View Full Version : Prestige class idea. Pure stat input, fluff can come later

2014-08-08, 08:24 PM
Discussing an idea with a friend for a type of character I wanted to play in a modern-ish type setting. When in melee combat, I'd like to have some kinda bonus to various flavors of knife fighting. The inspiration came from the episode of "Deadliest Warrior: Apache vs Gladiator"

Talking about the skills that wanted to try, he responded with "interesting idea for a prestige class."

And thus we come to our current situation. Coming up with a prestige class for knife wielding fighters rather than rogues. I'm thinking bonuses to hit and damage as well as reducing the penalties for two-weapon fighting, rapid shot for throwing knives and maybe a bonus to slight of hand checks to hide lots of knives on their person.

2014-08-08, 08:37 PM
"I was a legend in Fleabottom!"

Basically the PRC nets you the entire TWF line, including Perfect Two Weapon Fighting, but only when using daggers. It also adds your BaB as bonus damage when wielding nothing but daggers.

Special abilities: When an attack would crit it does normal dagger+strength or dex damage, but as the stat damage of your choice.
When you hit twice in a round on a single opponent they have to make a reflex save or be blinded by your daggers.
When you hit two opponents in the same turn you can make them switch places.
If you succeed on a trip while using daggers you can forgo knocking them prone to hamstring them and give them the slowed condition for 24 hours.
If you succeed on a grapple attempt forgo to slit their throat, silencing them (for casters.)