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2014-08-11, 09:18 PM
So, for the purpose of a couple different story lines I had in mind, for my pathfinder game, I decided I might tweak vampires a bit. I had a few different ideas but I wanted to see your ideas. First two:
Sunlight is no longer deadly. Dracula was not really harmed by sunlight, however he was more vulnerable during the day. He lost his powers. Likewise, I thought that it might be interesting if my vampires had this problem too. They'd regain their powers by sleeping in the dirt of their homeland for about 8 hours. Likewise, during the day, they suffer fatigue even if they aren't in sunlight.

The second idea was to implement some sort of age progression similar to dragons. I know a little bit less about his though, maybe you guys could help with that? :)

Last: An apology and a thank you. I apologize for bringing up the far too overdone bloodsucking fiends once again (I've been reading Anne Rice lately). The thank you for the help!

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2014-08-12, 12:10 AM
Try this approach (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showsinglepost.php?p=17531617&postcount=25).

2014-08-12, 03:19 PM
Pretty interesting piece of work you've got there... Um, is it ok if I ask you to explain it? I found it difficult to navigate and follow...

2014-08-12, 03:26 PM
Pretty interesting piece of work you've got there... Um, is it ok if I ask you to explain it? I found it difficult to navigate and follow...

Specify what's not clear.
If the text leaves things for DM's calls, I'd like to know it.
If things are written in an unclear manner, I'd like to know even more.

2014-08-12, 03:59 PM
I think it's the formatting... I kind of got a bit lost.
Either that or too much information at once.

2014-08-13, 12:03 AM
I think it's the formatting... I kind of got a bit lost.
Either that or too much information at once.

I don't know what's "too much information at once", but if you find yourself getting lost, then read it top to bottom and whenever you're done with a spoiler, close it and continue to the next.

As far as the basic combat stats go, "Powers, Abilities & Special Properties" and "Hindrances" are the spoilers that interest you the most (you could keep the inner spoilers closed).
The rest is mostly campaign and storyline stuff.

2014-08-16, 01:12 PM
As far as age progression goes, here is what I've got:


Looking at the table, you might notice that the standard vamp that players encounter is achieved by the mature stage. The Elder and Ancient stages are supposed to be new, to add something more unique.

Opinions and suggestions? :)

2014-08-16, 11:55 PM
Overland Flight and Combustion (what does it do btw?) are not enough to represent a vampire's rise in power.

An elder vampire should be able to move unhindered under the sun.
An ancient vampire should be its own category of power and at the very least lose all vampire weaknesses.

2014-08-17, 11:32 AM
That's actually the thing, I couldn't figure out what new things to add to elder and ancient other than a couple basic ideas.

Combustion's a new thing, I couldn't find something that did it in core material, but pretty much it is pyrokinesis. The vamp designates a nearby target, makes a ranged touch attack, the target is forced to make a fort save. If they succeed, they take 5d6 fire damage. If they fail, 10d6. Undead take double damage.

In my setting, these are their weaknesses.

Garlic- Vampires cannot tolerate the strong odor of garlic and will not enter an area laced with it.
Mirrors and holy Symbols- They recoil from mirrors or strongly presented holy symbols. These things don't harm the vampire—they merely keep it at bay. A recoiling vampire must stay at least 5 feet away from the mirror or holy symbol and cannot touch or make melee attacks against that creature.Holding a vampire at bay takes a standard action. After 1 round, a vampire can overcome its revulsion of the object and function normally each round it makes a DC 25 Will save.
Invitation- Vampires cannot enter a private home or dwelling unless invited in by someone with the authority to do so.
Stakes- Driving a stake through a helpless vampire's heart instantly slays it (this is a full-round action). However, it returns to life if the stake is removed, unless the head is also severed and anointed with holy water.
Running Water- Each round of immersion in running water inflicts damage on a vampire equal to one-third of its maximum hit points—a vampire reduced to 0 hit points in this manner is destroyed.
Sunlight- When a vampire is exposed to sunlight, they lose the following powers: Dominate, Energy Drain, Change Shape(they become trapped in whatever form they are in upon exposure), Gaseous Form(unless reduced to 0 hp- they won’t regain their powers as usual from 8 hours of torpor).
They can only regain their powers by resting in their coffin for 8 hours- Torpor.
Daytime Exhaustion- If they do not sleep during the day, they suffer from Exhaustion, and take -6 charisma damage.

I'm thinking, at least for elder, exhaustion is reduced to fatigue and they no longer lose their powers.

Stakes don't necessarily need to be made of wood, iron and silver work fine too, as long as it pins them to the ground.

Do you think that Fledglings and Neonates should still take gaseous form when reduced to 0 hp? I felt that Gaseous Form should be a later ability, but wondered if that should be an exception.

2014-08-18, 11:55 AM
Fledglings and Neonates should definitely not have gaseous form as an option.
Beyond that, we both have radically different views regarding what a vampire should be, so I'm not the best authority to address here.

2014-08-18, 03:01 PM
Never the less, your input has been greatly appreciated. It is hard to find someone round here to bounce ideas with.