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2014-08-28, 03:29 PM
So, over on MMX, I've been engaged in a... project. Namely, since June 23rd, I've been posting at least one feat per day. (http://www.minmaxboards.com/index.php?topic=13957.0)

Some days, I only managed one feat. Other days, I managed 10.

And now, I'm going to expand it to exist over here as well. I'll be updating the first few posts of this thread with new feats daily.

I take suggestions and requests, by the way.

Anywho, enjoy!

Morbosmia [General]
You can smell a sick person from half a block away.
Prerequisites: Scent, Heal 8 ranks
Benefit: You may treat creatures currently in the Incubation stage of a Disease as if they had a Strong scent for the purposes of Scent. Creatures who are past the Incubation phase of a disease but who have not yet recovered are instead treated as if they had an Overwhelming smell.

Cystic Summoning [General]
You can fill the bodies of the creatures you summon with beautiful, wonderful cysts.
Prerequisites: Mother Cyst, Augment Summoning
Benefit: Whenever you cast a Conjuration (Summoning) spell to summon a living creature, you may choose to also inflict the effects of Necrotic Cyst on that creature. Doing so grants them Tomb-Tainted Soul as a bonus feat, and changes their type to Aberration, as the rotting cysts squirm and swell through-out their bodies.

Necrotic Call [General]
The half-dead creatures you summon are half-cyst by now; they would be better off dead.
Prerequisites: Corpsecrafter, Cystic Summoning
Benefits: Whenever you cast a Conjuration (Summoning) spell enhanced by Cystic Summoning, the summoned creature gains Tomb-Born Fortitude and Tomb-Born Resilience as bonus feats, and is considered to be an Undead creature that you animated yourself for the purposes of any feats you have.

Expert's Tools [General]
With a little bit of practice, you can figure out the best way to use a given tool.
Prerequisites: Skill Focus (Chosen Skill), Chosen Skill 8 ranks
Benefits: You may practice with and modify a tool appropriate to your skill, in a process taking 8 hours; once you have done so, your bonus from Skill Focus doubles while using that tool. In addition, skill checks made with this enhanced tool reduce all circumstance penalties by 1, and increase any circumstance bonuses by 1; if the tool is masterwork, double these adjustments.
Special: Tools modified this way must be sustained, taking 15 minutes of care each day; if the tool has gone 24 hours without this care, it loses the benefits of this feat. Tools previously enhanced through this feat only take an hour to readjust if they are targeted at a later date. This feat may be taken multiple times; each time, select a different skill for which you have the Skill Focus feat.
Normal: Sorting your Thief's Kit or stocking your Healing Kit doesn't grant you any additional benefits.

Blood Mage [General]
You have learned the invaluable potency of blood in your spellcasting.
Prerequisites: Eldritch Corruption
Benefits: Whenever you perform a Coup de Grace on a living creature, you gain a number of Blood Points, according to the table below; whenever you use Eldritch Corruption, you may spend any number of Blood Points to reduce the Constitution damage dealt by Eldritch Corruption by an equal amount. You may store up to 4 Blood Points for each time you have taken Eldritch Corruption; each day at noon, you lose 2 Blood Points from your pool.

The Creature...
Blood Points Gained

Is Alive
2 Points

Has an Intelligence Score Below 3
-1 Point

Has Never Killed
+1 Point

Has Never Had Children
+1 Point

Is a Child
+1 Point

Is Worshipped As Holy
+1 Point

Has The [Evil] Subtype
-2 Points

Has The [Good] Subtype
+2 Points

Primitive Caster Addendum: When you take Primitive Caster, you may exchange the listed material component for a different one that is associated with a Profession check appropriate to your magical traditions; for example, a spellcaster from a more maritime tradition might replace it with a series of complicated knots that requires a DC 15 Profession (Sailor) check to tie, while one from a rocky mountain range might require a specific ore that requires a DC 15 Profession (Miner) check to find.

Arcane Parent [General][Silly]
You are a proud parent; of course you give your child the best magical protection you can!
Prerequisites: Summon Familiar, Must be a parent of an infant.
Benefits: You may dismiss your Familiar and replace it with your child. Apply the benefits of a Familiar to a baby (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?34816-You-might-love-this-Monster); your baby's type does not change.

On The Run [General]
You've spent your life on the run from the law; as a result, you are especially hard to catch.
Benefits: When you are making your roll to escape pursuit, you may roll twice and take the better result. If the reason for your pursuit is because you broke the law, you may take 10 on one of those rolls.

Apparently, 3.5 has chase rules; opposed Dex checks if you are being chased relatively closely, and opposed Con checks if you are being chased over long distances. Admittedly, they are kinda terrible, but it works in a perfectly transparent manner with the other chase rules I've found, so it works for me!

Wearing Red To A Wedding [General]
Other people would get funny looks if they walked in covered in sewage and blood, carrying the severed head of a monster. When it comes to you, people just shrug and accept it.
Prerequisites: Apprentice (Criminal), Trophy Collector
Benefits: You entirely ignore any circumstance penalties that might derive from your appearance or stench. In addition, each of your worn Trophies grants a stacking +1 bonus to Intimidate checks against creatures that don't share a type with the trophy.

Army Quelling Method [Fighter]
You can take down armies by yourself. It is quite impressive to watch.
Prerequisites: Dodge, BAB +6
Benefit: You may choose to designate "anyone I am currently threatening" as the target of your Dodge feat. In addition, the dodge bonus to AC from Dodge increases to +3 if you are currently being Flanked.

Blood-Soaked Expertise [Fighter]
You are a stone-cold killing machine; killing things just makes you better at killing.
Prerequisites: Cleave, Str 13, BAB +6
Benefits: Whenever you kill or destroy a creature, you may forgo the additional attack from Cleave; if you do so, you gain a +2 morale bonus to Strength and to attack rolls for 1 minute. If you kill or destroy another creature within this time limit, the duration is reset.

No One's Statistic [Fighter]
You are a warrior of amazing skill; you absolutely REFUSE to be collateral damage.
Prerequisites: BAB +8
Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus on all saves made against effects that either have no target, did not originally target you, or which affect an area. If the effect does not allow a saving throw, you can make a Will save against the effect's DC as if it allowed a save. If you succeed, you negate the effect.

Hurricane-Master Archery [Fighter]
You can outshoot the wind. Literally.
Prerequisites: Dex 17, BAB +5, Precise Shot
Benefits: As a Standard action, you may make a single ranged attack with a +4 circumstance bonus to the attack roll; if you do so, the last 60' of your arrows path is considered to be under the effects of a Gust of Wind effect (DC 12 + Dex). This attack ignores the effects of wind entirely.

If your target is not further than 60' away, you lose the circumstance bonus to your attack roll and the Gust of Wind effect does not form; your arrow simply was not travelling fast enough.

Ceremonial Master [General]
You are a master of performing certain occult ceremonies.
Prerequisites: Any one [Ceremony] feat
Benefit: Any Ceremony you perform lasts up to a week, and may affect up to two additional creatures.

