View Full Version : Quick Darkhidden Brewing Question

2014-08-21, 09:36 PM
How powerful is Darkhidden (being Invisible to Dark Vision, as in from the Ring of the Darkhidden)? I have a player who wants to take the Dark Template on a Silverbrow Human and sub the Silver Dragon with a Shadow Dragon.

With a reclusive dragon that hangs out underground all day, FeatherFall and Disguise bonuses don't make a whole lot of sense. I'd like to replace those two with a Darkhidden Racial ability, but I'm not sure if that will effect the campaign in any way I'm not seeing. Sure, she'll get the drop on some nocturnal things better suited to dark environments, but superior low light vision exists, so I don't see it doing much outside of dungeons... Am I wrong?

Thanks everybody!