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2014-08-28, 04:35 AM
After digging through some of my old stuff, I found some cool magic items. I'm not sure about the prices on them... halp?

Scroll Gun

The scroll gun takes the form of a single firearm*, but no details of it are retained save the range increment, the ammunition capacity and the size, as well as the relevant weapon proficiency. It allows the casting of a scroll containing a spell with a range other than personal, even if the caster cannot cast it, and there is no need for a Use Magic Device check.

The scrolls must be loaded into the gun, which is a standard action for each scroll, although groups of scrolls may be prepared out of combat so they may all be loaded as a full-round action. The Rapid Reload feat may be applied to the scroll gun, in which case it is a move action to load one scroll or a standard action to load one group. Either way, the scroll gun only holds as many scrolls as it would ammunition.

The scrolls are fired in reverse order to the order in which they are loaded, or a pre-prepared order if they are grouped.

When a scroll is fired, the effect of the spell takes place. If the spell targets a creature or single object, you must make a ranged touch attack against it, even if you would not normally. Use the range of the spell (to a minimum of 10 feet) to determine the maximum range, but the range increments of the gun to determine any penalties from range. The gun requires the same proficiency as a normal gun of its type, and is always an improvised weapon. If you miss, the shot is wasted.

If the spell has an area of effect, you must target a specific point, creature or object which is to be the centre of the spell, as though the gun were a thrown splash weapon. If the spell summons or calls a creature, you must aim the gun at the location you wish it to arrive in the same manner. In any case, it does not matter if the shot goes out of the spell's maximum range when it misses - the spell is resolved as though the range were long enough to compensate for this.

If the spell has a line or cone of effect, you are assumed to be able to aim the gun in essentially the correct direction.

If the spell has another effect, the DM should devise a sensible method of resolving the firing of the gun.

Once the spell makes impact, it is resolved as normal using the caster level on Table: Scroll Spell Levels. The scroll is invariably destroyed in the process, unless it is an artifact which is specifically not destroyed in use.

Aura - Transmutation; CL 5 Weight as gun;Construction Requirements - Craft Magical Arms and Armour; Spells - Greater Magic Weapon; Cost - 5400+Gun

Scroll Canister

This strange object looks like a hemispherical tin with clips on the flat end and a small "door." on the other. A creature can attach or detach the Canister to or from any crossbow or firearm she holds as a move action, or load a scroll into the door as a standard action. The door must be closed and barred shut with a small bar that comes attached to the Canister, so loading a scroll into it provokes attacks of opportunity. If you try to load a spell which cannot be targeted on a weapon, its ammunition, or its wielder in relation to firing the weapon (spells like Spark, Magic weapon and True Strike can be loaded, spells like Fireball or Cure Light Wounds cannot)

When attached to a viable weapon, the Canister itself will cast the spell held within as an immediate action (regardless of the normal casting time) on the weapon, ammunition or wielder, in that order, whichever is first to be applicable (so if, for whatever reason, Spark were loaded into the canister, it would affect the weapon as it is first on the list. True strike would affect the wielder as the weapon and ammunition are not viable targets.) The scroll is used up, the door opens, and the burnt remains of the scroll fly out, though they are harmless. The spell lasts until its end.

No Use Magic Device check is needed at any point in the proceedings, regardless of who can or cannot cast spells.

Aura - Transmutation; CL 5 Weight 1 lb;Construction Requirements - Craft wondrous item; Spells - Greater Magic Weapon; Cost - 6500

Scroll Scabbard

This item looks like a normal scabbard, but is capable of morphing to fit any melee weapon - even if it is not sword-like in nature. However, this is not its main feature; it also has a compartment allowing it to contain a scroll. There is a small door which must be fixed in place to load a scroll, as such doing so is a standard action which provokes an attack of opportunity. The scroll must contain a spell which either affects the weapon, affects the caster's ability to use the weapon, or affects a single target.

When the weapon is drawn, the scroll is activated by the scabbard itself as an immediate action, regardless of the spell's casting time. If the spell affects the weapon or wielder, it comes into effect instantly. If it affects a single target, the spell takes effect when the wielder successfully strikes an opponent with an attack, and affects the opponent hit. If the wielder hits multiple opponents at the same time, randomly determine who the spell strikes. If no-one is struck in the same round the weapon was drawn or the round either, the magic fades. In any case, the burnt scroll is ejected harmlessly from the compartment.

The Caster Level is that of the scroll. No Use Magic Device checks are required, regardless of anyone's spellcasting abilities.

Aura - Transmutation; CL 5 Weight 1 lb;Construction Requirements - Craft wondrous item; Spells - Greater Magic Weapon; Cost - 5400

Scroll Trap (CR varies)

The scroll trap is an almost-square cuboid box, which has enough room for one scroll in. A scroll which affects a regular area may be placed in the trap as a standard action provoking an attack of opportunity, and the trap may be activated as a full-round action which also provokes an attack of opportunity.

When you set up the trap, a small interface allows you to set certain creatures, or types of creature, who will not set off the trap - such as "Me, anyone True neutral, anything smaller than tiny, and all elves," for example. You may also set the range a creature must be within to set off the trap. The trap is never set off by the creatures you specify - the trap may be moved, dropped or even thrown by these creatures without setting it off, though if it travels more than 30 feet in one round the system malfunctions and it must be re-activated.

When a creature of a type not specified passes by the scroll trap, it activates. The door flies open and the spell contained in the scroll is cast by the trap itself, with an area centred on its own location, as an immediate action using the caster and spell level of the scroll - which is also how the trap's CR is determined. The scroll is burnt in the process, but the trap is only affected if the spell would damage it - otherwise, it is reusable.

No Use Magic Device checks are required to use the trap. The trap has a Spot DC of 10 if it is unhidden. No disable device check is required to deactivate the trap - it is a simple matter to open the trap and retrieve the (undamaged) scroll if you can get close enough.

Aura - Transmutation; CL 3 Weight 2 lb;Construction Requirements - Craft wondrous item; Spells - Flaming sphere; Cost - 3000

2014-08-28, 09:40 AM
Not bad. I like the idea of a gunslinger loading a scroll into his revolver, to be honest.

I like the potential for healing spells. It wouldn't matter he was shooting his ally, you'd see, because there was a Cure Critical Wounds spell stuck on the round.