View Full Version : Looking for a specific Dice Set

2014-08-13, 08:35 PM
Hey all, at some point when I started gaming, I came across and purchased a single D10 somewhere, whose set I haven't been able to find a single other die from, online or off. I really want to get a full set of them, but have never found a match in any form in any of my trips to gaming stores within driving distance. It seems likely to have been from an old, now-discontinued line, so I'm not likely to find a match on amazon, ebay or whatever without knowing the specific set name (and have certainly had no luck Without).

They seem to be Chessex, based on the number style. They have gold writing, on a translucent body that looks pure dark blue/purple (similarly colored to the phantom line) in dull light, but when held up to the light has red in the middle, which gives it the impression of glowing or having a burning core. The gold paint on the die I have is dull, and while it doesn't currently have any speckles, I can't say for certain that it was never the case, and that they didn't just wear off from use.

Do they sound familiar to anyone?

I emailed Chessex with the link below and my inquiry, but have yet to hear back from them.

http://youtu.be/4nhE_dHHx-I - Me rotating the dice, and showing off it's glowing core

If anyone has any ideas or leads, I'd be more than happy for them =)