View Full Version : Introducing the Professional: An Exercise in Flexible Sub-Parity (WIP)

2014-08-14, 02:49 AM
So the other day my party was running around, prepping to go into a dungeon when we decided that it would be safest to "hire" (read "frighten into submission") a commoner to serve as our trap-setter-offer. Somehow, the commoner survived and we've decided to keep "Lucky" as a sort of pet for the team. "Lucky" (I think his name was actually George, but there's little chance our party will ever call him by his real name now that he's earned a nickname) was a general goods clerk and he's very sad about the fact that he's away from his store, so he tries to pass the time by acting as a merchant and street vendor whenever he has the opportunity. This series of events led me to wonder what his life will be like as he continues to travel with us and slowly grow accustomed to his new adventuring lifestyle.

With that in mind I sat down and started writing up The Professional (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Df_GhCmxV3dflwjB6K4QStJ4tMZGuYK1td-CqIQBzUU), a base class that keys off of the some of the more adventurer-y sides of the profession skill. The document is rather long since Pathfinder has given out a list of the 30 most common professions, meaning that there are 30 subsets of skills and perks to pick from based on what profession skill(s) you have trained. After working on it for a while, I've come to the conclusion that it will take forever and a day to finish it on my own, so if anyone wants to hop in and help me finish off the perks, they can add comments to the document directly or just chat about it in this thread.

The idea is for the perks to be weak but to provide interesting and unique options that by mixing and matching a variety of professions, you can build basically any concept you want, but have it poorly executed and weaker than a multiclass mashup for that concept. I want the professional to have options, LOTS of options, as many answers to any given problem as a tier 1 class, but staying firmly rooted in tier 5 or even 6 and all of his solutions being based around doing the job he used to do before he started adventuring.