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2014-08-19, 08:25 PM
Hi giants:

If anyone's looking for a break from d20 OGL games or just isn't excited about Fifth Edition, I have another free-core-rules game for you to test out.

This game is the evolution of some threads I've posted here in the past: about three-action economy, whether shields reduce or avoid damage, and what's the best way to skin a Horker (um, maybe not that last one).

It's a short read of 65 pages, and comes with fast-play-rules, a character sheet, and hyperlinks for slightly speedier navigation. PEACH it at your leisure - I'll be very grateful for whatever feedback you have.

One more thing: the game is intended for community usage and modification. So if you like some of the rules, they're all yours! If you want to share with your friends, make 50 copies! If you want to turn it into the Burlew RPG, be my guest!

Happy gaming,
Michael Terlisner

2014-08-23, 02:01 PM
A wise man once told me that these tl:drs are useful on the interwebs. Well, here it is, in wiki form: