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2014-08-11, 03:08 AM
So I scrapped the old campaign. I had big plans, but it ended up being to much like campaigns in the recent past I have run. Was planning to run a new one with 5e when it came out. So now sitting down and planning more. Was hoping I could get some feed back, see if people think this could work? I had some questions arise for myself while getting some of these preliminary ideas down.

The general idea is these giant humanoid creatures (attack on titan like) appeared X number of years ago. A city (walled off for protection, in sections (also attack on titan like) is were every one starts. The outer most section, which is the largest and poorest section.

Getting tired and I always start to type even worse and seem to make less sense so I better stop for now and hope the following makes sense

The city is mostly human, outer section 80% - 90%, middle section 95%, inner section, 99%, magical floating island above middle section 99.99% human.

It is rumoured other cities like it were build but if they were no one knows where, at least no one now knows where. There has been no contact and no records mention another such city.

The city watch is divided into groups, Those trained to hunt titans outside the walls, look outs that patrol the wall, and the typical city guards, the Best stationed n the inner section, the elite of the best stationed on the floating island.

The nobles are divided into 10 house. Each represented by an animal or mythical creature. The nobles look down on everyone else and call them rats. A very ancient visionary wrote a poem describing the order the houses would rule starting with dragons and ending with rats, called a cycle. Each age is the amount of time a house rules for. The same visionary wrote how things would go bad if the cycle was broken. The problem is many of the nobles don't believe it or just don't care and try to force themselves into ruling positions out of cycle. Currently house X is ruling when it should have been houses U,W,Y,Z over the last number of years

Some time before the titans (for lack of a bette name right now) appeared there was an upheaval in the pantheon of gods. Not sure the details yet, but something along the lines of all the gods worked together for some common good. The mortals worshiped the group of gods together. But some of the gods got together and kicked one or two out. These one or two talked others into leaving and join them. There was a division of domains. Clerics following the old group of gods have only a few domains and the clerics of the newer group have only a few domains.

Over x number of years a new religion has formed. They worship the builders of the wall. They think the builders were gifted with divine insight and knowledge and themselves have ascended to godhood. The walls are divinely inspired and should not be tampered with or changed, the protection the walls provided should not be questioned in their eyes. The problem is some think the walls serve no use, the titans haven't been seen in years, so bring the walls down, let people start moving out of the walls again. Who knows what is out there now. Others think the walls could be expanded or new walls added. This doesn't sit well with the newish religion. Recently the clergy of this religion have gained spells and powers, becoming true clerics. It is unclear if it is in fact these original builders of the wall or some other force granting them the spells.

The first part which the party will gain many levels before they finish is to find out what the heck is actually going on. Early adventures won't seem to be connected to the problem but some how will have some small connection. The connections becoming more and more obvious. Will the titans be because the cycle is out of whack, something to do with the gods, they are from the far realm and found their way here, something else altogether. I haven't thought about much of the details to link early level adventures to later level adventures yet.

The second part of the campaign is they doing something to fix the problem once they know what the heck is going on. Better idea what they will need to do once first part is figured out.

So does it sound okay so far with the little details I have so far?

Some of the things I am not sure about what races the "titans" attack?

I didn't want only humans in the campaign. My idea was the "titans" go after humans, half-elves, half-orcs, halflings, Dwarves and Elves that have hung out with humans for a long time. Dwarves and elves , gnomes, that don't hang out with humans are largely ignored. Monstourous races are also largely ignored.

Also ran into some problems with classes.

For the most part my idea was people are not allowed in and out on a regular basis of the city. Over the years though druids and barbarians would have become very rare to non existent if no one can go outside. There are some farmland and green space within the walls but that won't make a bunch of druids happy for long. Some ideas I had but not sure I like any: 1 Some people must try to live outside, and a group of titan hunters leave the city every so often and come back after hunting. When the gates are opened for them other people are allowed out and in. 2: there just are no druid or barbarians 3: Some barbarians, druids, people in general outside the walls have so far been able to hide with elves, orc tribes, whatever, but this never lasts forever and the titans come forcing any that live the attacks into the city to recovery and start making new plans.

2014-08-11, 03:22 AM
If the story only is revealed to the players at the end, you need to have other stories to have the players entertained for the main part of the campaign. Playing in a story you don't know exists is like playing in no story at all.