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2014-08-08, 09:59 AM
I'm running a Mutants and Masterminds 2E campaign and one of the players wants to build a magma based character. Now the rule books touch on it a couple times and we have a couple good powers from it, but being an uncreative lot when it comes to all new powers, we are wondering if any one has any clever powers to go with magma control.

2014-08-08, 12:04 PM
Magma Grasp: Damage (Secondary Effect) Linked Affliction (Vulnerable/Immobilized/Paralyzed; Alternate Resistance ).
With a touch, he entombs the target in magma, burning and trapping it.

[b]Magma Wave: Damage (Cone Area, Secondary Effect).
Blasts a wave of burning magma at foes that clings to them for continual damage.

Magma Pool: Damage (Burst Area, Concentration, Limited [Targets on the ground]) Linked Affliction (Hindered/Immobile; Burst Area, Concentration, Alternate Resistance , Limited Degree, Limited [Targets on the ground]).
Turns the ground around him into magma, burning and potentially trapping those within.

[b]Magma Control: Move Object (Limited [Stone]) Linked Transform (Stone to Magma).
You can move any object of stone, but it becomes molten while you do so. Possibly include the Damage effect from Solid Magma below too, but that'd get expensive.

Solid Magma: Create (Movable), Damage (Perception Range, Reaction [When target enters or begins turn near objects created with this power], X ranks Limited [Only to targets who touch the creation]).
Conjures up objects made of magma, that burn those nearby. (Note: Damage would probably have to be pretty low rank for this one).

Earthsblood Walker: Burrowing.
Bores through the earth using lava!

Earthsblood Strider: Teleport (Extended, Limited [Extended], Medium [Stone Ground]).
Travels along volcanic passages within the earth to transport to a distant location.

Magma Armor: Protection. Immunity 15 (All Heat Effects, Entrapment Effects). Maybe some Damage (Reaction [Upon Being Touched]) and/or Grab-based Damage as well...
Heck yeah!

EDIT: Annnnnnndddd then I notice you said 2e rather than 3e. Darn. Most of those...probably still work for the most part, but might need certain adjustments.

2014-08-09, 12:27 AM
Those are all great ideas, and my player loves them. It was pretty simple to convert them to 2E. Thanks.