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Hit Dice: D10
Skill Points per level: 6 + Intelligence Modifier
Proficiencies: As per Paladin
Skill List: Appraise, Balance, Bluff, Climb, Concentration, Craft, Diplomacy, Escape Artist, Handle Animal, Jump, Knowledge (History), Knowledge (Religion) Knowledge (Local), Listen, Profession, Ride, Search, Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand, Spot, Swim, and Tumble.












Weapon Focus; Sublime Resolve; Sublime Blade; The Tithe






Judgement Blade; Shield Specialization; Evasion






Shadowblade; Mettle; Shield Ward






Shellbust Stab; Weapon Specialization; Heavy Armour Optimization






Ego Death (Endure Elements); Sublime Fortitude; Investment (Sword)






Cleansing Strike; Improved Evasion; Sublime Reflexes






Duskblade; Improved Mettle; Sublime Will






Hellcry Punch; Greater Weapon Focus; Investment (Armour)






Ego Death (Sustenance); Melee Weapon Mastery; Greater Heavy Armour Optimization






Northswain’s Strike; Improved Critical; Investment (Shield)






Crushing Blow; Shatter Fortification; Sunder War Machine






Blaststar Punch; Greater Weapon Specialization; Aura of Resolve






Ego Death (Greater Sustenance); Armour Specialization; Sublime Pursuit






Hallowed Bolt; Sublime Reaction; Ego Death (Touchsight)






Abyssal Blade; Portable Armoury; Ego Death (True Seeing)






Icewolf Bite; Accumulate; Ego Death (Favour of the Martyr)






Divine Ruination; Ego Death (Displacement; Death Ward)






Unholy Sacrifice; Weapon Supremacy; Ego Death (Mind Blank)






Ego Death (Freedom of Movement; Delay Death, Haste)






Heretic Sword; Ego Death (Beastland Ferocity); Enlightenment

Weapon Focus: At first level, the Sword Saint gains 'Weapon Focus' with the Bastard Sword.


Sublime Resolve (Su): A Sword Saint is immune to all Charm or Compulsion effects with a caster level equal to, or lower than their level +3.

Sublime Blade (Su): After eight hours of meditation with a weapon (Considered to be the resting period for a Sword Saint) The Sword Saint may choose to apply their Charisma modifier instead of their Strength modifier for to hit, and damage. This bonus is static, and even if wielding a weapon in two hands, the Sword Saint does not gain a 1.5 bonus to damage should they be using this ability. When this effect is active, the Sword Saint's weapon is bathed in a coloured fire of their choice (Chosen at the time of activation.) This has no effect other than to look quite beautiful, and to shed light like a torch.

The Tithe: This is a strange, and unknown effect that is inflicted upon all Sword Saints. Money disappears from their person. The Sword Saint loses 40% of all wealth gained, magically taken from him by some force in the universe. No force in the universe can free a Sword Saint of this effect.

Sword Art Formula: Sword Arts function as if they were Melee attacks made at range. A target is selected within the range of the technique, and the Sword Saint then makes a Melee attack against their AC. If they are hit, they take damage equal to the Sword Saint’s Melee damage + Xd6. In the case of a technique which can hit multiple targets, the attack roll is used for all of them, and if they have higher AC, they are treated as having dodged the attack. Certain abilities will have extra effects, and will be described in the heading itself. In the case of a critical hit, the Sword Art does not do damage according to the multiplier, but instead does maximum normal damage.

Triggering a Sword Art is a full round action, and they can only be used with a Knight (Bastard) Sword

All Sword Arts are Supernatural abilities, and thusly do not function if the Sword Saint, or the Target is inside of an Anti-Magic Field. Furthermore, there is a vocalization that must be shouted when using a Sword Art, so silencing a Sword Saint, or otherwise rendering him unable to breathe stops the effect. A gag will not do so however, as it does not need to be heard, just incanted.

The DC of any saves provoked by the Sword Art is equal to (10 + [X/2] + Y). In the case of a Critical Hit, these numbers are doubled. (20 + X + 2Y) Unless specified otherwise in the heading, they last for a number of rounds equal to Y. A Sword Saint can not be affected by their own Sword Arts unless it is specified within the ability itself.

X is the level of the Sword Saint

Y is the Sword Saint’s Charisma modifier

Judgement Blade (Su): The first, and most basic sword art, this ability draws on the will of the universe, and both the radiant light of the heavens, as well as the chill of the void, to smite the enemy with Celestial Ice. It has an effective range of 20 feet, and effects not only the target, but all adjacent creatures. In addition, all creatures hit with Judgement Blade must make a Will save, or be affected by Temporal Stasis. Damage done by Judgement Blade is Cold Damage.

“Life is short... Bury! JUDGEMENT BLADE!”

http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/temporalStasis.htm (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/temporalStasis.htm)

Shield Specialization: Sword Saint's count as having the Shield Specialization feat, even if they do not meet the prequisites, and further more may treat whatever shield they are holding as being the shield designated by the feat.

http://dndtools.eu/feats/players-handbook-ii--80/shield-specialization--2594/ (http://dndtools.eu/feats/players-handbook-ii--80/shield-specialization--2594/)

Evasion (Ex): When a Sword Saint makes a successful reflex save against something which would have a partial effect on a successful save, they instead takes no effect.

Shadowblade (Su): A basic sword art, drawing on the powers of Night, Blood, and Hunger, this sword technique is single target, with an effective range of 30 feet, and heals the Sword Saint for an amount equal to damage done. This is a negative energy effect.

