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2007-03-03, 02:09 PM
Working on my latest hombrew project, a fantasy world set in a small almost-fairy tale kingdom. Its a tiny kingdom nestled in a gigantic mountain range. Anways, heres my races. I initially was only going to make the 'good' races at PC races, but decided to include the evil ones as well. While this is all d20 based, I wanted to create something unique. Unfortunatley, theres going to be balance issues, such as the potential for PCs that can fly. Any suggestions on how to limit the Syphilin and Faerie races so their flying isnt a godsend for PC travel and manipulation? Especially without actually gimping it to uselessness. I am thinking strict weight limitations and durations maybe.

In addition, I need to come up with a way of making humans interesting. As of right now I am drawing a blank. Maybe more of an ability to specialize in skills and feats or something.

Notice also I am heavily using the ideas from the Tome of Battle to give the races some more uniqueness. Now there really IS a difference between a human warrior and a dwarven one. At least, thats the intent. See my other thread on the fighting styles that I am working on.


Racial Stats: Sath, with their long legs and incredible speed, can run a pace equal to that of a horse in short bursts. This gives them a +10 to damage on charge attacks. In addition to this ability they can leap up to 30 feet forwards, or 15 feet up.

Appearance: Sath are tall, averaging 8 feet in height for males and perhaps only a foot shorter for females. Their scaled lizard-like bodies vary in color, with males being typically dark green or brown, and females light green with yellow accents.

With their long legs, a Sath can run a pace equal to that of a horse. Males and females alike sport a leathery crest on top of their heads, which varies in color with their moods.

Society: Compared to human civilization Sath are primitive. They lead relatively simple lives in the Blackmire which they call home. Their tribes are jointly led by a powerful chieftain supported by a shaman. The tribes are very territorial and from time to time territorial disputes lead to bloodshed.

Sath do not bury their dead, instead they are carried to tribal graveyards where their bodies and belongings are set to rest upon a wooden dias.

Magic: Sath have spirit healers which have a faith that bears a lot of semblance to the human priesthood. They would call Relnor the Pheonix, and Sythan the Hound. All Sath have a fear of canines, and believe them harbingers of ill fortune. Due to this superstition, they receive a -2 penalty on all attacks, saves, and skill checks when in the presence of a canine due to their nervousness.

Warriors: Sath warriors are primarily hunters, and train with the spear and bow quite heavily. Some have been known to wield wicked chains sporting heavy hooks on the end. Sath do little metalwork, and their tough hides often serve as their armor. Cheiftans and great warriors will sometimes have tough carapace shells from the giant beetles that inhabit the swamp formed into a breastplate or shield, but most simply use leather armor or none at all. Sath can be rangers, rogues, or fighters. They are capable of learning human fighting styles.


Racial Stats: Syphilin are as varied as humans in abilities. Aside from a +1 bonus to death magic and the ability to fly, they have no other special abilities.

Appearance: Syphilin look much like humans. All Syphilin share an unnatural, timeless beauty. Much as humans they range in height from 5-6ft. They have pale skin, dark hair, and reddish eyes. In addition to claws instead of nails, the possess dark leathery wings sprouting from their backs that are normally red or black in hue.


Syphilin society has a rigid structure of rulership and advancement, with titles and holdings. They rule over the Bolgrast with an iron fist, and control the Iskylyn leadership. They take delight in cruelty, yet have a strange sense of honor.
Syphilin dwell in their dark city deep in the mountains.

Syphilin see themselves as a sort of nobility that is above all other races.

Magic: Syphilin use spirit magic and the death variety almost exclusively. Syphilin are always ruled by a high priest. While there are some that dabble in the elemental magics, they are rare.

Fighting Styles: Those that do not possess the spiritual abilities of the priesthood turn to the strength of arms. Syphilin fight with the grace of nobility, and most commonly use the Lordly Spar form.


Racial Stats: Due to their small size faeries are limited to a maximum strength and constitution of 10. They are able to fly. They receive a +2 bonus to dexterity, and a +1 bonus when using Air magic. They have keen senses giving them a +1 to spot and listen checks.

Faeries are humanoid, with pale skin that trends towards a white or golden hue. They have blond or light brown hair and green or brown eyes. Faeries have a slim build, and stand only 3-31/2 feet tall. They also possess translucent fairy-type wings.

Faeries live in a peaceful and somewhat reclusive society. They make their homes along the cliff walls of their valley home, and in small villages nestled amongst the trees. They do not possess cities, although leaders, craftsmen, and families are often grouped together.

Being an extremely long-lived race, they have developed some interesting customs. A faerie running a mundane errand will often take days to return home. They have a custom to meet every other faerie and learn their name, although in their typical sense of timelessness means few will ever actually do so.

Magic: Most magic-using faeries are tuned to the element of Air, and are quite proficient with it. There are a handful of spirit casters however, and faeries subscribe to much the same religion as the humans, although there are some differences. They view Relnor and Sythan as more the contrast between Life and Death rather then Good and Evil.

Fighters: Faeries have developed their own unique style of fighting to take advantage of their abilities. As most other styles that exist require the use of larger weapons, they are unable to learn those abilities. They may learn to use the styles of the rogue, ranger, and Lordly Spar, but cannot fight like a dwarf or one of the Kingsmen.


