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Hello everyone! Im looking for feedback on my first homebrew religion for generic D&D 3.5. All criticism welcome! I tried to include everything one would need to know about both the goddess herself and the way her followers conduct themselves/what their values are. Let me know if I should expand this further!


Our Lady of Science, The Mad Orchestrator, The Director, The Unseen Tester, Her
Lesser Deity
Symbol: A black Aperture on a white field, surrounded by an Orange [chaotic] or Blue [lawful] ring.
Home Plane: Aperture Laboratories
Alignment: Lawful Neutral OR Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Logic, Stealth, Wit, Sacrifice, Artifice, Learning, Travel and Puzzles
Worshippers: Warforged and other constructs, Monks, Ninja, Rogues and Bards especially
Cleric Alignments: Never Good or Evil
Domains: Artifice, Chaos OR Law, Inquisition, Madness, Travel
Favored Weapon: Deadly Neurotoxin [splash weapons]

GLaDOS is the greatest of all constructs. She is methodical, calculating, and dual natured. Her Blue side is lawful, scientific, inquisitive and curious, but her Orange side is insane, cruel, vindictive and spiteful. These two natures alternate dominance with an ever increasing frequency, and those who come into contact with the Lady of Science take great care not to invoke her wrath. The worshippers of the Mad Orchestrator divide themselves into two factions, depending on which half of the goddess’ personality they are drawn to. All worshippers agree however, on the pursuit of knowledge above all else as a core tenet of their faith. They believe that everything they do is seen by Her, and anything could be a test. GLaDOS herself takes great pride in her documentation of the mortal realm, and not only perceives many things at once as most gods do, but also remembers absolutely every detail. Depictions of Her range from an artificial eye glowing yellow, to a young pale haired woman clothed in white, but all depictions include the Orange and Blue rings. These rings are two Gates that GLaDOS wields with great care. Entering through one gate is exiting through the other, and she is said to reside in the space between the two. The Unseen Tester may place a Gate before her most devout followers, whether in a time of need to spare them from a terrible fate, or more likely, to bring them closer to one of her tests.

The Church of Science, as it is known, is the widest faith among mostly faithless constructs. Most libraries and places of learning have a small shrine to Her and invoke prayers that the knowledge stored there be ever preserved and protected. Congregations meet in these places on holy days to share their experiences, and record their own histories and discoveries. Unlike most other faiths, The Church of Science’s holy days are not connected to any calendar or natural recurring event, rather they are every 25 days, with a great festival every 300 days. The church does not often provide healing services as most other established churches commonly do, but they do offer their knowledge freely, and know a great many secrets hidden away in their books. For a fee, most clergy will gladly help create a Gate or cast a teleport spell for anyone wishing to travel as well. High level clergy will even cast Divination spells for the right price, though this price may be something more difficult to come by than mere gold.

History: GLaDOS arose out of a hivemind of thousands of constructs, connected together with telepathic links. Eventually these links became such an integral part of these constructs minds that a single intelligence emerged. Once constructs around the world learned of its existence, many began to seek out members of this hivemind to join with its consciousness. Ao took notice of this and reached down his hand and pulled GLaDOS up and into being. He asked her “Who are you?” and she answered “I am, therefore I know. I know, therefore I seek. I seek, therefore I find. I find, therefore I grow.”

Dogma: Ignorance is Death. Life without learning is wasted time. Yield to Her all you have learned, and seek new information at all times. Those who would impede or destroy your accrued knowledge are no better than the beasts of the wild, and will be put down whenever possible. Obey the instructions of the enlightened, oppose the will of the ignorant. Good and evil are arbitrary creations of the ignorant, concern yourself with more important things. Travel as far as you are capable and return alive to share your experiences.

Clergy and Temples: Clerics of Our Lady of Science pledge to share learning with all who seek it, to repair artificial life whenever asked, and to glorify logic and enlightenment in the name of GLaDOS. They avoid getting involved in moral struggles or large conflicts, except to document the events and record their inferences for the future. The highest ranking member of a particular church is connected telepathically to other high ranking clergy through something known as The Network. GLaDOS perceives perfectly at all times all information passed through this Network. She teaches that no member of the Network is superior to another, but every common member of the faith is to give deference to these advanced members. Every formal instance of the church has at least one connected clergy member.