Ceremonial Warrior [Fighter]
You come from a culture that traditionally employs rituals to empower its warriors.
Prerequisites: BAB +1
Benefits: You gain 2hp for each Ceremony you are currently under the effects of; these hit points are not temporary hit-points, and are not lost first.

In addition, as long as you are under the effects of at least one Ceremony, the number of hit-points you regain through rest is doubled; this stacks with the Long-Term Care function of the Heal skill.

Tribal Champion [Fighter][Combat Form]
You are the one your tribe calls upon to fight off monsters and intruders.
Prerequisites: Combat Focus, Ceremonial Warrior, BAB +6
Benefits: You are considered to have Combat Focus as long as you are under the effects of at least one Ceremony; whenever you would expend your Combat Focus, you instead suppress the benefits of Combat Focus for 1 minute.

If you have 5 or more Combat Form feats, you may heal Ability Drain as if it were Ability Damage as long as you are under the effects of at least one Ceremony.

Otherworld-Totem Baptism [General]
You know how to bind spirits into the Ceremonies you wield.
Prerequisites: Bind Vestige, Practiced Binder, Ceremonial Master, Character Level 6th
Benefits: Whenever you perform one of your Ceremonies, you may bind a single Vestige you could bind due to Bind Vestige into the Ceremony. If you do so, every creature that benefits from your Ceremony benefits as if they themselves had bound that vestige through Bind Vestige.

Bind Vestige [General]
You have learned how to open your soul to empty half-souls that float between the dimensions. Lovely.
Prerequisites: Knowledge (The Planes) 1 rank.
Benefits: You gain the Soul Binding class feature of a 1st level Binder; however, you automatically make a bad Pact with any Vestige you attempt to Bind, and you may not use any Vestige granted ability that is only usable once every 5 rounds.
Special: If you later gain the Soul Binding class feature from another source, Vestiges bound through this feat count towards the number of Vestiges you may bind through that source.

Practiced Binder [General]
You have practised with the horrible soul parasites. You have... practised.
Prerequisites: Bind Vestige, Knowledge (The Planes) 5 ranks
Benefits: You may use all of the Granted abilities of any Vestige that you bind through the Bind Vestige feat.

Improved Bind Vestige [General]
You are certainly a specialist in soul binding.
Prerequisites: Bind Vestige, Charisma 17, Knowledge (The Planes) 6 ranks
Benefits: Your Effective Binder Level for the purposes of Bind Vestige is increased by 2.

Harrumph [Metabreath]
You can let loose a horrendous grunt, dousing the area around you in your breath weapon
Prerequisites: Breath Weapon, Constitution 19
Benefits: You may shape your breath weapon into a 30' burst, centred on yourself; doing so increases the recharge time for your breath weapon by two rounds.

Steel-Heart Barbarian [General]
You've gotten so many pieces of steel stuck in you over the years that some have broken off, leaving you with some makeshift internal armor.
Prerequisites: Rage
Benefits: While raging, you gain a +2 Armor bonus to AC. This counts as if you had the Composite Plating feature of a Warforged, and were the Warforged race, for the purpose of prerequisites; you still count as if you were your original race. You only gain the benefits of any [Warforged] feat you take while Raging, though you are still considered to have access to them for the purposes of prerequisites.
You may take up to one [Warforged] feat that specifies that it may only be taken at 1st level, regardless of your current level.

Cleansing Furnace-Soul [General]
Your burning passion lights a flame in your soul! No disease can remain.
Prerequisites: Blazing Berserker
Benefits: As long as you are raging and using your Blazing Berserker feat, you may end any one effect that could be removed with a DC 20 Heal check as a free action once per round.
In addition, any creature that has swallowed you takes 1d6 fire damage every round.

Archaic Weapon Specialization [Fighter]
You are a master at using "old-fashioned" weapons.
Prerequisites: Weapon Specialization (Any), BAB +4
Benefits: The benefits of your Weapon Focus and Weapon Specialization feats extend to any weapon you wield made entirely out of wood, antler, bone, or stone. In addition, you may treat any such weapons as if they were Masterwork for all purposes as long as you wield them.

Appreciating the Master's Work [Fighter]
You are overjoyed by the prospect of wielding a well-balanced weapon.
Prerequisites: BAB +1
Benefits: Masterwork weapons that you wield cannot be disarmed; in addition, the non-proficiency penalty for masterwork weapons you wield are reduced to -2.
Special: If you have this feat, you may take Weapon Focus (Masterwork Weapons), treating all Masterwork Weapons as a single weapon for the purposes of any feats that build off of Weapon Focus.

A Battle Worthy of Song [Fighter]
To fight the truly mighty is a joyful thing.
Prerequisites: Karmic Strike, Evasive Reflexes, BAB +6
Benefits: You gain a special benefit when you use Karmic Strike on an enemy that is stronger than you; if the creature's CR is greater than your HD, your penalty to AC is reduced by 2, and you gain a +1d6 bonus on the damage of your attack of opportunity. If you choose to use Evasive Reflexes to gain a 5' step instead of an attack of opportunity against a creature that would trigger this feat, you may move an additional 5' as part of that 5' step.
If the creature's CR is at least 5 greater than your HD, these benefits are doubled.

Fireworks Display [General]
A little pyrotechnics goes a long way.
Prerequisites: Craft (Alchemy) 1 rank
Benefits: By taking 5 minutes, you may jury-rig a bottle of Alchemists Fire to duplicate the effects of a Pyrotechnics spell instead of its normal effects; you may only choose to duplicate the Fireworks option of that spell.

Spellfire Invoker [General]
Your body has become far more efficient in terms of how it handles Spellfire.
Prerequisites: Spellfire Wielder, Con 13
Benefits: You may hold up to 2 additional levels of spells without suffering negative effects; in addition, you are considered to have an Eldritch Blast of a number of dice equal to 1/3 your HD. Any abilities or effects that would modify or enhance your Eldritch Blast additionally apply to the ranged touch attack granted by your Spellfire Wielder feat.

Symbiont Adaptation [General]
Due to the mutant nature of your body, you find it easier to accommodate any symbiont that attaches to it.
Prerequisites: Aberration Blood
Benefits: You always take the minimum amount of ability damage from attaching or removing a Symbiont.

Euphoric Worship [Psionic]
Your wild emotions are useful when it comes to the Sleeping Goddess Discipline.
Prerequisites: Wild Surge +1, At least 1 Sleeping Goddess Maneuver
Benefits: You may treat Sleeping Goddess maneuvers as psionic powers for the purposes of using Wild Surge; if you do use Wild Surge while initiating a Sleeping Goddess maneuver, the bonus to manifester level also applies to your initiator level for the maneuver.

Euphoric Agony [Psionic]
Your mind goes absolutely wild when you are in pain; for you, that's a good thing.
Prerequisites: Wild Surge +1, Furious Counterstrike, Steely Resolve 10
Benefits: You may add 1/2 your current bonus to attack rolls from Furious Counterstrike to the intensity of your Wild Surge.

