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Reiver Party
2014-08-21, 09:20 AM
This is the mechanics thread for Star Trek Unlicensed (STU).

STU is an RPG for TNG/DS9 era Star Trek.

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Character Creation
Character Advancement

Reiver Party
2014-08-21, 09:22 AM
Game Structure

STU is an RPG for Star Trek games. It is intended for the kind of extended plot you'd see in two-parters.
Gameplay in STU happens in scenes. A scene can be on the bridge, an away mission or . Multiple scenes can be run side-by-side, cutting from one to the other as appropriate.

In STU, each player controls a Bridge Officer and a Junior Officer. There is also a limited pool of Recurring Crew. In each scene every player controls one character, usually their Bridge or Junior officer. If that isn't possible or isn't appropriate, they can pull a Recurring Crew from the pool.

Reiver Party
2014-08-21, 09:23 AM
Dice Mechanics

STU uses six-sided dice (referred to as D6) to resolve challenges for the player characters. Most actions a character will need to undertake are trivial and do not require a roll of the dice to resolve. Those actions for which success or failure could have an important effect on the adventure should be resolved with a Standard Test or an Opposed Test.

When called on to make a test, the player rolls a pre-determined number of dice (called a dicepool) are rolled against a Target Number. Each die in the dicepool that comes up a 4, 5 or 6 is considered a hit. If the hits rolled exceed the Target Number, the character has succeeded at the test.

The dicepool is constructed from an Attribute and a Skill. The dicepool contains a number of dice equal to the combined numerical Ratings of the Attribute and Skill.
The Attribute and Skill required are determined by the nature of the test.

A Standard Test has a Target Number determined by the difficulty of the task.

An Opposed Test is used when two or more characters are trying to do the same task and the success of one prevents the success of the other. The premier example is of course combat.

A Resistance Test is used when a character is resisting some negative effect. The dicepool for a Resistance Test is made from two Atrributes. Each hit rolled above the Target Number reduces the relevant negative effect by one hit.

Reiver Party
2014-08-21, 09:24 AM
Characters in STU have six Attributes: Discipline, Empathy, Fitness, Logic, Reaction and Willpower.

Discipline is a measure of ability to follow training and resist temptation, intimidation and pain.
Empathy is the ability to read, understand and relate to the feelings of others.
Fitness is an aggregate of the character's physical fitness and conditioning.
Logic covers academic knowledge and analytical skills.
Reaction is a character's speed of reactions and ability to dodge.
Willpower is both internal and projected. Those with strong wills can influence others to do their bidding and resist efforts by others to do the same.

Reiver Party
2014-08-21, 09:28 AM

Physical Skills


Inter-Personal Skills


Operational Skills


Reiver Party
2014-08-21, 10:04 AM
When a character takes damage, they make a Resistance Test to reduce the hits of the attack. If the attack still has a positive number of hits, they are converted into a number of Wounds:






If a character has a total 10 Wounds, they are dying. If they have 11+ Wounds they are dead. This being Star Trek, that might not be as final as it sounds.

Reiver Party
2014-09-07, 04:19 AM

Positive Traits

You can use either hand for a task with no penalties.

When called on to resist fear or stand brave in the face of scary things, you may roll twice and use the better result.

Cultural Familiarity (X)
The character is very familiar with the culture and technology of a specific alien society.

Frontier Colonist
The character knows how to survive in the wild, build shelter, etc.

Highly Placed
You come from a rich or very influential family. One that matters.

Intelligence Placement
You have Starfleet Intelligence potentially watching your back for services rendered in the past. They won't get directly involved in a situation, but can pull strings to protect you.

You're really good at jury-rigging systems and suffer no penalties for doing so.

Keen Sense (X)
You have a very acute sense.

The character knows important people. Personally.

You have very strong convictions. You cannot be forced to act against them.

Even when the universal translator ain't working, you can make a Logic + Empathy test to figure out what an alien's saying.

Negative Traits

Allergy (X)
You get sick from a substance or medication.

You can't help but bore people in social settings.

You are a danger to yourself and others. Also you drop things.

You are a total coward. You may not make a Resitance Test against attempts to scare or bully you.

The character has an artificial heart or other vital body part.

Dark Secret
The character has some embarrassing and even career-ending secret buried away.

You have strong convictions and everybody wishes you'd shut up about them sometimes.

You push actual work off whenever you can. People resent you for this.

You never knew your parents, or they died/left when you were very young. This gives you the sad times.

Phobia (X)
You have a crippling phobia of something. When it appears, you must make a Discipline + Willpower test to avoid running away/gibbering in a ball.

You have a criminal or otherwise shady record.

You don't really "get" hunger, suffering, duplicity, poverty, etc.

2014-10-02, 02:17 PM
You should add a trait reflecting Kirk's playboy attitude, and maybe one for appearance in case that has some sway on other human(-oid)s.