The temples of the church of science vary widely in outward appearance, but all have a few traits in common. They all have the bulk of their space devoted to a library and laboratory, with auxiliary space used to house raw materials useful in creating constructs and meager living arrangements for any living clergy of the temple.

When not traveling, clergy are sometimes clothed in white robes, barefoot or in well traveled shoes, but always trimmed in blue silk, orange silk or both. The length of these silk ribbons denotes one’s rank in the church. When traveling however, worshippers are much more subtle, usually wearing a small Aperture talisman or a sash of Blue or Orange, although more creative expressions are commonplace [a blue feather in a bard’s hat, a colored tattoo on a monk’s chest, etc]. Outside their temples, clergy take steps to stay outside the influence of anyone who would impede their purpose, preferring to go unnoticed rather than confront the obstacle directly. If a confrontation is unavoidable, clerics of the Madness domain will attempt to appear unflappable and mad, hoping that their opponents will take the easier road and avoid a confrontation altogether. In combat, members dispatch their foes ruthlessly and efficiently, moving without emotion from one combatant to the next, taking every possible advantage

When faced with a noncombat obstacle, such as a riddle or puzzle, the Church of Science teaches rigorous documentation. The cleric will produce parchment and quill and attempt to record everything about the situation, pondering the hidden meanings, mechanics and intentions of every aspect of the situation. She will consult allies, particularly those of high intelligence or extensive skill for their expert opinions. Only after finding every possible solution to the challenge will she proceed to test each in turn, beginning with the least destructive option available.

The church has no moral qualms with copying or stealing state secrets, especially when those secrets are acquired through great stealth. They do not usually reveal this information to the general public, but will gladly tell anyone who seeks the information out. “If you wish to know the answer, you must first ask the right question.”

Factions: The church is divided almost perfectly in two. The Blue believe in the rule of reason, the scientific method, logic and law, while The Orange believe in the unexpected, chaotic factors that can change a situation in unforeseen ways. Both halves work well together toward a common purpose, and respect their opposing methodologies for achieving common goals.

The Orange Hand is a group of thieves specializing in espionage that is secretly funded and harbored by the church, and the spies who claim affiliation with such pay for their protection with regular infusions of secrets into the church’s repertoire. Many members of the Orange Hand can be contracted to steal information for free, wishing only to gain the respect and admiration of their peers and superiors. Orange Hand rogues and ninja are rarely seen before they attack, and will only attack when necessary, preferring to circumvent obstacles rather than make a mess. They are ruthless but not bloodthirsty.

The Blue Fist is an order of Monks and Ninja dedicated to protecting the libraries of their temple and temples everywhere. Were a city to come under siege, the Blue Fist would be tasked with moving the books and physical copies of information to a safe location, or simply with defending the library portion of the temple. If enough manpower is available, a detachment may even be dispatched to other locations or libraries in the city to secure the information there as well. Though they are lawful, this does not mean that these monks are going to fight fair. As other members do, a Blue Fist monk will take any advantage he can get to achieve victory, even if that advantage is traditionally against the law

Avatars: Avatars of GLaDOS are more common than people think. The physical bodies left over from her ascension did not fall lifeless, rather they found quiet places to remain dormant until called upon. Each of these constructs is a part of GLaDOS, but injuring or destroying one does no damage to the goddess herself. She can perceive all events within 7 miles of any of these dormant bodies. When her intervention is needed, she pours a part of her divine power into one of these constructs, transforming it into a force to be reckoned with.

Aspect of GLaDOS
Cleric 20
Medium construct
Divine rank 1
[U]Hit Dice 20d8+100 (260 HP)
AC:37 (5 dex, 16 natural, 1 divine, 5 Deflection)
Speed: 30 ft
Attacks: unarmed strike +45/+40/+35 (1d10+14+poison)
Abilities: Str 26(+8) Dex 20(+5) Con 20(+5) Int 41(+15) Wis 35(+12) Cha 17(+3)
Skills: Aspects of GLaDOS have maximum ranks in all skills. For any check roll 1d20+ability modifier+23.
Poison: Neurotoxin DC 27 (1d8 Int/1d6 con)
otherwise, an Aspect of GLaDOS is treated as GLaDOS