Mindfire Euphoria [Psionic]
Your mind burns with a horrifying intensity, endowing your attacks with a horrid potency.
Prerequisites: Surging Euphoria +1.
Benefits: Whenever you enter a Euphoriic Surge, you may replace each +1 bonus to damage rolls with +2d6 Cold, Electricity, Fire, or Sonic damage, chosen when you enter the surge; any creature struck by your attack may make a Reflex save (DC 10 + 1/2 ML + Cha bonus) to halve the number of damage dice.

If you choose to deal Cold damage, the damage dealt is increased by 1 per die, and the creature struck must make a Fortitude save instead of a Reflex save.
If you choose to deal Electricity damage, the DC of the Reflex save is increased by 2.
If you choose to deal Fire damage, the damage dealt is increased by 1 per die.
If you choose to deal Sonic damage, the damage dealt is reduced by 1 per die, but you ignore Hardness.

Special: If you are using Prime32's Extra Elements for Psionics (http://www.minmaxboards.com/index.php?topic=74) variant, replace the choices for which energy type you deal with whatever Major or Minor Elements you know.

Euphoric Archer [Psionic]
Your overwhelming emotions end up just sharpening your eyesight and your lethal precision.
Prerequisites: Psionic Shot, Surging Euphoria +1
Benefits: While under the effects of Surging Euphoria, you are not required to expend your Psionic Focus to use Psionic Shot.

Euphoric Brawler [Psionic]
Your overwhelming emotions bubble over and out of your fists.
Prerequisites: Psionic Fist, Surging Euphoria +1
Benefits: While under the effects of Surging Euphoria, you are not required to expend your Psionic Focus to use Psionic Fist.

Euphoric Weaponmaster [Psionic]
Some advise steely calm when using weaponry; you laugh at such restrained notions.
Prerequisites: Psionic Weapon, Surging Euphoria +1
Benefits: While under the effects of Surging Euphoria, you are not required to expend your Psionic Focus to use Psionic Weapon.

Emotions of the Land [Psionic]
You can feel the deep thoughts of the world beneath you; when you feel, it feels with you.
Prerequisites: Earth Power, Wild Surge +1
Benefits: As long as you are psionically focused and standing on stone or unworked earth (including normal soil), increase the intensity of your Wild Surges by 1.

Laughing Clarity [Psionic]
In the flux of your out-of-control emotions, you reach a sort of wonderful realization.
Prerequisites: Surging Euphoria +1, Psionic Meditation, at least two other Psionic feats
Benefits: As long as you are under the effects of Surging Euphoria, you are considered to be psionically focused; this doesn't prevent you from gaining an actual Psionic Focus, or allow you to expend a Psionic Focus you do not actually have.

Volatile Surge [Psionic]
Your emotions rage out of control; the best you can hope for is to redirect them towards a mind touching yours. Violently.
Prerequisites: Volatile Mind, Wild Surge +1
Benefits: Whenever you are targeted by a telepathy power, you may Wild Surge; if you are successful, the number of additional power points the manifester is forced to pay due to Volatile Mind is increased by the intensity of your Wild Surge.

Volatile Defenses [Psionic]
You are extremely difficult to affect with a particular Discipline.
Prerequisites: Volatile Mind
Benefits: Select a Discipline other than Telepathy; your Volatile Mind class feature applies to powers from that Discipline in addition to powers from the Telepathy Discipline.
Special: This feat may be taken multiple times, selecting a different Discipline each time.

Psychic Leech [General]
While you are psionically dead, you can briefly snatch the mental focus you render so impossible for others to maintain.
Prerequisites: Psionic Hole, Base Will Save +2
Benefits: You gain the ability to hold a Psionic Focus; however, you do not gain the ability to become psionically focused. Instead, you gain a Psionic Focus whenever you cause another creature to lose theirs due to your Psionic Hole feat.
As an immediate action, you may expend your Psionic Focus to negate the expenditure of a Psionic Focus within 30'.
Special: Upon taking this feat, you may qualify for [Psionic] feats as you you had a PP pool of 1; this does not actually grant you a PP pool.

Procipian Blessing [General]
You are blessed by an exorcist soldier-saint.
Prerequisites: Any Good alignment, must be 1st level
Benefits: You gain the domain granted ability of the Exorcism domain as if you had 1 + your Wisdom modifier Cleric levels, to a maximum of your HD; in addition, you may use Protection from Evil as a spell-like ability once per day.

Mercantile Prodigy [General]
Magic? Fighting prowess? Screw that, you've got money.
Prerequisites: Mercantile Background, Charisma 13
Benefits: You may use the monthly cost reduction of Mercantile Background once a week; in addition, you may expend your once per week cost reduction to instead sell items at 100% their base price instead of 75%.

Robber Baron [General]
You are excellent at parting men from their money by legal means, and keeping that money by any means necessary.
Prerequisites: Mercantile Prodigy, Charisma 17, character level 6th.
Benefits: You may always apply your cost reduction from Mercantile Background when purchasing mercenaries; in addition, you may expend your once per week cost reduction to gain 100gp per character level, due to returns on investments and clever business deals.

Weaponized Song [General]
Your music can shield your allies from the worst of harm.
Prerequisites: Inspire Courage +2
Benefits: You may enchant any Masterwork tool of your Perform skill as if it were a Masterwork weapon; those enhancements apply whenever you would use that instrument as an improvised weapon.
More Importantly, whenever you use Inspire Courage while employing a tool enchanted in this manner, anyone benefiting from your Inspire Courage may apply the magical enhancements on your instrument to any nonmagical weapon that they use.
For example, if Gimble the Bard is inspiring an angry mob with his +1 Undead-Bane Lute, they may treat their clubs and pitchforks as +1 Undead-Bane weapons. If Gimble's ally Tordek joined in with a +1 Impact Greathammer, he would not gain any additional benefits.

Hymn for a New Age [General]
Your performances strike a definite chord.
Prerequisites: Bardic Music, Perform 8 ranks, Any Chaotic alignment
Benefits: As a Standard action, you may expend 5 daily uses of Bardic Music and make a Perform check against DC 15; if you succeed, you create a Word of Chaos effect as a Supernatural ability, with a Caster level equal to your effective Bard level for the purposes of Bardic Music. You may increase the Perform DC by increments of 10 to decrease the cost by 1 Bardic Music use; this cannot reduce the cost below one Bardic Music use. The effect's Will Save DC is Charisma-based.

Don't ask me how a tea ceremony can banish angels, render people deaf, and potentially cause people's heads to EXPLODE... but hey, it works!

Potency of the Righteous [Divine]
Your god empowers your Turn attempts to an extremely potent degree.
Prerequisites: Turn Undead, Smite Evil, Cha 13
Benefits: You may apply Smite Evil to your Turn Attempts, gaining a bonus to your Turning Check equal to your Charisma modifier, and adding your damage bonus from Smite Evil to your Turning Damage.
Special: If you have any other abilities or effects that enhance your Smite Evil, you may apply them to any Undead that you successfully Turn.

Yes, this one can get a bit... ridiculous.

