) / period = (Skill?)d6 + related Attribute + F
5 AP = 1 successful action
incur Fd6 Fatigue
in case Fatigue exceeds X -> ignore related Attribute in calculating Action Points
Stamina -> Guts
Persistence -> Glamour
Tenacity -> Grace
Patience -> Guile

Periods vary by skill. e.g., a melee period (Strength or Grace) is 1 round or about 10 seconds,
a period of simple labor (Strength), or of social interaction (Glamour) is 1 turn or about 10 minutes,
a period of skilled labor (Grace) or research (Wit) is about 1 hour.

Fatigue can be rolled and spent to gain successes but can only be regained by resting (regain 1d6 Fatigue in the first minute, and another 1d6 Fatigue in the first turn, of each hour rested). When Fatigue exceeds Stamina, a short rest is unavoidable.

Each time the character rests from Fatigue > X to zero Fatigue, gain 1 Labor / Education / Training / Study.

2014-07-26, 01:29 PM
Combat (of course)

This owes a bit to Fictive Hack, which has one of the better systems for pbp combat.

Combat goes in rounds (10 sec each). During a round, the following options are opened in the following order. The first option picked determines the (Skill + Attribute) to be used for rolling Action Points this round. 5 AP = success at the option picked; any additional AP carry over to permit selecting subsequent options during the remainder of the round. APs do not carry from round to round.

Defend or Protect (Weapon + Grace)

Success cancels one successful attack from or against the target of your Defend or Protect action, respectively.
Quick Shot (Ranged Weapon + Grace) or Aimed Shot (Ranged Weapon + Wit) or Command (Speech + Glamour)

Successful Quick Shot inflicts weapon damage immediately, Aimed Shot inflicts weapon damage later, Command causes a target ally to later take the action commanded.
Close (shorter weapon) (Weapon + Grace) or Open (longer weapon) (Weapon + Guts)

Closing brings the combatant with shorter weapon inside the reach of the longer weapon, in order to inflict an attack; the shorter weapon cannot attack without first closing. Opening brings the combatant with the longer weapon out of close combat, to their own reach, which prevents attack by the shorter weapon. Opposed successes in Close and Open = maintain distance from last round.
Attack (Weapon + Grace) or Drive (Weapon + Guts) or Lure (Weapon + Wit)

Successful Attack inflicts weapon damage on target, Drive pushes the target standard distance to your chosen location, Lure brings the target standard distance to your chosen location (and cancels any successful attack by the target).
Aimed Shot hits, or Second Quick Shot, or Command effects action by ally
Move {{succeeds if any AP remain unspent}} standard distance.

The "standard distance" is about six yards or one "arena," an arena being an area of about six yards diameter.

"Weapon damage" =