View Full Version : Titan Quest & Immortal Throne

2007-03-08, 02:20 AM
Any Titan Quest players out there? I really like this game and I plan on buying the new expansion pack ASAP.

I have a level 29 Ranger in China, and a level 22 Elementalist. The Elementalist is by far my favorite of the two. Nothing more satifying that blowing up 15 enemies at once with a single spell. Plus, their bodies flip around through the air (love the physics)!

For the expansion, I'm thinking of creating a Rogue/Dream character. I've seen screenshots of someone wearing full Ninja garb. Hopefully this is an armor set in the game (and not a mod).

My only gripe with TQ is that is TOO BIG. I haven't even beaten it yet. My Elementalist has over 13 hours played on her and she's still in the beginning of the second act (and there's FOUR acts including the expansion). Don't get me wrong, I love the game, but playing it is a major time commitment!

Tell me your TQ stories please, or share your character builds! Anyone have the expansion?

Lord Herman
2007-03-11, 03:16 PM
I've just got Immortal Throne. I haven't reached Hades yet, but the new features are pretty good. Both the caravan driver and the enchanter are great additions, and the dream mastery looks interesting.

Right now, I'm playing an assassin (warfare/rogue), level 12. I've just beaten the gorgon queens on normal difficulty, and I'm now on my way to Athens.