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2014-08-31, 04:31 PM

Skilled necromancers as the mysterious energies of the icy wastes of No'r once worked in junction to spawn a soldier that was as relentless as the chilling winds of the frozen peaks. Whether the frozen creature was merely a commoner or it was a powerful dragon, the chill which now animates these minions makes them stronger than normal undead, but leaves them with key weaknesses, limiting the ability of necromancers to controlling large territories of tundra.

Any spellcaster of at least 5th level can apply the Tundra-Animated template to an undead creature as long as they have the Craft Wondrous Items feat and use special materials costing 100gp/HD of the base creature.

Creating a Tundra-Animated
"Tundra-Animated" is a template that can be applied to any undead creature.

Size and Type
The creature’s size and type remain the same as the original creature.

Hit Dice
Increase the base creature's Hit Dice by 1. If it under control of another creature at the time this template is applied, recalculate the control pool to include the new Hit Dice.

If the base creature could fly, it no longer has a fly speed. In addition, the creature gains a Burrow speed through ice and snow of 10 ft. It leaves a tunnel large enough for a creature of equal size or smaller to travel though behind. This tunnel starts to freeze behind the creature, and the tunnel closes up 1 minute/HD later.

Armor Class
The base creature gains a +4 Enchantment bonus to AC when the temperature within 10 ft. is below 0, or if it is walking on snow or ice.

Base Attack
The creature's Base Attack remains the same.

The Tundra-Animated retains all of its natural attacks and the weapon proficiencies of the base creature.

Special Qualities
The Tundra-Animated retains all special qualities of the base creature except Fire Resistance or Fire Immunity.

Frost-Growth (Ex)- The Tundra-Animated heal 1 hp of damage per minute. In addition, if the temperature of the area within 10 ft. of the Tundra-Animated is below 0, they are not destroyed when they reach 0 hp, but instead merely become unable to act until their hp becomes positive again. If the Tundra-Animated is dealt fire damage while at 0 hp, it has a 10% chance of being destroyed per point of damage received.

Cold Immunity- The Tundra-Animated takes no damage from cold effects. Tundra-Animated take double damage from fire effects.

Same as base creature.

The Tundra-Animated gains a +2 Enchantment bonus to Str.

The Tundra-Animated gains Improved Natural Attack for one of their natural attacks.

As base creature
Level Adjustment