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2007-03-08, 10:07 PM
Allright. I'm not so good at making things for campaigns, as when it comes to PnP, I'm still kind of new. I would appreciate any assistance in this matter.

In Forgotten Realms, there are Initiate feats. If you are a cleric or druid of certain gods, you can take a feat that gives you access to deity-exclusive spells, and gives you a benefit that corresponds with your deities portfolio; ex. Malar's is +4 STR, +4 CON on any creatures summoned by Summon Nature's Ally or Summon Monster, Cyricists gain Immunity to normal and magical fear, etc.

I came here to ask of anyone had advice on what this feat should be like, if anyone has possibly done this, and if anyone has any homebrewed poison/disease spells that could be utilized for the deity's custom spells. If this isn't the right spot to ask for help putting something together, can an admin please move it? I don't wish to be a pain! ^^;

My DM suggested this benefit below, but preffered that I get advice from you guys -- so, here it is!

Initiate of Talona
Prerequisites: Cleric or Druid level 3, Patron deity Talona.
Benefits: The DC for saves against any poison or disease inflicted by you or your animal companion are increased by +4.

In addition, you may add the following spells to your druid or cleric spell list: