View Full Version : Making Element bending Styles in Avatar for FATE

2014-08-23, 01:36 PM
I had wanted to see what people thought on the basic idea for tweaking the Stormcaller material of FATE to make the Bending seen in Avatar the last Airbender.

So far my initial thoughts are rather simple, one of the Skills will be Bending which the taking of requires a -1 to refresh. The skill can be used for the 4 actions (Overcome, Create an Advantage, Attack and Defend). For the specializations of Lightning and Metal bending (or any other depending on how the setting turns out) will be an additional refresh cost.
I will likely use weapons and armor to balance the non benders.

My main questions to be asking are:

1. How do I best distinguish the main 4 styles with the base skill?

2. Do I bother making a distinguished difference between water and ice? Or do I just make that fluff or maybe a stunt?

3. Any weakness I could make for Airbending to balance it?