View Full Version : Custom-Build: Rune Priest!! Looking for critiques and ideas for betterment!

2014-08-26, 02:59 PM
Two of my dear friends and I sat down last Sunday and after about 6 hours, cranked out this custom class Rune Priest for one of those said friends to play in our 5th edition campaign. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

1D8 Hit dice
Proficiency: medium armor, all Simple Weapons, Shield
Pick any Two Tool Proficiencies
Class Skills: Wisdom & Constitution
Skill Choices: Choose two from: Insight

Starting Equipment: Primary Wpn, Armor Type, Runelock Weapon

Class Abilities
- Rune Points/Rhun Gott (also shown as RG)
- Think of them a Mana Point Bar
- Level 1 Rune Priests start with 5 RG, and gain 5 more each level.


Master Level Runes = 9 RG
Cantrips = Free
Combo Prices = +1 RG for each Rune over 1
+2 RG for each Rune over 2 etc etc

* Below are all the current runes we could think of, the number next to each is the RG cost for crafting the rune

Cantrip Level Runes
- Rune of Fire
- Rune of Stone
- Rune of Water
- Rune of Acid
- Rune of Lightning
- Rune of Light
- Rune of Resistence (1)
- Rune of Hardness (1)
- Rune of Striking (Accuracy)
- Rune of Air (2)
- Rune of Un
- Rune of Sonic

Higher Leveled Runes
- Rune of Knowledge (book knowledge stuff) (1)
- Rune of Understanding (break a code, understand magic effect) (1)
- Rune of Haste (1)
- Rune of Illusion (1)
- Rune of Life (3)
- Rune of Form (3)
- Rune of Strength (2)
- Rune of Dexterity (2)
- Rune of Intelligence (2)
- Rune of Wisdom (2)
- Rune of Constitution (2)
- Rune of Charisma (2)
- Rune of Mending
- Rune of Calm (2)
- Rune of Fury (2)
- Rune of Blasting (1) (grants area effect)
- Rune of Shield (1)
- Rune of Wall (3)
- Rune of Gate * (9)
- Rune of Alteration (2)
- Rune of Preservation (1)
- Rune of (each of the five senses)
- Rune of Flight (1)
- Rune of Fortune (1)
- Rune of Confusion (1)
- Rune of Mind (1)
- Rune of Size (1)
- Rune of Etherial (3)
- Rune of Far (1)
- Rune of Permanance * (9)
- Rune of Cone (1)
- Rune of Courage (1)
- Rune of Time * (9)

** We also had to sort of create a Runic Magic system from scratch. I will try to be a concise as I can in explaining it. Runes grant magical effects on items, weapons, armor, etc. Example uses would be something simple like granting a sword a number of charges to do Fire damage by casting a Fire Rune on it. Something more complex would be granting that same weapon a Fire rune, AND adding a Permanance rune, meaning the weapon no longer has a limited number of charges, but now ALWAYS does fire damage. Another example would be placing a rune of Un (negation) and rune of Illusion onto a wand, the wand now has charges to dispel illusions. I am sure you can see the MANY combinations that can be done, and there are practically no limits. Only restrictions are on "Master Runes" the runes that cost 9 Rhungott and have an (*) next to them. Only ONE of those can go onto any item.

Delver of Dumothoin (Sub-Class)

Level 1: If the PC uses a Rune that is beyond his ability to make, then he rolls an Insight Roll with a DC of 10 + the RG difference between his level and the RG cost of the Rune. If he rolls a 1 then he rolls on the Sorcerer random magic effect. If he rolls anything other than a 1, and still fails, DM decides what happens.

Level 1: Flash of Insight: PC can choose to gain Advantage to an attack roll, ability check or saving throw, once done, he must take a Long Rest before using the feature again.

Level 6: Influence of the Creator: WHen another creature you can see makes an attack roll, ability check, or saving throw, the PC can use their reaction that turn and spend 2 RG to roll 1d4 and
apply the number rolled as a bonus or penalty to the creatures roll, PC choice. PC can decide this after the roll has been made.

Level 14: Minimized Failure: When rolling on the Sorceror's random table, roll twice and use either (PC's choice)

Level 18: Fury of the Forge: When rolling for damage, and the highest number possible shows up on the dice, take that dice, and roll again adding the damage to the total roll. Only usable once per Turn.

Level 20: After a short rest, PC gains 4 RG.