Offering Inferno [Vile]
The flames of your leaking magical energies manifest a particularly hateful bruise purple.
Prerequisites: Fiery Burst, Hellsworn (Brimstone Caress), Knowledge (Religion) 5 ranks.
Benefits: You may apply the benefits of Brimstone Caress to your Fiery Burst; instead of increasing the Caster Level by 1, you instead deal an additional 1d6 damage. Once per day when you kill a creature with such a modified Fiery Burst, you may immediately make a Knowledge (Religion) check as if you had ritually sacrificed them.

Breath or Castle Ballad [Bardic]
Your songs are so breathtaking that those around you stop paying attention to their surroundings. Even the world hold its breath in fascination.
Prerequisites: Fascinate, Bardic Music, Perform 9 ranks, Survival 9 ranks
Benefits: As a standard action, you may expend a use of Bardic Music to start singing the Breath or Castle Ballad, wrapping the area around you with your exhalations. Within a 100' radius around you, the harshness of the environment is lessened; the temperature band of the area is moved one step towards Warm, the Wind speed is reduced by two steps, and any water within this radius is smoothed by one step (from Stormy Water to Rough Water to Still Water). This song must be sustained, and lasts as long as you continue performing and 5 rounds thereafter.
Finally, as an added quirk of the spell, creatures other than you within this radius do not need to breath.

Black Hole Bird [General]
You are a winged void, a terrible corvid nightmare.
Prerequisites: Raptorran, Psionic Hole, Life Leech
Benefits: The effects of your Life Leech apply to any Psionic creatures within 30' of you, regardless of how many HP they currently have; in addition, whenever you would cause a creature to lose their Psionic Focus or spend additional PP due to Psionic Hole, they also take damage equal to your Wisdom modifier, which cannot be prevented or redirected.
Special: Upon taking this feat, your feathers fade to black over the course of a week; if you look at them too hard or too long, sometimes you can see stars glinting in unknown constellations.

Caroling Hellwalker [General]
Your performance is so rapturous that Mechanus' cogs pause and Limbo's Chaos calms so that they may simply... watch.
Prerequisites: Breath or Castle Ballad, Knowledge (The Planes) 12 ranks.
Benefits: Whenever you use Breath or Castle Ballad, the negative effects of the Alignment, Elemental, and Energy traits of a plane are counteracted within the radius of that feat. This does not change the composition of such planes; it merely renders them harmless. The Plane of Fire would still be made of flames; they would simply be pleasantly warm instead of being a raging inferno.

Grandfather Clock Heart [General]
You were born without a heart; instead, you had a clock in its place. How curious.
Prerequisites: Must be 1st level, must come from a race with at least one heart.
Benefits: You are immune to morale penalties, as well as any effect that specifically targets or affects your heart; in addition, your lifespan is automatically the maximum for your race.
Special: You are considered to be a Construct in addition to your normal type for the purposes of determining what effects can target you.

Lightning Storm Body [General]
Honestly, you are a hazard to be around. No, really; we're not sure why you are just shooting lightning everywhere, but you totally are.
Prerequisites: Storm Bolt, Chaotic Mind
Benefits: You may use Storm Bolt as a Swift action; however, instead of going in the direction of your choice, roll a d8 and determine the direction as if you had missed with a splash weapon.

Venomous Lyrics [Bardic]
Your lyrics drip with satire and venom, and your tea ceremonies are just plain vicious.
Prerequisites: Poison Mastery, Lingering Song, Perform (Any) 8 ranks, Bardic Music
Benefits: As part of beginning any Bardic Music effect that benefits from Lingering Song, you may consume a single dose of any poison, leaving it dripping in your words and motions; this does not poison you, holding the venom in potentia within your song. When you stop sustaining your performance, any enemy within 30' is exposed to the poison you consumed as if they had been exposed to it normally.

Pious Iconoclast [Faith]
You have been chosen to disrupt the normal workings of your faith, so as to bring renewal.
Prerequisites: Knowledge (Religion) 2 ranks, One Faith feat.
Benefit: You may consider any orthodox institution or practice of your religion as a rival of your faith. In addition, you gain a +2 bonus on Will saves against Divine spells.
Special: Upon taking this feat, you gain 4 Faith points.

Psychic Rage [Racial]
Your mind isn't clouded by your rage; in fact, it almost seems sharpened by your frenzied anger.
Prerequisites: Ability to Rage or Frenzy, Channeled Rage, any one Psionic feat, Half-Orc.
Benefit: Whenever you enter Rage, you also regain your Psionic Focus; if you are already psionically focused, you may hold an additional Psionic Focus for the duration of the Rage.

Cybernetic Augmentations [Cybernetic]
You have a certain level of permanent upgrades to your body.
Prerequisites: Activate Module (http://www.minmaxboards.com/index.php?topic=8730.0), Con 13
Benefits: Select one Module that you can activate; you gain that Module as an Integrated Module (http://www.minmaxboards.com/index.php?topic=11008.0).
Special: Your activator level increases by +1 for each time you select this feat, to a maximum of your total Hit Dice.)

Guerrilla Warfare [Fighter]
You can melt in and out of combat like a ghost.
Prerequisites: Hide 4 ranks, BAB +1
Benefits: You no longer have a range limitation for the Sniping function of the Hide skill, and may choose to perform a melee attack instead of a ranged attack if your target is within your reach.
Normal: You must be at least 10' away from the creature you wish to snipe, and you may only make ranged attacks while Sniping.

Stabbing Shadow [Ambush]
You move around like a shadow; when the guard reaches the scene of crime, you're not there.
Prerequisites: Sneak Attack +3d6, Guerrilla Warfare, Hide 8 ranks
Benefits: Your successful Sneak Attack while Sniping reduces your penalty to hide yourself again to -10. Using this feat reduces your Sneak Attack dice by 2d6.

Jungle Shadow [Fighter]
No one knows exactly where you are, once you've struck and moved on; you could really be anywhere.
Prerequisites: Guerrilla Warfare, Hide 8 ranks, Move Silently 8 ranks
Benefits: You may hide yourself after sniping as part of a Move action.
Normal: Hiding yourself after sniping is a Move action.

Disguise-Cracking Flurry [Fighter]
You are adept at striking people who least expect it. Like the people who don't realize that you are only dressed like a debutante.
Prerequisites: Bluff 4 ranks, Disguise 4 ranks.
Benefits: Whenever you attack a creature while disguised, you may make a Bluff check as a move action to avoid breaking your disguise; any creature who fails the opposed check dismisses the attack as an accident or being entirely within character. You don't have to use this feat if it would be entirely within character to attack that creature.
Special: Any ability or effect that would reduce your penalties to Hide checks due to Sniping also reduce the bonus that other creatures gain against your Bluff due to circumstances, to a minimum of -5.

Sacred Nevus [Exalted]
Your body holds marks from your fasting and devotions, marking you as a holy man.
Prerequisites: Good alignment
Benefit: You gain a +2 sacred bonus on Diplomacy checks.
Special: Sacred Nevus counts as Willing Deformity for the purposes of prerequisites; you may consider any Vile feat that requires Willing Deformity as an Exalted feat instead.

Target Distinction [Fighter]
You've been in your fair share of scraps, so you know how to differentiate between friend and foe.
Prerequisites: Iron Will, BAB +4
Benefits: You may treat your allies as being 50' further away and your enemies as being 50' closer for the purposes of any effect that requires you to target the creature closest to you; in addition, you may ignore noncombatants for the purposes of such effects.

