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2014-08-12, 03:57 PM
Natural Offensive

Prerequisite: Claw natural weapon(s) designed as the primary ones, Multiattack Feat, Improved Natural Attack Feat for the primary natural attack.
Benefit: Your claws can have extra attacks as if they were manufactured weapons. off-hand attacks also affects if she is using a pair of claws as main-hand and off-hand attacks such as two-weapon fighting, for example.
Normal:You are granted only one attack per natural weapon you have.

I always think that Primary Natural Weapons should be like Unarmed strike for Iterative attacks. There is no point on say that you can attack multiple times with a dagger but you cannot use your claws to attack more than once.

2014/12/16: changed to claw attacks only

2014-08-13, 12:45 AM
I hate to say this but this is a bad idea. It completely screws over the players with every TPK imaginable. Every creature can take this as a bonus feat (they don't even need to qualify for the feat if it's a bonus feat).

The reason that creature's don't get iterative attacks with natural weapons is for game balance. It's already factored into the Challenge Rating. Adding more attacks would make it more difficult for a party.

You fail say specifically how many extra attacks it gets. If you mean that creatures can use their BAB to determine how many attacks their primary weapon(s) so that a creature with +6 BAB gains 1 add'l attack, +11 BAB gains a 3rd, attack, and a creature with +16 BAB gains a 4th attack, then you need to state it specifically. Does it take the normal -5 penalty for a second attack? The feat should state so one way or another.

Instead of a manticore throwing a volley of 6 spikes at a 5th level party, it would be able to throw a volley of 6 spikes at +8 ranged and then another volley of 6 spikes again at +3 ranged.

Any creature with BAB of +6 or better can benefit from this as a bonus feat. Creatures don't have to qualify for bonus feats so a DM can add this without changing the rest of the statistic block.

I can be a mean DM, but even I'm not that mean. OTOH, a munchkin DM will just TPK as often as possible with this feat.

I have no idea how this would affect the CR of a creature, but it probably should.


2014-12-15, 07:00 PM
@Debihuman: Thanks for your feedback, and you're right it's a bad idea the way I did it, I have change it to be for claw attacks only, how do you think?

Extra Anchovies
2014-12-15, 07:28 PM
That doesn't help balance it; the change only narrows the list of creatures for which it is unbalancing. Natural attacks don't get iteratives for a reason. If someone with natural attacks wants iteratives, they can always take Improved Unarmed Strike + Beast Strike to have an unarmed strike routine (which deals natural weapon damage) followed up by a natural attack routine. They still miss out on one natural attack (the claw or slam used to make the "unarmed" strikes), but that's a balancing factor.