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2014-08-18, 08:55 PM
I've been getting heavily into the game known as Savage Worlds, and I felt that it'd be cool if I could play as my favorite d&d races.

So, without further ado, here are my racial conversions for critique (Though I am not sure if the Thri Kreen are balanced for the system.):

Thri - Kreen

The thri-kreen, or "mantis warriors," are an insect-like monstrous humanoid race. Thri-kreen are carnivores. They prefer not to eat insects or sapient life except in times of need, however, and some clutches never hunt sapients at all. This is not out of morality, for thri-kreen do not consider

non-kreen who have not been accepted as clutch-mates to be people, but merely because non-sapients are easier prey. They form deep attachments with a small group they identify as their clutch-mates, and treat all others as strangers and enemies. City folk and farmers are usually seen as not worthy of their enmity.
Thri-kreen resemble humanoid mantids. They possess four limbs, but their lower appendages are weaker (and thus cannot be used for major musclework. They have excellent physical capabilities, allowing them to jump great distances. They also have sharp claws, poisonous bites, and psionic abilities.
Thri-kreen hatch from soft eggs, resembling tiny, more mantis-like versions of their adult forms with two arms and four legs. After molting twice, they are fully grown adults by the age of five. An average thri-kreen has the life expectancy of only 30 years. However, this is countered by the fact that thri-kreen do not require sleep. A thri-kreen truly lives out every moment of its precious 30 years.

* Natural Armor: Thri Kreen have a thick chitinous body, gaining a +2 natural armor bonus.
* Extra Limbs: Thri Kreen have four arms, but only their two upper arms can be used as normal limbs. Their lower limbs cannot be used to weild weapons or to make Strength checks, but they can be used to help reload ranged weapons and other quik actions.
* Natural Claws: Thri Kreen have natural claws that deal Str+1d6 damage each.
* Poisonous Bite: With a successful Fighting check, a Thri Kreen can automatically make an enemy Shaken once per combat encounter.
* Outsider: All Thri-Kreen have the Outsider hinderance at character creation.
* Simple-Minded: Smarts and Spirit require two points per step to raise during character creation for all Thri Kreen.
* Infravision: All Thri Kreen can see in Infravision (SWDEE, pg. 154) as well as normal daylight.


Warforged appear as massive humanoids molded from a composite of materials—obsidian, iron, stone, darkwood, silver, and organic material—though they move with a surprising grace and flexibility. Flexible plates connected by fibrous bundles make up the body of a warforged, topped by a mostly featureless head.
Warforged have no physical distinction of gender; all of them have a basically muscular, sexless body shape. In personality, some warforged seem more masculine or feminine, but different people might judge the same warforged in different ways. The warforged themselves seem unconcerned with matters of gender. They do not age naturally, though their bodies do decay slowly even as their minds improve through learning and experience.
Unique among constructs, warforged have learned to modify their bodies through magic and training. Many warforged are adorned with heavier metal plates than those their creator originally endowed them with. This customized armor, built-in weaponry, and other enhancements to their physical form help to differentiate one warforged from another.

* Living Construct: Warforged are all considered to be Constructs (SWDEE, pg. 152)
* Created for War: At character creation, Warforged characters begin with d6 in either the Shooting or Fighting skills.
* Automaton: For Warforged, the Spirit attribute requires two points per step to raise during character creation, and and the character must dedicate two Advances to raising the attribute during gameplay.
* Body of Armor: Warforged gain a +2 natural bonus to armor, but cannot wear armor unless he is modified to be similar to the armor itself (Consider the price to be double the normal price for armor, but replacing the +2 natural bonus with the appropiate armor bonus. All armor penalties are applied as normal).