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2014-08-15, 11:44 PM
I used the “Class Construction Engine” to make this class, following its guidelines as best as I could. Still im not sure its accurate, meaning I don’t know if its underpowered or overpowered for what I want it to be

Currently working one the spell like effects that are infused into its cooking. Any help in this area would be appreciated.

Aside from that any crticism or help with this class would be greatly appreciated, be it positive or negative, hell even spelling mistakes. (hates spelling mistakes)

Iron Chef

HD = D8

+8 Craft (Cooking)
+6 Knowledge (Culinary)
+8 Profession (Cook)
+4 Survival

Weapon Prof:
Butcher Knife
Iron Pot
Frying Pan
Rolling Pin
Steak Knives
Pot Lid*2

1- The wok can be used as a weapon, shield or piece of armor depending on its use. If hand in a hand it can be swung like a weapon, or used as a shield. It can also be attached to the body by straps or rope making it a piece of armor. The wok adds a +1 or +2 to all armor checks depending on its size.

2- The pot lid can be held by its lid as a shield in combat, giving the player a +1 or +2 to armor checks depending on its size.

Armor Prof:
Light Armor Only
Pot Lid*1

1- See Weapon Proficiency.

Class Skills:
Craft (Cooking)
Craft (Brewing)
Gather Information
Handel Animal
Knowledge (Culinary)
Profession (Cook)
Slight of Hand

Base Atk Bonus
Fort Save
Ref Save
Will Save

Meal Lvl 1, Aggressive Cook, Improvised Weapon

Meal Lvl 1, Detect Poison

Mael Lvl 2, Endure Energy (Heat)

Meal Lvl 2, Preservatives

Meal Lvl 3, Oven Hands, Cooking Master

Meal Lvl 3, Poison Resistance

Meal Lvl 4, Keep it Fresh

Meal Lvl 4, Noxious Gas

Meal Lvl 5, Resist Energy (Fire), Sonic Burp

Meal Lvl 5, Oven Breath

Special Meal: Starting at first level the player character can imbue his food with spell like properties which when fed to others activate these properties. To imbue these effects into the meal the player must first purchase the ingredients to make it, each “spell” having its own cost to produce it. The character may then keep the ingredients with him for as long as he wishes, as it will never go bad. Using his cooking skill the player may attempt to make each individual spell infused meal in any quantity as he desires or can fit into a cooking implement. Once the meal has been made it lasts for a 24 hour period before going bad, with no way to preserve or keep the meal fresh beyond that day. In this way it is best for a player to plan their meals across the single day. At first and second level the Iron Chef may choose a spell like effect from the category 1 spells, at third and forth level he may choose an effect the category 2 spells, and so on.

“Example: Greg learned how to make especially healthy dishes (infusing them with cure light wounds), Greg buys the ingredients to make them, his wallet lighter for it, but waits instead of making it right away. That morning the party plans a major venture into a cave. Greg while cooking breakfast for the party also makes a store of blueberry pancakes he infused his very healthy ingredients (again making them able to cure light wounds). He gives each in his party a share to be stored and eaten later. Later in that day a fight ensues and Fred the fighter of the group is injured, yet oddly hungry, he pulls out the pancake and as a move action eats it regaining some health, and feeling a bit fuller at the same time.”

Aggressive Cook: At first level a Iron Chef make force feed his foes with his food by either a touch or throw attack, provided the enemy is facing the player, the mouth is unobstructed, and open. This may also be done to friends, and ignores any Will or defense check. Foes with food in their mouth must make a Will save (DC 10 + Half character level + Wisdom modifier) against your characters (Base Attack Bonus + Craft (Cooking) skill + Iron Chef Level) to spit it out, otherwise they are to drawn in by the great taste and eat it.

Improvised Weapon: At first level you may use your surroundings as a weapon, from chairs, to musical instruments, books, even your cookware. See page 159 in the Complete Warrior for more information.

Detect Poison: At second level an Iron Chef can use his accumulated knowledge of what is and isn’t to be eaten both in the wild and in the kitchen to detect poisons. You can determine whether a creature, object, or area has been poisoned or is poisonous. You can determine the exact type of poison with a DC 20 Wisdom check. A character with the Craft (alchemy) skill may try a DC 20 Craft (alchemy) check if the Wisdom check fails, or may try the Craft (alchemy) check prior to the Wisdom check.

