View Full Version : Map maker?

2007-03-08, 11:59 AM
So, I need some simple map making program. I had a free one a while ago but I donít remember whatís it called. I need it to map the interior of a large castle, and I would prefer some neat digital over my rough drawings. Any suggestions?

2007-03-08, 12:03 PM
It's expensive, but Campaign Cartographer is good.

2007-03-08, 12:49 PM
After a long time spent looking for a good mapping tool, I realised that an art program like Inkscape is sufficient. It doesn't have any special map-related tools, but I find it capable enough, as well as being free.

2007-03-08, 12:53 PM
I've got a program called AutoREALM that's pretty nifty for mapping. Basically, it's just a drawing program but with a library of map symbols and a tool for fractal lines that make for good coasts and rivers. Free, to boot.

2007-03-08, 12:56 PM
MapTool (http://rptools.net/doku.php?id=maptool:intro) is rather cool for online play. If you have GIMP or Photoshop available, you could use this guide here: http://forums.rpghost.com/showthread.php?t=42788

2007-03-08, 12:58 PM
Just checked out the Autorealm site and plan on downloading it as soon as I get home. thanks Atti.