View Full Version : Post apocalypse game, some advice needed

2014-08-28, 09:30 AM
Hi guys! I'm working on a homebrew post apocalypse game, and i have most of the base mechanics down, but there's one thing that I'm still struggling with. I've made boon and bane charts, as the game will be following the foundation of new societies after the apocalypse. I need these charts to be large, though, so that there aren't too many repeat entries, and repeat rolls. I'm currently working on boons, and have four "sub tables"
1: Skilled individual (non combat)
2: Material Boon
3: Event
4: Skilled Individual (combat)

Out of these, the main type of boon I'm having issues with thinking of a respectable number of entries for are the events, I'll drop what I have, but any advice, or entries, are greatly appreciated. I'm hoping to get at LEAST twelve entries per sub table, so if anyone has good ideas for the rest, those are just as appreciated. Thanks, playground!

1: Group of able bodied/Trained refugees (carpenters, etc)
2: Good growing season
3: Enemy hampered
4: Traders arrive