Endure Energy (Heat): Thanks to your many hours spent over a fire, hot stove, in the kitchen, you have become more resistant to the effects of heat. As if protected by “Endure Elements” the Iron Chef suffers no harm or damage from being in a hot environment. He can exist comfortably in heats up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit without having to make Fortitude saves (as described in the Dungeon Masters Guide). The players equipment is likewise protected.

Preservatives: Using your expert knowledge of food, an Iron Chef can mimic the effects of an “Unguent of Timelessness” on any article of mundane food via various salt-packing and smoking methods, as well as sealed containers.

“Unguent of Timelessness: When applied to any matter that was once alive this ointment allows that substance to resist the passage of time. Each year of actual time affects the substance as if only a day had passed. The coated object gains a +1 resistance bonus on all saving throws. The unguent never wears off, although it can be magically removed (by dispelling the effect, for instance).”

Oven Hands: Once per turn as a move action an Iron Chef may perform a touch attack, 1D4 burn damage per character level on a single enemy. Alternatively this ability can be used to keep a hot meal hot when serving, or warm a cold meal.

Cooking Master: The Iron Chef adds his Iron Chef class level as a competence bonus to Craft (Cooking), Knowledge (Culinary), and Profession (Cook) checks.

Poison Resistance: The Time you have spent tasting horrible, undercooked, overcooked, and all round inedible foods have made an impact on your body. You receive a +4 bonus to all Fortitude saves against poison.

Keep it Fresh: At seventh level the Iron Chef learns how to mimic the effect of “Permanent Emanation” using ice. However, this emanation may only be cast on the inside of a box or room of a maximum of 1700 cube feet (a typical room). Destroying part of the box or a wall of the room destroys the effect.

“Permanent Emanation: Designate any one of your spells whose area is an emanation from you, such as detect magic. This spell effect is permanent (though you can dismiss or restart it as a free action). Effects that would normally dispel you spell instead suppress it for 2d4 rounds.”

Noxious Gas: At eighth level the Iron Chef can produce from his behind an invisible gas that comes with it a ferocious smell. Anyone caught in the cloud must make a Will save (DC 10 + half character level) or puke. A Reflex save (DC 10 + half character level) is also required to or the individual is also temporarily blinded from it for 1d4 rounds from it stinging the eyes. Finally anyone with the scent ability loses this ability until they are out of the cloud. The creator of this fart is immune to their own effects, naturally. This cloud lasts for 1D6 rounds and is subject to all the limitations of a cloud, meaning a wind of 11mph could dissipate it over time. The cloud covers a ten foot redius around the character who creates it. Using Noxious Gas is a standard action, and may only be done once every 2 rounds. See note below for further details.

Resist Energy (Fire): At ninth level the Iron Cook gains damage reduction towards the element of fire, reducing damage from any fire based attack or trap by 10 for each level in Iron Cook he is.

Sonic Burp: At ninth level the Iron Chef may summon from his body a mighty burp that deafens those around him and deals damage to those in front of him. Those in a ten foot radius around the character must make a Fortitude save or be temporarily deafened by the sudden noise. Those in front of the player while still having to make the Fortitude save must also make a Fortitude / Reflex save or take 1D6 damage per character level of player. The Sonic burp is a cone attack and stretches for ten feet infront of the character. Using Sonic Burp is a standard action, and may only be done once every 2 rounds. See note below for further details.

Oven Breath: At tenth level the Iron Chef gains a breath weapon that deals 1D6 points of fire damage per character level in a cone that's stretches for ten feet in front of him. A Reflex save (DC 10 + half character level + Reflex modifier) for half damage is permitted. Using Oven Breath is a standard action, and may only be done once every 2 rounds. See note below for further details.

“Note: You may only use Noxious Gas, Sonic Burp, or Oven Breath at any given time, using one means you may not use the other directly afterwards. For example, Steve uses Oven Breath, he must now wait 2 more rounds before he can use either Noxious Gas, Sonic Burp, or Oven Breath. After the 2 rounds he may use any of the three once again.”