View Full Version : Invoker Variants: internal balancing

2014-08-16, 05:06 PM
So, I will need to build a few variations of an invoker soon, equipped with invocations (duh) and an eldritch blast-like attack. Given 3 classes, all of which are identical unless noted otherwise, and equipped with the above, plus one of the following:

Warrior: d10 hit die, lowered (or none?) failure chance in heavy armor, simple, martial and 1 exotic weapon, 4+int skill points, full bab, strength as casting stat.

Expert: d6 hit die, no failure in medium armor, simple and martial weapons, 8+int skill points, 3/ bab, dex as casting stat.

Caster: d4 hit die, light armor, simple weapons, 4+int skill points, half bab, predetermined mental casting stat, atribute checks related to casting give are "2d20, drop lowest".*

Are they balanced among themselves? If not, which one's out of line and what do they need?

*Having done the math, this takes it from "5% chance for each result" to "1/400 for a natural 1, almost 1/10 for a natural 20, linearly among those".