View Full Version : Using Paladin Spell Slots for Additional Smites per Day

2014-08-13, 09:37 AM
So I've always played with a few close friends and siblings in person and our rules have always been what we've decided there to work. As games have slowly stopped I am looking online to play and DM games but wonder how some of our house rules would be perceived in the wider world of not mom's kitchen table. (So expect more from me here and there)

The first I want to get opinions on is using paladin spell slots for smite evil attempts. I've seen every fix under the sun from making them per encounter to pathfinder and beyond. What we've simply done is as a swift action, you sacrifice a paladin spell slot and smite in every attack for the spell level amount of rounds. I also give paladins level 0 spells as clerics which are more or less the normal smite evil (single smite attempt). And I end up giving an additional spell per spell level than normal. 8-0 level and 4-1-4 levels by level 20.

I don't care too much about other fixes. I've probably seen them already here and elsewhere on the internet. Small tweak suggestions are fine. Mostly I want to know if you were to play a game would you be fine using smite evil this way in said game or would you rather use the normal method?

2014-08-13, 04:04 PM
Actually, that's not at all a bad idea.
But using your idea, I'd give the Paladin one less 0-level spell per day compared to an equal-leveled cleric.

I also don't agree with you that tweaking Smite the way you propose is enough to make the class fun to play for 20 levels.
But yes. It's definitely a solid proposal.