Pinpoint Violence [General]
Stupid monsters, don't they know that trying to confuse you just draws your attention?
Prerequisites: Rage
Benefits: As long as you are under the effects of Rage and are also Confused, you may choose to automatically roll a 01 when determining what actions you take that round. In addition, increase the bonus to Will saves due to your Rage by 2.

Blessed Focus [General]
Your god has seen fit to defend your mind from madness as well as doubt.
Prerequisites: Aura of Courage
Benefits: You are immune to Confusion effects; in addition, any ally within your Aura of Courage gains a +4 bonus on all saves against Confusion effects.

Dragonsoul Shaper [Draconic][Incarnum]
You can grasp the might of draconic essentia, and can shape it into something truly worthwhile.
Prerequisites: Able to shape soulmelds
Benefit: You may shape Draconic Soulmelds regardless of whether you have the Dragonblooded subtype or not; in addition, you gain 2 additional points of Essentia which may only be invested in Draconic Soulmelds.

Athlete's Build [General]
Your body is a graceful mass of muscle.
Prerequisites: Toughness, Con 13, Str 13
Benefits: At the beginning of each encounter, you gain 3 temporary hit points for each copy of Toughness you have; these temporary hit points stack with any other source of temporary hit points you might have. In addition, your body is considered a Masterwork tool for any two Strength or Constitution based skills.

Tomb-Born Eyes [General]
Your eyes have taken on the distinctive pall of the undead.
Prerequisites: Tomb-Tainted Soul, Nongood Alignment
Benefit: You may always see Ethereal creatures as if you were under the effects of a permanent See Invisibility spell. Your eyes have a hollow, bruised look to them, and you rarely blink.
Special: Having this feat allows you to ignore the prerequisites of Lifesense.

Ghost-Blooded [General]
Your blood is tinted with ectoplasm, and your heart calls out to the dead.
Prerequisites: 1st level only
Benefits: You may qualify for and use [Ghost] feats as if you were a permanently Manifested Ghost (treat this as if you were inside a Manifest Ward at all times.) In addition, you are considered to be a dead body for the purposes of any effect, such as Deathwatch, that would reveal your living (or dead) status.
Special: This feat counts as Tomb-Tainted Soul for the purposes of prerequisites.

The Face of the World [Racial]
Your spread of possible shapes is vastly broadened.
Prerequisite: Changeling
Benefits: You may use Minor Shapeshift to take the shape of Animals as well as Humanoids; you may only transform into Animals of your size with a roughly equivalent number of limbs.

Morphic Sneak [Racial]
Your inconsistent features make it all the easier to slip through cracks and tight passages.
Prerequisite: Changeling
Benefit: While under the effects of Minor Shapeshift, you may choose to adopt the form of a smaller creature; if you do so, you gain the Slight Build special quality, and may appear to be Small sized.

Perverse Knowledge [General]
You have special training, and can better understand the maddening vagaries of the lands beyond reality.
Benefits: Knowledge (Forbidden Lore) is always a class skill for you; in addition, your ranks in Knowledge (Forbidden Lore) are restricted by the normal cap on how many ranks you may have in a class skill. You still cannot gain ranks in Knowledge (Forbidden Lore) by spending skill points.
Special: You may use your ranks in Knowledge (Forbidden Lore) in place of ranks in Knowledge (Arcane) for the purposes of both skill checks and meeting prerequisites.

Necrotic Predation [Vile]
You can feel the necrotic flesh bubbling inside the flesh of your victims. Poor bastards.
Prerequisites: Any Evil alignment, Evil Brand, Detect Magic as a spell-like ability
Benefits: Whenever you use Detect Magic, each round of focus also gives you the benefits of the equivalent round of Necrotic Awareness. In addition, all of your spell-like abilities increase their Save DCs by 1 when targeting creatures infected by Necrotic Cysts, and you gain a touch attack that deals 1d6 Vile damage to creatures with Necrotic Cysts.
Special: This feat counts as Mother Cyst for the purposes of prerequisites.

Rapid Advancement [General]
You learn more quickly than your peers.
Prerequisites: Level Adjustment
Benefits: Reduce your level adjustment by one.
Special: This feat may be taken multiple times; each time, reduce your level adjustment by 1.

Scalar Strike [Fighter]
Your attacks have exceptional damage capabilities.
Prerequisites: Int 13, Weapon Specialization
Benefit: Whenever you make an attack with the weapon for which you have Weapon Specialization, roll 1d6. If you roll an odd number, multiply the damage bonus from Weapon Specialization by half the value you rolled, rounded up. If you roll an even number, take the damage bonus from Weapon Specialization to the power of one-half the value you rolled.
Special: If you have Greater Weapon Specialization, add 2 to the value rolled for this feat.

Terrible Strength [Fighter][Epic]
Your attacks have a potential to deal egregious amounts of damage.
Prerequisites: Scalar Strike, Strength 31, BAB +20
Benefits: Whenever you use Scalar Strike, increase the order of the hyperoperation by one step.
Normal: Weapon Specialization doesn't have a chance to give you +65536 damage. It just doesn't.

Endow with Pact [General]
You are able to grant someone else a limited degree of your own power.
Prerequisites: Knowledge (The Planes) 15 ranks, Eldritch Blast 6d6
Benefits: You may, as a ritual taking 1 hour, grant another creature Eldritch Blast 1d6 and the use of one of your Least Invocations for 24 hours.

Iron-Dipped Fists [General]
You sealed your Hands chakra with molten iron, which was imprinted with raw essentia as it cooled.
Prerequisites: Hands Chakra, Con 15, Must be a stone-cold badass.
Benefits: You gain a slam attack dealing 1d8 damage for a medium-sized creature; you may embed any Warforged component that would modify a slam attack. In addition, your hands are entirely immune to Fire damage, allowing you to pull of such stunts as reaching into lava and retrieving a dropped ring.
Special: This feat is considered to be a Soulmeld permanently bound to your Hands chakra for all intents and purposes.

Life Is But A Dream [General]
Your gifts that aid in dreams also apply to the real world.
Prerequisites: Dreamtelling, Wis 13
Benefits: You may treat events that happen while you or the creature experiencing them are awake as if they were dreams for the purposes of your Dreamtelling feat, drawing prophecy from pomp and circumstance.

Oracular Mastery [General]
You can tell the future in the tossing of leaves and the roaring of waves.
Prerequisites: Life Is But A Dream, Knowledge (The Planes) 12 ranks
Benefits: Interpreting your own dreams and experiences only takes a number of rounds equal to 30 minus your Intelligence modifier, and interpreting the dreams of others only takes an addition 10 + 1d10 rounds.

The King is Here [General]
Your presence is so great, you foil any divination that targets you.
Prerequisites: Charisma 23, Character Level 9th
Benefits: Upon taking this feat, craft a phrase of up to 25 words; whenever you are within the area of, or are the target of, a scrying effect, they instead receive that phrase (visual scrying will return the image of it written on a sheet of parchment or carved in stone; sound-based scrying will return a whisper or shout of that phrase, and so on and so forth.) In addition, whenever an effect would let a creature ask questions about you with a certain chance of getting a correct answer, they instead receive your phrase, even if this would exceed the limits imposed on the effect.

