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2014-09-04, 02:00 AM
I already posted an interest check in this forum about 'classtrips'. Basically, the idea was that all classes deserved to have some interesting out-of-combat abilities, instead of being forced to use only skills and rituals.

I hope to make classtrips for all classes eventually, though those who already have abilities to use outside of combat (like wizards) won't be the first to get them.

And without further ado, on to the rules!

At 1st level, everyone gains two classtrips of his choice from his classes list. At 11th level and 21st level, another classtrip is gained.

A multiclass character can choose to gain a classtrip from the list of the class he multiclassed into when gaining a new one. However, he can never have more than one classtrip belonging to a class he multiclassed into.


A hybrid character gains a single classtrip of both of his hybrid classes at 1st level, then a classtrip of one of his classes of his choice at 11th level, and a classtrip of his other hybrid class at 11th level at 21st level.


You can retrain classtrips when you gain a level. However, you can't have more than one classtrip from classes you multiclassed into, and you can never have more than one more classtrip from one of your hybrid classes than from the other.


Classtrips are meant to be used out of combat. While it is not impossible to use them while in a fight, this generally is difficult and requires much concentration.

A DM should think of when to allow using classtrips in combat. Suggestions include making in-combat use cost a healing surge, forcing the player to make an endurance/religion/arcana/nature check against a hard DC, or restricting in-combat use to once a day.

Also, if someone comes up with a better name than 'classtrips', I'll give him a free cookie and the right to say the word 'Grubsmorkeriffic' for the next 1d8 months.

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Reserved for martial classes.

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Reserved for divine classes.

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Reserved for arcane classes.

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Primal classes.

Man, do I hate the 'can't post more than once per minute rule of this forum.

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Reserving a post: Now with PSIONICS!

In purple text, because psionics are purple. Don't you know that?

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*Readies flame shield*

Reserved for *gulp* shadow classes. :smalleek:

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