Racial Stats: Dwarves are immensely strong and tough, and receive a +2 bonus to both constitution and Strength. However they receive a -2 to dexterity and charisma. In addition dwarves are totally resistant to normal non-magical fire. (normal does not include a forge or raging inferno of a house fire). They receive a +1 bonus to earth magic.

Appearance: Sullen and secretive are the best words to describe this race. A typical dwarf has deep brown or dark grey skin and full black or gray beards that hang to their knees. They stand no more then 4 ˝ feet tall.

Society: Dwarves were once ruled by a single strong king, but those days have long faded from history. Now reduced to secretive clans hiding in their mountain stronghold, they stoically mine for ore and gems and practice their smithing crafts. Serious creatures, dwarves seldom laugh or join in festivities. Most prefer to spend much of their time alone at their crafts, the only thing they seem to find contentment with.

Magic: There are few dwarven wizards. The few that practice the craft will deal with earth element. Dwarven Clerics are more common and often widely respected. Dwarven faith has it that Relnor created the Dwarves in his likeness, and had them build the world from a solid block of stone. Thus, human priesthoods often take offense to this ideal.

Fighters: Dwarven fighters are renowned for their fierceness and near indestructibility.
Dwarves have been known to take severe punishment beyond what any mortal being should withstand. They have their own unique fighting style that allows them to take advantage of their abilities. Dwarves do not have any sense for the nature of the surface world, and do not become rangers. Likewise they are far from a graceful or stealthy race and do not learn to fight like rogues or learn the ways of the Lordly Spar. However some do train to fight in the style of the human knights.


Racial Stats: Due to their continuous growth, a Bolgrasts abilities change as time goes on.
Level Abilities
1 Str +2, Con +2, Natural Armor +1, Slam
3 Horns Gore attack 1d6
5 Str +1 Con +1, Natural Armor +1, Devour
7 Crushing Blow 1/lvl/day
10 Str +1, Con +1, Natural Armor +1
12 Sweeping Blow
15 Str +1, Con +1, Natural Armor +1
17 Ram
20 Str +1, Con +1, Natural Armor +1, Mindless Rage

Slam: The Bolgrast puts all his strength behind a blow, deals +1d6dmg/2 levels

Gore attack: Requires a successful charge attack, deals 1d6 damage and impales the opponent on the Bolgrasts horns. The affected creature must make a strength check vs DC 10+ Bolgrasts level to free himself. Can attack the Bolgrast with a -4 penalty.

Crushing Blow: On a successful melee attack, the Bolgrast hits an opponent so hard they must make a fort save vs dc 10+ bolgrast level or be stunned for 1d4 rounds.

Sweeping Blow: The Bolgrast can launch a devastating sweep attack that launches all struck opponents 10ft away.

Ram: The Bolgrast engages in an unstoppable charge attack. Deals +20 damage and launches target 1d6 x5ft/Bolgrast level, doing +1d6dmg for each 5ft thrown.

Mindless Rage: The Bolgrast launches into a frenzy. Receives +4 on all attack rolls, and +4d6 damage. In addition it gains one additional attack/round. The rage lasts 2d4 rounds. Can only be used once per combat.

Bolgrast are gigantic creatures and servants of the Syphylin. Their muscular bodies are covered in coarse dark hair growing between a layer of thick metallic scales. Their hound shaped heads sport a pair of curled horns. Their eyes are blood red orbs. Bolgrast have an insatiable hunger, and indeed spend much of their time consuming food. They are known to eat anything, including whole trees. They mostly prefer fresh, raw meat. This constant feeding causes them to grow consistently throughout their lives, although few in their vicious society live long. Small Bolgrast are referred to as mongrels (those less then 5HD), larger ones are accorded more respect and named War Hulks.

Bolgrast are always led by the fiercest and strongest of leaders. They have no spellcasters. Bolgrast warriors are terrifying beasts. Huge and heavily armored shock troops wield gigantic iron bars with which they can strike with devastating force.

Bolgrast do not possess a fighting style as other races would see it. For a Bolgrast, combat consists of smashing away at a foe until it becomes easy to eat. However, they have many abilities as they grow in size to assist them. They favor blunt smashing weapons, and often wield gigantic iron bars or heavy headed maces and hammers.


Racial Stats: Iskylyn have heightened senses and receive a +1 to spot and listen checks. They have a natural ambidexterity that lets them fight with two weapons with no penalties. However due to their low strength and small stature, they are limed to weapons no larger then a short sword. They have a maximum strength and constitution of 10. If they attempt to wield more then two weapons, they receive a -2 penalty on all of their attacks for each additional weapon. (so a -2 penalty on all attacks with 3 weapons, or -4 with four weapons). Iskylyn are also able to produce sticky strands of web-like material that can be used to create traps.

Relatively small in stature, these spindly limbed creatures reside mainly in the Weeping Wood in the southern portion of the kingdom. Iskylyn are a weird hybrid of a spider and goblins from children’s tales. Four thin arms and insect-like eyes distinguish them from the other races. Their bodies are covered in a black or dark brown fur.

Iskylyn are social creatures with one another, but prefer to stick with their own species. They do not engage others in outright confrontation if it can be avoided, and prefer to lure foes into traps or track them until they see an advantage. Iskylyn tactics always employ cleverness in the form of deception and distraction.

Magic: The Iskylyn are ruled by a conclave of wizards. They do not specialize in any particular source of magic. They tend to avoid spirit, however.

Fighters: Due to their tactics, Iskylyn often use either the Lordly Spar or Rogue styles of fighting.