Finally, anyone attempting a Gather Information check against you must beat the normal DC by your Character level + your Charisma modifier, or only receive your phrase, carried on whispered lips straight to them.

Expanded Hateful Training [General]
Your training against your hated enemies is far broader than usual.
Prerequisites: Favored Enemy
Benefits: Select two of your Class skills; the bonus to skills against your Favored Enemies also applies to those two skills.

Heartbound Adornments [General]
For some, jewelry is simply a form of adornment; you, however, have figured out how to bring out the virtue in otherwise mundane metal and jewels.
Prerequisites: Craft (Special) 9 ranks
Benefits: Whenever you create a mundane object with a valid Craft skill (see the Special section), you may choose to create it as a Heartbound Adornment. Heartbound Adornments gain an appropriate bonus from Table 5-2 (Magic of Incarnum pg. 110 - 111); for example, you could grant a ring any of the options under the Hand chakra, a shawl any benefit under Shoulders, and so on and so forth. If the object is Masterwork, you may grant the item an additional option from that list; if you do so, selecting the same bonus twice causes the effects to stack.
Mundane objects crafted this way do not prevent Soulmelds from being bound to that Chakra, but they do prevent you from wearing a magic item or another Heartbound Adornment that would fit in the same slot.
Special: Valid Craft skills for this feat are any that would be used to create jewelry or clothing; armor, shields, and weapons cannot be Heartbound Adornments.

Battlemage's Edge [General]
You definitely have an edge on the competition when it comes to hurting other people.
Prerequisites: Weapon Focus, Warmage Edge
Benefits: You may add the bonus from Warmage Edge to the damage of any attack you make with a weapon for which you have Weapon Focus.

Themed Manifestations [Psionic]
Your powers fit better into a theme, shaped by your subconscious mind.
Prerequisites: Manifester Level 3rd
Benefits: Choose a theme for your manifesting, such as "Ice", "Fire" or "Eyeless Things That Squirm In The Dark"; all the Displays for your powers now adhere to that theme. For example, a Psion who chooses Fire as their theme might create a thin layer of ash as a Material display, or might cause the faint scent of burning as an Olfactory display. Due to the tight theme of your Displays, the DC to identify your powers and to determine how many powers you have active simultaneously increase by 5.

Flaring Sorceries [General]
You barely hold back an amazing arcane power.
Prerequisites: Charisma 17, able to spontaneously cast Arcane spells, at least one Reserve feat.
Benefit: You may calculate the benefits of your Reserve feats using your Charisma modifier instead of a given spell level.

Child of Gears [General]
Your body is at least part machine, whether due to a weird concordance of Mechanus or because a particularly cold day froze your heart.
Prerequisites: Any non-chaotic.
Benefits: You may heal due to Repair spells as if you were a Construct; however, you halve any healing you might get from Conjuration (Healing) effects. Instead of a heartbeat, your body emits the mechanical grinding of gears.
Special: You may ignore the "Must be 1st level" prerequisite of Grandfather Clock Heart.

Aura of Luck [Luck]
You can manipulate the ebb and flow of luck at an unconscious level.
Prerequisites: Any 2 Luck feats
Benefits: You may apply the effects of your Luck feats to any creature within 30'; for example, you could use Tough to Kill to prevent an ally from dying, or use Dumb Luck to treat an ally's saving throw roll of 1 as a natural 20.
Special: You gain 1 additional luck reroll per day.

Haphephobia [Flaw]
You hate being touched. By anyone.
Benefits: Your allies must make touch attacks to target you with touch spells; in addition, you take a -2 morale penalty to all d20 rolls except Escape Artist checks while being Grappled or hugged.

Bulwark of Flesh [General]
Your flesh has become hard due to your training; your skin can break steel against it.
Prerequisites: Unarmored AC bonus, Con 13
Benefits: The AC bonus from your Unarmored AC bonus is based off of your Constitution modifier instead of your Wisdom modifier; in addition, you gain DR 1/-.
Special: A Monk may select this feat as their bonus feat at 1st level.

2014-08-28, 03:30 PM
Boosted Rager [General]
You've adapted to heavy use of your innate combat techniques.
Prerequisites: Rage, Must know at least one Boost.
Benefits: While raging and not in any stances, double the duration of any Boost with a duration other than "Instantaneous", "Special" or "Until the end of the round" you use. In addition, any Boost with a duration of "Until the end of the round" changes that duration to "Until the end of the next round."

Draconic Wellspring [Draconic]
Your gifts practically fuel themselves.
Prerequisites: Draconic Heritage, any other Draconic feat, Cha 15
Benefits: You may, as a Standard action, perform a Draconic Burst; a Draconic Burst has no effects in and of itself. In addition, you meet any prerequisites that require you to be able to cast spontaneous arcane spells, as long as they don't specify a particular spell-level.
Special: A Draconic Burst is considered to be an Arcane spell of a level equal to your Charisma modifier or half your ECL, whichever is lower, for the purposes of fuelling your Draconic feats.

Draconic Heartfire [Draconic]
Your draconic gifts practically burst out of your skin.
Prerequisites: Draconic Wellspring
Benefits: You may "sacrifice" your Draconic Burst to fuel any of your Draconic feats that require that you spend or give up a spell slot; the level of this virtual slot is calculated as per Draconic Wellspring.
Special: If you use your Draconic Burst this way, you must wait 1d4 rounds before using it again.

Nature's Warrior [General]
Your Wild Cohort is a mighty force for the natural world.
Prerequisites: Wild Cohort, must know at least one Maneuver.
Benefits: You may teach your Wild Cohort Maneuvers as if they were Tricks. This takes a Handle Animal check with a DC equal to the Martial Lore DC to identify the maneuver, and requires that your Wild Cohort meets all prerequisites for the Maneuver in question. They begin each encounter with all of those maneuvers Readied; however, your Wild Cohort will only initiate a maneuver if you push them to do so. It takes one week to train the animal to use a particular maneuver.
Special: Before you can teach a maneuver to your Wild Cohort, you must either know the maneuver in question or have a helper who knows the maneuver.

Bottomless Pockets [General]
You have deep pockets. Or magic pants. One of the two.
Prerequisites: Sleight-of-Hand 8 ranks, Dex 17
Benefits: You may treat any object, up to a maximum size two categories below your own, as if it were coin sized for the purposes of the Sleight of Hand skill.

Glorious Fist of Ki [Fighter]
Your strikes set your opponents alight.
Prerequisites: Stunning Fist, Wis 13
Benefits: Victims of successful stunning attempts immediate catch fire (http://dndsrd.net/wildernessAndEnvironment.html#catching-on-fire); even if they successfully made their save against the stunning attempt, they must make a DC 15 Reflex save or burst into flames.

