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2014-08-17, 11:12 AM

So i wanted to make a Pathfinder or D20 Tennis Campaign. with a decent plot, players, a world in peace due to baseball, a sport in which wizards, clerics, bards and fighters play! magic pitchs! extraordinary abilities, much more than just baseball.

based obviously from this http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?39392-D20-Baseball

Geez it is overwhelming to create the whole system without some help.

so i have a decision to make and i just wanted opinions about it. The guy from the thread i shared made everyone in his teams a rogue, but i wanted to make the system more flavorful and give the character more options, so basically i want to create specialized baseball archetypes for each class.

Or i could just create a single class (The baseball player) and give him different options. But the deal is that i wanted the game to have Traditional RPG elements such as investigating stuff and battling monsters in a dungeon or woods, It is Pathfinder after all.

Regarding Magic in baseball games, i wanted to make the wizard archetype. a specialist in making Spellballs. (Pitches with magic, that makes the ball have different effects)

Still i still haven't figured what kind of magic will be, the spell level, etc.

Maybe Hastened ball, Snake ball, Tornado ball, Flame ball, Electroball, Ironball, Mirror ball, Mudball, Blinkball, Blurball, Shadowball.

Also would like you guys to express any suggestions.\

Thanks in advance!

2014-08-17, 01:48 PM
Not sure why the thread title says tennis when everything else says baseball.
Maybe look to blood bowl for some inspiration.
I see wizards as king here. Mass sleep, we win. Planeshift the ball just after hitting it. Even just expeditious retreat around the bases. I don't see that as bad if it can be controlled. A sudden wall of stone could make the game significantly more interesting. Without elements like this, you're essentially rolling dice until one side wins.
I think the distance the ball travels should be a function of damage done, because that just makes sense.
I might also change the pitch feats. I don't know. It's very one dimensional as it is, but I'm not sure making it more complex would make it more fun.
Getting away with spellball should have to beat the umpire's take10 spot, rather than DC20. With a bad umpire you can get away with a lot, with a really good one you need to be careful. It also doesn't say what happens when you're caught.
Specialized base classes or prcs based around making your skills relevant to the ball game could be good.

2014-08-17, 10:18 PM
oh geez i really put tennis, what is happening to me xD

yes i think i will go with the base classes. perhaps 10 level classes, because the game will not be that high powered.

will be going something like this, haven't figured out some good names, don't know if y'all can help me, various heads are better than one :D

-The Baseballer: basically would be an expert variant.
-The Slugger: A straightforward strong character.
-The Spellballer: A Wizard player, but with obvious limitations to his magic, due to the lack of time to rigorously studying.
-The Quickballer: A roguish and dexterous character with more skills.
-The Blessballer: A Monk/Cleric type ballplayer.

The Spellballer will have an arsenal of things like this:

Hastened ball, Snake ball, Tornado ball, Flame ball, Electroball, Ironball, Mirror ball, Mudball, Blinkball, Blurball, Shadowball, Reverseball.

2014-08-20, 04:11 PM
Sorry I'm sure I posted something earlier, but it apparently didn't get through.

This can easily be taken in two directions.

There is the largely unbalanced (but probably very fun) thought experiment version, ranging from cheese builds to wizards doing whatever they like to the ball, field, players, and umpire's memory, to assassins killing the pitcher mid throw.

There is also the far more sane version where everyone plays by the rules, and most builds are approximately equal strength.

I personally suggest the playing the first game a few times, gradually adding in rules based on what is and is not fun. It would be best, I think, if everything is technically possible (if it is not banned in the overarching campaign), but is somehow monitored and enforced.

2014-09-09, 10:36 AM
Thank you very much, i've been trying very hard in balancing it and adapting it in the most realistic way possible. A lot of people have been discouraging me saying this will not work, or that it will not be fun, or that it doesn't have a good argument. I do it for the love of baseball and fantasy, i think this would be very entertaining for 1v1 or 1v2 modules mainly. i have downloaded an RPG named "The Tools of Ignorance" which is the only Baseball RPG in the Market, and i am adapting it to D20, right now i want to make the Baseballer Main Class.

For anyone interested in helping me, i need ideas for abilities for this custom class, situational abilities or permanent bonus, anything would be appreciated.