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2014-08-19, 09:25 AM
So I'm a huge fan of the fluff of the 3.5 Anarchic Initiate, not so much the mechanics though.

So instead of giving this to a caster I decided that the Fighter could not only use cool things but be the best chassis for these mechanics.

This martial archetype allows the fighter to tap into the weave of chaos to help destroy their enemies or boost themselves.

First Draft

Fighter Martial Archetype (Anarchic Initiate)

Chaotic Surge: Starting at level 3 anytime you roll a d20 that includes your proficiency bonus, you may roll d100 and consult the following list.
01-25%: No Result
26-50%: Minus Proficiency Bonus
51-75%: Plus 50% Proficiency Bonus
76-100%: Double Proficiency Bonus

This ability does not stack with any other ability that increases your proficiency bonus such as the Rogue’s ability.

Chaotic Breach: Starting at level 7 whenever a creature casts a spell within 40’ of you may, as a reaction, push your chaotic energy upon them and force the caster to roll on the Wild Magic table (PHB page XXX, Table X-X). You may use this ability two times per short or long rest.

Chaotic Mind: Starting at level 10 your mind twists and turns with the weave of chaos, you have advantage against all Enchantment Spells.

Delayed Chaotic Surge: Starting at level 15, anytime you use your Chaotic Surge you may expend your chaotic energy to delay the bonus or penalty by up to 1d4 rounds, however when you use this ability you can’t use Chaotic Surge again until you use an action to reclaim your chaotic energy.

You may use your Chaotic Breach three times per short or long rest.

Complete Chaotic Breach: Starting at level 18 the distance your chaotic breach can reach is 60’ and may be used as a reaction when a Cantrip or spell is cast (innately or from magic items) from any creature.

Additionally you may now use your Chaotic Breach to cause any creature within 60' to roll on the wild magic table as a Bonus Action.

You may use Chaotic Breach 5 times per short or long rest.


I need to edit this a bit but so far it should be a fun ability that makes casting near the fighter to be a bit scary.