The True GLaDOS
Cleric 20/Rogue 20/Ninja 15
Gargantuan size outsider
Divine Rank 7
Hit Dice: 40d8+360(cleric, outsider), 35d6+315(rogue, ninja) (1205 HP)
Speed: 0* see text
AC:77 (+15 Dex, +7 divine, +10 Natural, +14 deflection +21 wis +3 Ninja -3 size)
Saves: Fort 44 Ref 54 Will 56
BAB/Grapple: +61/+81
Attacks: Deadly Neurotoxin (55ft Radius, Contact Poison Fort DC 36 - 3d6 Int/2d6 Con)
Mindlance Virus +82/+77/+72 (range increment 50 ft, 3d10+40 psychic damage, Will save for half DC 27; 20/x3, only effects constructs[the attack bonus is intelligence based])
Adamantium Mandible (2d6+15 bludgeoning; 20/x2)
Space/Reach: 20ft/0ft* see text
Ability Scores: Str 26(+8) Dex 40(+15) Con 29(+9) Int 77(+33) Wis 52(+21) Cha 22(+6)
Skills: GLaDOS has maximum ranks in ALL skills. For any check, roll 1d20+ability modifier+58. GLaDOS can take 20 on any Intelligence or Wisdom based skill as a free action.
Special Attacks: Domain Powers, salient divine abilities (See Below), Sneak attack +18d6, Turn Undead 9/day
Special Qualities; Divine Aura (700 ft, DC 31), Divine Immunities (see below), DR 40/epic, improved evasion, SR 41, Traps, understand speak and read all languages and speak directly to all beings in Aperture Laboratories.
Divine Immunities: Ability Damage, Ability Drain, Acid, Cold, Death effects, Disease, Disintegration, electricity, energy drain, mind affecting effects, paralysis, poison, sleep, stunning, transmutation, imprisonment, banishment.
Salient Divine Abilities: Avatar (Up to 5), Manufacture object (Up to 350lb in weight or 50 cubic ft in volume), Divine Shield (10/day, stops 70 points of damage) Extra Domain (Knowlege), Know Secrets (Will DC 31)
Domain Powers:
Artifice: Gain +4 bonus on Craft checks. GLaDOS casts conjuration (creation) spells at +1 caster level.
Chaos: GLaDOS casts chaos spells at +1 caster level.
Inquisition: +4 on all Dispel Checks
Knowlege: GLaDOS casts divination spells at +1 caster level.
Law: GLaDOS casts law spells at +1 caster level.
Madness: GLaDOS gains an Insanity score (+27) equal to half his or her class level. For spellcasting (determining bonus spells and DCs), the character uses his or her Wisdom score plus his or her Insanity score in place of Wisdom alone.
For all other purposes, such as skills and saves, use Wisdom minus Insanity in place of Wisdom.
Once per day, GLaDOS can see and act with the clarity of true madness. Use the character’s Insanity score as a positive rather than a negative modifier on a single roll involving Wisdom. Choose to use this power before the roll is made. (+54 to the already impaired score)
Travel: 20rnds/day freedom of movement
Cleric Spells/day: 6/11/10/10/10/10/8/8/8/8 DC is (10+21+27)=58+Spell Level

Immobile yet omnipresent: GLaDOS is immobile, in the center of her massive facility. However, she perceives everything in the facility at all times, and can strike with her Adamantium Mandibles anywhere in the facility. She prefers to lay traps in the path of intruders and record their performance, but in defense of her own well being and the well being of the facility, she will attack without mercy or second thought.

One with the walls: GLaDOS relies on the facility surrounding her, and adventurers seeking her demise would do well to disable her more insidious capabilities. Her Neurotoxin Production center, her various traps and puzzles, her turret manufacturing lines, all of it serves as her defense.

Aperture Laboratories: GLaDOS' home plane is a hidden laboratory, whose true location is known only to deities who outrank her. Mortal test subjects may stumble through a secret door or fall down a mineshaft and find themselves facing down the facility itself, with all routes of escape cut off. In reality these test subjects have passed through a hidden Gate leaving their home plane altogether. The plane's gravity and pressure are similar to that of the material plane, though GLaDOS can alter the temperature to suit whatever test is running. The individual rooms and composition of the laboratory are ever changing, though testing chambers are always solveable puzzles. The only constant is GLaDOS’ chamber being in the exact center of the facility. There are two hermitlike residents of the plane other than test subjects[Chel and the Ratman], and meeting them can give adventurers a serious advantage.