Eyeless [Aberrant]
Prerequisites: Inhuman Vision, Blind-Fight
Benefits: You are permanently Blinded; however, you may apply your bonuses to Spot checks from Inhuman Vision to your Listen checks, and may make a Listen check in place of any Spot check you would have to make. You do not lose your Dexterity bonus to AC due to being unable to see.

You have learned to rock so hard that you can invoke the almighty TERROR SQUID, a craft unlike any this world has ever seen.
Prerequisites: Bardic Music, Perform (Any) 30 ranks, Must be able to rock the heck out.
Benefits: You may spend one use of Bardic Music and spend one minute playing a kickass solo to summon forth the Terror Squid; treat this as if you had cast Doom of the Seas with a CL equal to your ranks in the Perform skill used to qualify for this feat, with the following modifications:

The effect's duration is minutes/level (D).
The Kraken (henceforth referred to as the Terror Squid) is advanced to a number of HD equal to your CL for the effect.
Apply the Elder Eidolon Template to the Terror Squid, as well as the Mecha subtype. (http://www.minmaxboards.com/index.php?topic=6817.0)
The Terror Squid has nonabilities for all Mental ability scores, and is considered to have a Constitution of 30 for the purposes of piloting it.

In addition, for the purposes of the Terror Squid alone, you may gain Mecha Piloting and Advanced Mecha Piloting as bonus feats, regardless of whether or not you meet the prerequisites.

Team Player [General]
You work well with others. Extremely well.
Prerequisites: Character level 3rd
Benefits: You are considered to be two people for the purposes of calculating the benefits of Teamwork benefits and Companion Spirits.

Brutal Smash [Fighter]
You can apply brutal amounts of force when fighting with random objects that were just lying around.
Prerequisites: BAB +1, Str 13
Benefits: You gain proficiency in Improvised Weapons, and treat them all as if they were one specific kind of Exotic weapon for the purposes of other abilities and effects (for example, you could take Weapon Focus (Improvised Weapons)). In addition, each time you pick up a new Improvised Weapon, you may choose for it to either have a 19-20/x2 crit range or a 20/x3 crit range.

Contagious Rage [General]
It's not rage, it's a riot!
Prerequisites: Cha 13, Reckless Rage
Benefits: While you are Raging, you may forgo the normal benefits of Reckless Rage to instead grant them to another creature for 3 + your Charisma modifier rounds. That creature is subject to all the restrictions of Rage for this period.

Fate Not Luck [Luck]
You stopped being lucky years ago; Fate got in the way.
Prerequisites: Any two Luck feats.
Benefits: Whenever you may reroll a roll due to a Luck feat, you may instead Take 10 with the roll. You may use this ability to Take 10 on rolls that you normally couldn't, such as attack rolls or saves.
Special: You gain an additional daily luck reroll.

Mountain Magic [General]
Your magic is powered by altitude.
Benefits: As long as you are currently in the low peak or high pass altitude bands, add a +1 circumstance bonus to your caster level; if you are currently in the high peak altitude band, add a +2 circumstance bonus to your caster level.

Born to Be Wild [General]
You were born to be wild!
Prerequisites: Wis 13, Must be taken at 1st level
Benefit: You gain 1 Wild Charge, plus an additional Wild Charge for every 4 hit dice you have. You may spend a Wild Charge to fuel [Wild] feats as if you had spent a use of Wild Shape, and you may spend Wild Charges to fuel Animal Devotion as if they were Turn Undead uses. You recover any spent Wild Charges each day at the precise moment 33 minutes after 3 PM.
Special: This feat counts as the ability to Wild Shape for the purposes of [Wild] feats.

Sharp-Dressed Man [Fighter]
They come a runnin' as fast as they can, 'cause every girl's crazy about a. Sharp. Dressed. Man.
Prerequisites: Must be male.
Benefits: As long as you are dressed in an outfit consisting entirely of masterwork clothing, you gain the Rival Organization (http://archive.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/we/20070228a) ability with "female demihumans" as the organization in question. Demihumans are classified as creatures that either are Humanoids, Monstrous Humanoids, or are capable of taking a Humanoid shape.

Love from Affection [General]
All my friends appreciate art.
Prerequisites: Seduction, Silver Tongue
Benefits: After a successful Bluff check to Seduce to Learn Secrets, the creature you seduced is considered to have their attitude improved to Helpful through the use of Diplomacy until they next sleep (or for the next 8 hours, whichever comes first), at which point their attitude defaults to Indifferent or their previous attitude, whichever is better.

Ears of the Damned [General]
You can hear ghosts. You wish you couldn't.
Prerequisites: Tomb-Tainted Soul
Benefits: You may hear Incorporeal and Ethereal creatures as if they were using Move Silently with a result of 40; reduce this DC to 30 if the creature in question is currently moving.

Soul-Factory Artifice [Incarnum]
You can produce a vast quantity of soulmelds to equip your friends and allies with.
Prerequisites: Soulcrafting, Chakraic Panoply, Character Level 9, Wis 13
Benefits: Whenever you create a Soulmeld Item, you may instead create up to (Wis mod + 1) copies of that Soulmeld item; each copy is fully distinct and it entirely unaffected by anything that happens to the other copies. These copies cannot have Essentia invested into them, but can still be bound to Chakras.
Special: You gain 1 essentia.

Champion of Mars [Fighter]
You are force to be reckoned with on a battlefield.
Prerequisites: Fighter level 4th, Martial Study, Martial Stance
Benefits: You learn an additional Maneuver from the same Discipline as the Maneuver you learned from Martial Study; if you have multiple copies of Martial Study, or later take Martial Study an additional time, you gain this benefit for each additional copy of Martial Study. Your IL for the purpose of learning additional Maneuvers through this feat is halved.

In addition, the first time your hit points drop below half of your maximum in an encounter, you immediately recover any Maneuvers you learned through Martial Study or this feat.
Special: This feat may be taken a second time; this second copy of the feat replaces the "Benefits" section with the "Benefits" section from the Martial Study feat, and is considered to be a copy of Martial Study for the purposes of the first time you took this feat.

Corpse-Lily Channeling [Incarnum]
You can channel the energy of things that grow off rot and decay.
Prerequisites: Soul of the Forest, Necrocarnum Acolyte
Benefits: You gain a unique Chakra, referred to as the Corpse-Lily Chakra; you may bind any of your Green Man Soulmelds to the Corpse-Lily Chakra. Soulmelds bound to this unique chakra gain the Necrocarnum and Evil subtypes, and the Soulmeld appears to be rotting or otherwise deathly. The Spellcraft check to determine the Soulmeld bound to the Corpse-Lily Chakra takes a -5 penalty.
Special: Upon taking this feat, add 1 Essentia to your Essentia Pool.

Beastlands Summons [General]
You can summon forth the platonic representations of animals from the Beastlands.
Prerequisites: Ability to cast Summon Nature's Ally, Augmented Summoning, any Good alignment
Benefit: Whenever you use Summon Nature's Ally to summon an animal, you may choose to change its type to Outsider with the [Good] subtype. Creatures summoned this way gain a +2 bonus to their NA and Intelligence, and are considered to be native to the Beastlands.

