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2007-03-04, 02:27 PM
The Thousand Kingdoms
A vast, 8.1 million square mile expanse of one thousand different sovereign principalities and absolute monarchies. Over 90,000,000 people live here. Everything is so fragmented that it would take a historical Super Man to solve the countless issues arising from what was responsible for such disunity. All that is known by explorers is that this huge, teeming Feudal Civilization, is that it was once a single, massive empire ruled by a priest of Empyron. In reality, a conflict between the priests, nobles, politicians and royal family disintegrated the Empire into literally a thousand pieces. The culture is massive, diverse, and confusing. Kings are typically level 7 Aristocrats, or level 6 fighters, or both. The most notable Kingdom is Boccob, that houses 200,000 magic users in one city.

[edit] Xia
Highly populated expanse (three million square miles) of six dozen million human beings, and even more non-human humanoids. Xia, is ruled by a powerful god-emperor. This Gestalt DvR 1,20Monk/Wu Jen has absolute authority, and over one and a half million men-at-arms at his disposal. Potential for the kingdom is either brutally barbaric or the height of civilization and culture. Emperor's often live to be past one hundred, and have always been human. Rulers of a handful of city states are called "kings". Powerful generals and warlords routinely bid for power to assassinate the Emperor, but have not succeeded two thousand years. Xia, through concentrated efforts over seas and land, have enormous trade profits, and the current Emperor is adored by the populace. The land is fertile and much is good, except for the constant rebellion of the "Kings".

[edit] Valkrasia/Divine Dragon Lands
Supposed to be a representation of the Holy Roman Empire. Worship of Valkrath, proselitazation of neighbors and everyone else, and knights doing battle against undead is what the Divine Dragons Lands are all about. Promoting family values, promoting honor, protection of the weak, feeding the hungry, taking care of the sick, and genereally making life Good for honest, decent folk is what Valkrasia includes in its ethical stature. The Paladinhood, Knighthood, and White Wizards are what this land protects itself with. The land is blessed directly by Valkrath, and wizards and clerics go hand in hand here. Over a quarter of one hundred million people live here, among a vast intersection of trade. The Sacred King holds absolute authority as God's representative Earth(Valkrath's representative on Earth.) Generals typically are of 14th level.

[edit] Turtle Dragon Islands
The Turtle Dragon Islands include twenty million folk west of Valkrasia, and 60 different noble houses. The Lightning Strikers(Samurai class) serve their Feudal Lords. Ninja(Ghost Blades) serve their own lords, as well, seeking to serve the balance as moral agents of Chaos. Samurai and ninja are typically level 5.

[edit] Rashiall
Eighteen million residents live in this vast desert, which is home to the Rashiall House, who rule the land with the aid of the Djinn. Trade, culture, and religion flourish, but currently they are too much geared towards law, and despite being a lawful good state have few paladins.

[edit] Orion
Fifteen million residents live here. This ancient land is ruled by a Pharoah, Sustareen-Amon. Fire magic, necromancy, and abjuration are popular here. In fact the natives consider Orion to be the native home of all magic. Their arrogance causes outrage in foreigners.

[edit] Tuskot
In the past, Tuskot committed so many gruesome sacrifices they were in danger of being wiped out by militarily inferior neighbors because they were so horribly outnumbered. They still practice human sacrifice more than any other nation, and are rumored to be cannibals. Fourty two million people live here.

[edit] Zhumyr
The land of the Lawyer, Scribe, and religious heresy, Zhumyr do not believe in Valkrath as God. They elevate the law above all things. Sometimes even Lawful Good characters place Law above Good but believe that it is the Law which had created Good to begin with. Twenty million people live here.

[edit] Zolda
Ten million people live here, in Zolda, land of heavy armors, fire arms, and airships. Currently Zolda is an imperialistic nation, they are at war with Tuskot. They worship Valkrath as the Supreme God, but they also worship a Goddess.

[edit] Rolunok
Nineteen million people live here. They resemble the vikings of Earth's Dark Ages. Originally they raided other countries, but Valkrasia won a war, and currently, Rolunok must pay taxes to Valkrasia. Rolunok does not worship Valkrath as the Supreme God. Aspects of the gods are the Pantheon here.

[edit] Talum
Sixteen million people live here. The brilliant people of Talum are often considered to be descendants of Gnomes. They are heavily education oriented, centering their focuses on philosophy and invention. They are considered one of the top nations in regards of hour difficult it is to succesfully invade them.

[edit] Zoda
Seven million people live here. Zoda is ruled by druids and war chiefs. They are isolationists, and prefer to live alone. However, they merely prefer to stay where they are and not expand, rather than prefer to have no contact with the outside world. Earth magic is popular here, and so is Ecomancy.

[edit] Trokka
Fourteen million people live here, in the vast jungles of Trokka. Shamans live here, and adepts live here in larger numbers than any other nation. They have iron weapons, but nothing else of their own is made of metal. Scholars believe through their oral tradition that they once had mighty empires similar to modern day Valkrasia, but the Empires were destroyed.

[edit] Mollarok
Elleven million people live here. Mollarok is wealthy from its mercenary soldiers. They are in cordial relations with Valkrath, have professional armies of firearms, and airships. They are one of the most advanced militaries in the known world.

[edit] Taka
Nine million people live in these 120 islands. They worship a large number of lesser aspects of deities. They are isolationists, and currently are at war with many different tribes. They almost have as many shamans as Trokka population wise, which helps to make the spread out nation difficult to conquer. Also, an otherwise severed disadvantage from lack of technology is what makes the land so difficult to conquer, is that they are used to hard conditions of life, and thus are able to maintain their empire better.

[edit] EarthFolk Lands
A small continent of dozens of millions of humans that rival the dwarves and druids in reverance for nature, The Earthfolk lands is home to animal spirits, and the residents claim that even the dirt and rocks can speak to them. Hundreds of tribes make the land their home.

[edit] Zatakial
Twenty Three million people make Zatakiel their home. In the same deserts as Orion and Zhumyr, and Rashiall, Zatakiel is one of the top nations on the planet in terms of wealth. People here are happier than the other desert nations, and the ruling house is loved by the people.

[edit] Karlok
Twelve million people live here. A neighbor of Valkrasia, they have among the best melee forces in the world. They also, have developed fire arms. Level 4 fighters specialize in range and level 6 melee here.

[edit] Prima
Thirty six million, humans, elves, gnomes and dwarves make this racially mixed nation their home. Dwarves mine, gnomes invent, and elves hunt and magick their way for the good of the nation. Typical level is around level 5 for all sorts of classes.

[edit] Trosk Land
Sixty million orcs live here. The vast, ten thousand tribes of orcs only agree on the border of their "civilization" and little else. Religion of the Trosk Lands consist of respect and consideration. The Evil alignment of many Trosks have been lifted in favor of neutrality and even Good lately however, to the point where there are few Evil tribes left, but it is still wise to travel armed and accompanied in the country. Furthermore relations with other nations are strained, the orcs don't trust anyone else and no one else trusts the orc. War seems to be imminent. Orcs are around level 4 fighters.

[edit] Zolombock
Seventeen million people make this nation their home. Zolombock is an african trade nation, neighbor to the Trokka. They export medicines, diamonds and ivory to other nations, and thus enjoy an abundance of wealth. The nation is far away from many nations, yet close enough to be considered a major trading partner, yet few people see eachother from the other side often. Adepts are typically level 5.