View Full Version : I don't mean to sound like a jerk, but what ever happened to the "stop working on DLC

2014-08-25, 01:05 PM
First of all let me say that, for the most part, the game is significantly better than it was months ago.

Now that the compliment is out of the way, I have to be honest: this game is not up to snuff for DICE to be pushing DLC again. Tonight I tried Second Assault on my PS4 and every map was rubber banding excessively (Except Metro of course).

On top of that, I experienced my first game crash since Christmas and a number of other PS4 users have been reporting game crashes again since Second Assault came out today. Oh, and when my game crashed I lost progress towards my assignments. Oddly enough, I have the GOL unlocked, but the Assignment is still tracking as if I haven't done it...sweet.

And then there's PC users, who have been stuck with sound loop crashing for weeks now and it's been crickets outside of the standard "we know and we'll let you know soon™" responses. Speaking of "soon™," I still can't believe that fixes such as the map glitch on Metro, and emblems working for Xbox One users are "weeks" away according to the Battlelog moderators (who, by the way, spend more time banning people for swearing on a message board for an M rated game than they do keeping users informed on what's going on).

At this point I'm content to just let the game rot on my shelf until DICE fixes things. This game is not at an acceptable point yet, if anything the release of DLC today made the game more unstable than it was in recent memory. I mean seriously, your shiny new DLC contains maps that rubber band to the point of being unplayable. What good is DLC if people run 2 steps forward only to rubber band in place and then have the game crash moments later?

The sad thing is that I was really close...REALLY close to admitting that Battlefield 4 was finally in a good place and that releasing the DLC and promoting Naval Strike was justified...and then I got home and played Second Assault. Do you guys even have a QA department? This guy doesn't count, even though he was your token QA employee you interviewed during Battlefield 3. It's just glitch after bug after crash after lag...well, you get the point.

This player appreciation month has been "meh" at best. Your "Ask DICE" features have been worthless because they have been on BattleLOL and you just handpick softball questions anyways. Meanwhile, daily Battlepacks are worthless when the game still doesn't work properly. I have a BRILLIANT idea for you. Do another player appreciation month in March, only have your gesture of appreciation be having the game ACTUALLY WORK.