Shield-Tail Method [Monstrous]
You have specialized in using your tail as a shield, rather than as a weapon.
Prerequisite: Must have a Tail Slap natural attack.
Benefits: In any round in which you have not used your Tail Slap as a natural weapon, you may instead use it to gain a +3 Shield bonus to your AC. You regain this bonus at the beginning of each round, and lose it upon making an attack with your Tail Slap.

Riotous Dancer [Fighter]
You dance like a maniac.
Prerequisites: Combat Dancing, Spring Attack
Benefits: Whenever you use your Spring Attack feat, you may make two attacks at your highest BAB; if you do so, you take a -2 penalty on all attacks you make this round. You must move at least 5' before, between, and after attacks made as part of your Spring Attack.

Floors-Are-Walls Understanding [Fighter]
You recognize that a floor is pretty much just a horizontal wall.
Prerequisites: Dungeoncrasher, Improved Overrun
Benefits: Whenever you Overrun a creature, you deal damage as if you had Bull-Rushed them into a wall.

2014-08-28, 03:31 PM
Reserved for even more feats.

2014-08-28, 04:38 PM
Last reserved post. I swear.

You may begin posting compliments, insults, and death threats right... about... NOW!

2014-08-28, 07:44 PM
I've added Beastlands Summons.

2014-08-28, 08:03 PM
A lot of these are very nice. I like the necrotic cyst stuff a fair bit. (It seems somewhat similar in some ways to some of what I did here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?244293-The-Creeping-Tendrils-of-Undeath-(3-5-PEACH)) (that also includes some other links to other cyst related stuff people have done). It may make sense to use the [necrotic] subtype that I used there.

Expert's tools is interesting but I worry if it could make skill monkeys have yet another way of bumping up skills a lot. On the other hand, maybe using it with something that gave a boost to truenamers wouldn't be so bad. And it is worth a whole feat so it seems balanced overall.

Blood Mage- interesting but why lose the points at noon? Is that for a thematic/flavor reason? Seems like extra bookeeping where it would be easier to just make one lose them when one refreshes spells.

Right after Blood Mage you have a bit about Primitive Caster that looks like a copy and paste error?

No One's Statistic is neat and flavorful. Maybe there should be a followup feat that increases the bonus and also makes it so that you don't fail those sorts of saves on natural 1s?

I'm a little confused by the Bind Vestige feat line-are they intended as a deliberate replacement for the versions of those feats in Tome of Magic? Your version is better than that one due to its lack of ad hoc decisions about what one gets from each vestige (which makes figuring out how level 1 vestiges from our sources interact with that feat a bit of a headache). If the intention is to make a mechanically better version of those feats maybe note it explicitly?

I'm not sure that Appreciating the Master's Work is balanced- any fighter after about level 6 is going to almost always be using masterwork weapons pretty much all the time, so this essentially amounts to "can never be disarmed" in almost all contexts. That seems too strong, maybe instead some bonus to prevent disarming that somehow grows as a fraction of their BAB? Or a fixed bonus?

Fireworks Display- is a little weak for a single feat. It should probably also give you some other weak benefit.

Symbiont Adaptation- should this feat have the [aberrant] descriptor? Also, consider maybe a followup feat that reduces the damage by 1 point (which may reduce it to zero for some)?

I really like the Euphoric line of feats. Gives a lot more options to Wilders and seem as a whole well-balanced. A few quibbles:

Euphoric Worship- while I understand that the name is because the discipline has the word "goddess" in the name, it sounds more like one that would interact with divine magic. Consider a name change? Strongly recommend that you also link to the Sleeping Goddess discipline so someone reading this knows what you are using.

Laughing Clarity- I'm not sure why this is named this when keeping with the general naming scheme it would "Euphoric Clarity". Also, I'd be more explicit about what it does. I would tweak the wording: "As long as you are under the effects of Surging Euphoria, you are considered to be psionically focused for all purposes that give you a benefit from having Psionic Focus;this doesn't prevent you from gaining an actual Psionic Focus, or allow you to expend a Psionic Focus you do not actually have."

Psychic Leech - I would say explicitly that this overrides the inability to get psionic feats from Psionic Hole. Also is this intended just for feats? If so, I would be clear that one cannot then go and take psionic class levels even with this.

Procipian Blessing- How does this feat work if one actually has the Exorcism domain? Also, what does that word mean? Dictionary.com is not being helpful and neither is a Google search.

The spoiler about tea ceremonies seems out of context. Is it supposed to be after Venomous Lyrics?

Black Hole Bird- this feat is awesome. No really input. Just wanted to note that.

Tomb-Born Eyes - another awesome one.

The King is Here is very strange. I'm not sure completely what to make of it, or how it could plausibly be fluffed that gather information checks would always do that.

Draconic Wellspring - I'm not sure I understand what this feat is supposed to do. Could you expand/explain?

Fate Not Luck - this should probably specify that you taking 10 this way still requires expanding the luck rolls as usual.

Sharp-Dressed Man- I would specify that this only applies to members of the gender in question who have the relevant orientation, and maybe make a reversed version for the gender's swapped.

Corpse-Lily Channeling - this is really neat. Should probably include a link to Green Man so people know what one is referring to.

2014-08-28, 08:35 PM
Part of the reason some of these seem randomly put together is that a lot of them were one-a-post on MMX. Anyway:

The Bind Vestige feats are a replacement of the originals. The note on Primitive Caster is meant to be slapped on the end of that feat; kinda like a feat-specific houserule.

As for Procipian blessing, that was part of a set of feats I made on my birthday. Which is the Saint's Day of St. Procopius of Scythopolis (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Procopius_of_Scythopolis). And Procopian doesn't sound as good.

The King is Here... well...

"Who is Thoon?"

I'll address the others over time. When I have time. Packing for school wooh!

Milo v3
2014-08-29, 12:48 AM
I really like some of these... Though I was sure there already was a Bind Vestige feat.

2014-08-29, 01:11 AM
Which ones in particular? I'd like to know what I'm doing right, so I can keep doing it.

2014-08-29, 08:07 AM
Very interesting material you got there! I was following your thread at MinMax, but I'm glad you added it here, since I can now reply. :smallbiggrin:

This is a very interesting challenge also, but how about we up the challenge a bit?
You said you take requests/suggestions...so how about coming up with some Fighter exclusive feats that aren't a let down? I know it's been done to oblivion, but I like that you have a different take on things, so you might come up with something pretty cool.

Brew on!


P.S. Will add, later on, my impressions on some feats I really liked.

EDIT: Oh, and subscribed! Almost forgot to do that...

2014-08-29, 10:50 PM
Added three feats (Shield-Tail Method, Riotous Dancer, and Floors-as-Wall Understanding).

2014-09-05, 08:55 AM
Floors-Are-Walls Understanding [Fighter]
You recognize that a floor is pretty much just a horizontal wall.
Prerequisites: Dungeoncrasher, Improved Overrun
Benefits: Whenever you Overrun a creature, you deal damage as if you had Bull-Rushed them into a wall.

You just made all the Dungeoncrasher builds ever created even more powerfull, specially if playing an enlarged minotaur or ther Large race...I applaud this!