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2007-03-08, 07:51 PM
Just wondering if there's anyone else out there who playes this CCG? I started playing it just after christmas when one of my friends gave another of my friends a pre-con Arcanist deck and a pre-con banker deck for christmas. I went out and bought myself a Warlords deck and a couple of tourney packs and built myself a dragon deck. It's a game that's rapidly gaining popularity in my local gaming society due to being more interesting than Magic and less complicated than Legend of the 5 Rings.

For those of you who don't know it, "The Spoils" is a relatively new CCG, which came out at the end of November 2006. It's similar to magic in gameplay but much more versatile in what you can do. It's also aimed at a slightly more mature audience so there's much more depicted on the cards than in Other CCGs. One very interesting thing to note about it is that it's very much aimed at gamers, and makes no effort to hide it. The cards mostly have a humorous bent to them and usually the more serious the card, the more entertaining the artwork or flavour text will be.

The game is centered around five "trades", similar to the colours in magic, and each of which has their own specific way of getting things done along with their own resources. Arcanists, for example, tend to bounce cards back to the owners hands with cards like Quotidian Assassination (http://www.metatime.net/athena/1st/Quotidian%20Assassination.jpg) and fiddle around with depleting characters to use cards such as the 12 Man Brunch of Doom (http://www.metatime.net/athena/1st/12%20Man%20Brunch%20of%20Doom.jpg) before sweeping in with difficult to block cards like the Kinky Asp (http://www.metatime.net/athena/1st2/Kinky%20Asp.jpg)

Bankers, on the other hand, make and lose "influence", the life points of the game with cards such as Concealed Goon (http://www.metatime.net/athena/1st/Concealed%20Goon.jpg) and Gold Summit (http://www.metatime.net/athena/1st/Gold%20Summit.jpg). Like the Arcanists they tend to play a fairly control heavy game.

Gearsmiths use a large amount of items such as the Hidden Sandwich (http://www.metatime.net/athena/1st/Hidden%20Sandwich.jpg) and Jaque's Trap (http://www.metatime.net/athena/1st/Jacque%27s%20Trap.jpg) (Yes, their is alot of rather childish humour in this game. I haven't begun to mention cards like the infatuated sofa for example). They also have a large number of 31f characters which do various interesting things. Oh, and they have Majigs (http://www.metatime.net/athena/1st2/Schproingmajig.jpg). Lots (http://www.metatime.net/athena/1st/Scavengemajig.jpg) and (http://www.metatime.net/athena/1st/Micromajig%20Avalanche.jpg) lots (http://www.metatime.net/athena/1st2/Micromajig%20Shipping%20Container.jpg) and (http://www.metatime.net/athena/1st/Gigamajig.jpg) lots (http://www.metatime.net/athena/1st2/Guardforce%20Morphmajig.jpg) of (http://www.metatime.net/athena/1st2/Horsemajig%20of%20the%20Apocalypse%20-%20Death.jpg) majigs (http://www.metatime.net/athena/1st/Towering%20Researchmajig.jpg).

Meanwhile Rogues steal (http://www.metatime.net/athena/1st/Forced%20Recruitment.jpg) stuff. Lots of stuff (http://www.metatime.net/athena/1st/Grand%20Theft%20All.jpg) To aid them in these endevours they also have cards which allow them to force their opponants to discard cards from their libraries. Cards like Defenestrate (http://www.metatime.net/athena/1st/Defenestrate.jpg) and Tremor Engine (http://www.metatime.net/athena/1st/Tremor%20Engine.jpg).

Finally, Warlords hit things. Preferably with big hammers (http://www.metatime.net/athena/1st2/Dethmurderbludgeon,%20the%20Craghammer.jpg). Then they hit them again. And keep hitting them until they stop moving. They also have (http://www.metatime.net/athena/1st/Bladefist%20Doomwing.jpg) dragons (http://www.metatime.net/athena/1st2/Wyrmfang%20Deathskull.jpg).

To find out more about the game, see their website here (http://www.thespoils.com/spoils/view.php?pg=home) or their wiki entry here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Spoils)