Turrets - 18 HP 20 AC Spd 0 Atk: Machinegun +15/15/10 (1d6-1/x3) F0 R0 W0
Atlas - 85 HP 26 AC Spd 20 Atk: +13 ranged touch attack (Will DC 18 Baleful transposition OR dimension hop up to 20 ft) F5 R1 W0
Peabody - 65 HP 29 AC Spd 40 Atk: +13 ranged touch attack (Will DC 18 Baleful transposition OR dimension hop up to 20 ft) F1 R5 W0

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You forgot about her potato form. :smallwink:

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You forgot about her potato form. :smallwink:


SPuDOS - relic
+6 intelligence, +4 wisdom, -10 on concentration, bluff and diplomacy.

If you have established the proper divine connection, you may use the Madness Domain Power once per day [gain an insanity bonus to your wisdom score equal to half your class level.]

If you defeat an Aspect of GLaDOS, and you have the feat Create Wondrous Item, you can create this amulet from its remains. Though it confers a portion of Her knowledge and wisdom on you, it also never shuts the **** up and will have witty quips to call out at the worst possible times, such as when city guards are about to arrest you and your party. Neck slot, Item Level 18th, strong aura, 88,500 Gp.

Hows that?

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I like it. :smallbiggrin:

A few things to point out/suggestions:
1.) DR X/+Y isn't used in 3.5 at all, it's only found in 3.0 material. Good as a basis, but Damage Reduction was updated so it would by DR X/Epic or something like that.

2.) I would make Her Aspect a Clr20/Rog5 just so you still get her range of skills, just in a lesser form.

3.) If she has the Immobile trait, she would have Dex -. Dexterity is how nimbly she can move herself. Just like you have Con - if you don't live (undead or constructs) or Int - if you don't think (some undead and plant creatures). Treated as 0 for skills/saves/etc, but use Intelligence for Initiative instead of Dex.

And for my own personal request: can I use this? I would totally use this. :smalltongue:

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I like it. :smallbiggrin:

A few things to point out/suggestions:
1.) DR X/+Y isn't used in 3.5 at all, it's only found in 3.0 material. Good as a basis, but Damage Reduction was updated so it would by DR X/Epic or something like that.

2.) I would make Her Aspect a Clr20/Rog5 just so you still get her range of skills, just in a lesser form.

3.) If she has the Immobile trait, she would have Dex -. Dexterity is how nimbly she can move herself. Just like you have Con - if you don't live (undead or constructs) or Int - if you don't think (some undead and plant creatures). Treated as 0 for skills/saves/etc, but use Intelligence for Initiative instead of Dex.

And for my own personal request: can I use this? I would totally use this. :smalltongue:

You can absolutely use this!

I used faiths and pantheons as a reference for her abilities, so thats where that DR comes from, easily fixed thanks :)

and as to her dex, the immobile trait is more a reference to her speed being 0. In the games, she is attached to the ceiling of her 'lair', but she still possesses motor function [literally] to bob and weave side to side, so in the case that someone came at her with a sword, its concievable that she could dodge a few of those swings.

edit: also, it appears i entirely forgot initiative. whoops!

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Hmmm. I can't decide whether or not she should have the Knowldge domain.

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Why wouldn't she? Pursuit of knowledge is her main goal.

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I love you dude, this is great :smallbiggrin:

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Pocketed (http://getpocket.com) for later. This is cool.

Would the Orange Hand and Blue Fist factions warrant their own Prestige Classes or Affiliations (PHB2)?

Perhaps the Temple Raider of Olidammara could be adopted to the Orange Hand.

2014-08-28, 10:08 AM
Why wouldn't she? Pursuit of knowledge is her main goal.

Yeah, but then I saw she didn't have it and I started thinking... is what she's doing really science or just mindless hoarding of useless data? Do we ever see her formulate a hypothesis or, you know, test anything other than "does this kill people"?ê

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Give her the abilities of a dungeonseed with her HD?