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2014-08-12, 02:42 AM
My friend had created these creatures for an entirely text-based fantasy RP setting, and both he and I have been wanting to bring them into the world of D&D. Now that we've pretty much officially switched over to Pathfinder, it seems like a good enough time to start stating up these beasties!

Unfortunately, I'm not entirely sure how to do stats for these things. Abilities aren't that hard to do, it's mainly the numbers that are stumping me.

A slender figure, appearing to be a porcelain-white woman with absolutely no features aside from long pitch-black hair, sits on the ground before you. As you approach, the figure turns its face up to you; your hand touches its hair, and a sudden, pleasant sensation washes over you. The feeling dulls your mind, keeping you frozen in place as a barely-noticeable seam begins to open down the middle of the figure's torso; the strange creature's appearance suddenly changes, going from a featureless silhouette to a large, humanoid plant, with flesh reminiscent of ebony wood and a single large red eye staring down at you. The seam forms a huge maw, which its thick arms begin to pull you into...

The slip is a strange creature, originally formed when a plant similar to a Venus flytrap was corrupted by dark aether. It possesses a natural glamer that causes it to appear as a porcelain white female figure, completely devoid of any features save for long black hair and a thin seam running down the middle of its torso; the "hair" is actually a mass of bright-red tendrils that secrete a toxic fluid which induces a paralyzingly strong sense of euphoria in its victim, and the seam is the slip's mouth.

Despite their brutish appearance in their true form, slips are remarkably intelligent, preferring to lure prey (primarily humanoids) with its glamer before attacking. As the glamer only functions while the slip's mouth is closed, it usually waits for its prey to be paralyzed by its poison before attempting to draw them into its mouth. Once it has pulled a creature into its mouth, the slip's jaws snap shut and its limbs conform themselves to encompass those of its prey, and the creature begins to drain the life force from its victim. The glamer also reactivates once its mouth closes, though the white figure appears bloated due to the slip's larger size.

While slips prefer to lure and ambush their prey, they are more than capable of tracking and forcibly subduing a creature, and won't hesitate to do so if they have not fed recently. When actively attacking, the slip forms sharp claws with the branches forming its arms, and it will continue to subdue prey with its poisonous tendrils even as it claws and bites its target.

Planned traits:

CR: Roughly 4-5 (may go higher)
Creature type: Either plant or aberration, not sure which yet
Light-moderate natural armor
Medium size
Favored ability scores: moderate Str/Con, high Dex, above-average Int
2 claws, tendril attack (no damage, just poison), bite, grab (?), swallow whole (Medium or smaller)
Poison: paralysis?
Fast healing or regeneration in sunlight
Fire resistance
Glamer effect when its mouth is closed, must make somewhat challenging Perception check to notice the mouth

The sounds of a large creature barreling through the undergrowth can be heard, and as you turn toward the noise a massive, white-skinned beast hurtles out of the undergrowth, its large black horns and the spines covering its back glinting in the few shafts of sunlight penetrating the forest canopy. It skids to a stop and throws back its head, letting out a deafening roar that fills you with dread. The roar is accompanied by a shift in the creature's appearance; its skin takes on the appearance of dark ebony wood, and the spines become a writhing mass of red tendrils. A single red eye glares at you from the center of the beast's head, and it charges, its horns lowered toward you.

A "cousin" of the slip, the reptilian/ape-like rot forgoes subtlety for sheer power and intimidation. Instead of luring its victims, the rot will actively hunt and attack prey, pummeling them into submission before drawing them into the diagonal mouth bisecting its torso. Rots lack the slip's intelligence, but they more than make up for it with their strength and endurance, as well as their tendency to hunt in pairs.

Like the slip, it possesses a glamer effect and secretes a potent contact poison from its tendrils. Its glamer does not mask its appearance like the slip's, however, merely altering its appearance so that its tendrils appear as long black spines and its skin looks smooth and pure white instead of its normal ebony-wood look. The poison has a different effect as well; rather than a euphoric sensation, it causes a sharp, crippling pain in its victim.

Occasionally, a slip will "recruit" a pair of rots to attack a settlement or group of travelers, directing the beasts with a currently-unknown method.

Planned features:

CR: 8+
Plant or Aberration
Large creature
Favored ability scores: High Str/Con, moderate Dex, very low Int (3-4)
Moderate-high natural armor
Poison: Pain?
Fire resistance
2 claws (damage plus poison), tendrils (no damage, just poison), bite, grab (?), swallow whole, gore/powerful charge
Roar (fear effect, only usable when its glamer drops)

More creatures will come as I recall them and consult their creator