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2014-08-19, 08:29 PM
Positive-Energy Infused Weapon

By having a cleric infuse your weapon with positive energy, it deals additional damage to undead, dealing an amount equal to your Wisdom modifier (limited to five per effective enhancement of the infusion, see below) plus a variable die amount. This extra damage has no effect on nonundead creatures unless they would normally be affected by Positive Energy Damage as an undead would.
Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Cure Light Wounds (+1 enhancement, +1d8 damage), Cure Moderate Wounds (+2 Enhancement, +2d8 damage), Cure Serious Wounds (+3 Enhancement, +3d8 damage), Cure Critical Wounds (+4 Enhancement, +4d8 damage). Each of the above requires a caster level equal to three times the enhancement bonus to make.

Please PEACH.

2014-08-20, 12:57 AM
I chuckled at the Wisdom score of 50 that would be necessary to max out the +4 enhancement level.:smallbiggrin:

In general, I'd say your effect is a little on the weak side. Undead bane is a +1 equivalent enhancement that grants +2 to hit and +2d6+2 damage (average +9 damage). Your +1 equivalent grants, at best, +0 to hit and +1d8+5 damage (average 8.5 damage). More advanced versions of the enchant will struggle even to match those numbers as fewer and fewer characters have the Wisdom to hit the bonus damage cap.

TBH, I'm a little leery of adding Wisdom to damage at all, because the power of that effect varies considerably from character to character and from campaign to campaign (since differing campaigns will have different ability score generation methods and different levels of access to ability boosters). I'd suggest a flat +2d10 damage bonus per +1 enhancement-equivalent instead. Alternately, if you want it to feel more like you're channeling a cure spell through your weapon, have it actually cast the spell at the minimum caster level, but double the number of d8's. Thus, your enhancements would deal 2d8+1, 4d8+3, 6d8+5, and 8d8+7 bonus damage, respectively.

2014-08-20, 12:04 PM
Another alternative would be to house rule that, with the crafting aid of a cleric, the Undead Bane special ability is stackable.