View Full Version : Maze in a Giant Sphere for Changing Gravity

2014-08-15, 06:00 PM
I designed this maze in a giant sphere (http://mindweaverpg.wordpress.com/2014/07/30/korgarans-megadungeon-the-interdungeon-the-sphere/) (about a football field in diameter) so that I could have a maze with changing gravity. This isn't quite that, but it seemed more consistent than having gravity shift devices and a little gnome playing with them. The sphere has 24 potential positions with which to bamboozle and endanger players.

My players tend to love twists like this, but I understand other tables find them unfair. What do you think?

Cipher Stars
2014-08-15, 06:28 PM
They're great. The more twists the better and I think the idea of using 3D design like that for mapmaking is particularly fantastic, especially in union with an interactive display type table to play on so you can actually use the 3D maps around the table. It's not really the DM's place to be overly fair. Life isn't always fair, neither should the world we try to play in. Every now and then something particularly challenging is nice to see, even challenges you aren't meant to beat (But not intended to kill off the party outright).

Some things, of course, are horsepocky such as out of the blue deliberate counters to PCs. Those aren't fun unless they make sense. (If the heroes keep beating a villain with a certain style or element for example, what villain with any brains wont counter it?) But still, balanced unfairness is interesting. If that unfairness is inherently interesting, such as a giant rotating sphere maze, then hells yea it's great.

2014-08-16, 10:34 AM
I agree, and my players seem to love when the consequences of their actions are realistic and justifiable. They also get a kick out of complicated problems like this sphere. I'm looking forward to running it for them, if they ever wander into this part of the world.