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2007-03-08, 11:38 AM
Did anyone ever actually play this game? Or does everyone just know it because of the awful japanese/english translation and the videos that have been posted on the internet?

"All your base are belong to us!"

Woot Spitum
2007-03-08, 11:43 AM
Never played it. I think the bad translation only showed up in the European copies of the game, but I could be wrong.

That Lanky Bugger
2007-03-08, 12:12 PM
I've played it. Translation issues aside, it's just an average shooter. If you've played any of the R-Type games you'll be perfectly at home with it.

Though I'm wondering how long it's going to take Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft to realize they can release the European version (with the AYBABTU Engrish introduction) for boatloads of cash. Any bets on who'll snag the license for XBox Arcade/Virtual Console/(Whatever Sony's calling their thing)?

2007-03-08, 12:33 PM
"Somebody set us up the bomb!"

Nope, never got to play it. It is a cult classic because of the translations. I think it was voted worst game translation ever. I would think it should get the nomination for worst media translation ever too.

2007-03-08, 06:28 PM
Ahhh, it is quite pathetic that I know it by heart...

"What happen?"
"Somebody set us up the bomb"
"We get signal"
"Main screen turn on"
"How are you gentlemen"
"All your base are belong to us"
"What you say?"
"You have no chance to survive make your time"
"Take off every ZIG"
"You know what you doing?"
"Move, ZIG"
"For great justice"

Yeah... last week a student at my school just wrote that whole thing over the chalkboard in a class we were having a meeting in...