“Master of all Swords... Cut Energy! SHADOWBLADE!”

Mettle (Ex): When a Sword Saint makes a successful Fortitude or Will save, against something which would have a partial effect on a successful save, they instead takes no effect.

Shield Ward: The Sword Saint is treated as having the Shield Ward feat, even if they do not qualify. Furthermore, this feat applies to any shield that the Sword Saint is carrying.

http://dndtools.eu/feats/players-handbook-ii--80/shield-ward--2596/ (http://dndtools.eu/feats/players-handbook-ii--80/shield-ward--2596/)

Shellbust Stab (Su): A basic sword art, this draws upon wrathful spirits of the world, and targets armour. The target must make a reflex save, or they are treated as not wearing any Armour for the rest of the combat, as well as having any magical effects on their armour suppressed for the remainder of the encounter. This is not a permanent dispel, nor sunder, but only a temporary displacement effect. This attack does Acid Damage.

“Armour does not keep the heart sharp! SHELLBUST STAB!”

Weapon Specialization: The Sword Saint is treated as having the Weapon Specialization feat applied to their use of Bastard Swords, even though they do not qualify.

http://dndtools.eu/feats/players-handbook-v35--6/weapon-specialization--3124/ (http://dndtools.eu/feats/players-handbook-v35--6/weapon-specialization--3124/)

Heavy Armour Optimization: The Sword Saint is treated as having the Heavy Armour Optimization feat, even if they do not qualify, and further more, treats whatever Heavy Armour they are wearing, as being the armour that the feat is taken for.

http://dndtools.eu/feats/races-of-stone--82/heavy-armor-optimization--1366/ (http://dndtools.eu/feats/races-of-stone--82/heavy-armor-optimization--1366/)

Ego Death (Endure Elements) (Su): The beginning of the elimination of the division between Self and Universe has begun in the Sword Saint. The thrumming pulse of the will of the Universe, a harmonious symphony plays in the mind, soul, and body of the Sword Saint, granting him a constant Endure Elements effect.

http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/endureElements.htm (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/endureElements.htm)

Sublime Fortitude (Su): The Sword Saint may choose to use their Charisma or their Constitution to determine their ability modifier for Fortitude saves, Constitution based skills, and any other effects based on Constitution, except for Hit Points.

Investment (Sword) (Su): The Sword Saint’s attunement and investment to his sword has become supernatural. Over the course of a night’s meditation, the Sword Saint will absorb his sword into his body. This can only occur with a non-magical, masterwork weapon. Once the Sword has been absorbed, the Sword Saint is able to summon a blade formed of pure coloured light like that of his Sublime Blade ability. As this sword is formed of pure energy, it functions like a ‘Ghost Touch’ Weapon, with an Enhancement Modifier equal to that of the Sword Saint’s Charisma modifier, or level, whichever is lower. Once this ability is gained, all of the Sword Saint’s Sword Arts are also treated as having Ghost Touch. Finally, the Sword Saint gains the Quick Draw feat.

Cleansing Strike (Su): A second tier sword art, drawing upon the lost divinity of the Fallen One, this is a single target ability, with a range of twenty feet. Should the target be struck, they must succeed on a Will save, or be Fatigued. In the case of a Critical Hit on the attack, or a Critical Failure on the save, they are instead Exhausted.

Should the target be hit with a critical Cleansing Strike, AND roll a Critical Failure on their Will save, they instead are afflicted with 'Doom'. Doom is a five round count down (30 seconds) before the target takes non-lethal damage equal to their Max HP +10, rendering them unconcious. This is pure Divine Energy, and thusly not subject to damage resistance or other forms of abatement.

“The Devil's spirit of restlessness... CLEANSING STRIKE!”

Improved Evasion (Ex): a Sword Saint’s evasion ability improves. They still take no damage on a successful Reflex saving throw against attacks, but henceforth they take only half damage on a failed save. A helpless Sword Saint does not gain the benefit of improved evasion.

Sublime Reflexes (Su): The Sword Saint may choose to use their Charisma or their Dexterity modifier to determine their ability modifier for Reflex saves, Dexterity based skill checks, and any other effects based on Dexterity, including Armour Class, but excluding Initiative.

Duskblade (Su): The Sword Saint draws upon the forces of Hatred, Shadow, and Death, unleashing a seed of pure negative energy on his enemy. Should they be struck by the Duskblade, they must make a Fortitude save, or suffer Spell Failure equal to (Y x 5%). Range is Fifteen feet.

“Dead or alive… Slash magic power! DUSKBLADE!”

Improved Mettle (Ex): At this level, the Sword Saint has improved his resistance to assaults on his Fortitude and Will. Should he fail either of those saves, he will only take the partial effect normally brought on by succeeding should one lack Mettle.

Sublime Will (Su): The Sword Saint's unity with the universe is a things to be feared. His willpower has been supplemented this time, and he draws wisdom and insight from his force of personality. The Sword Saint may now substitute his Charisma modifier for any instance where his Wisdom would apply, if he so chooses.

Hellcry Punch (Su): A second tier sword art, this one focuses on the weapon of the enemy. The weapon, and it's enhancements will be temporarily dispelled, and rendered useless for the duration of the encounter on a failed reflex save. Range is fifteen feet. Acid Damage.

“Demolish weapons with fury! HELLCRY PUNCH!”

Greater Weapon Focus: The Sword Saint is treated as having the Greater Weapon Focus feat, in regards to Bastard Swords, even though they do not qualify.

http://dndtools.eu/feats/players-handbook-v35--6/greater-weapon-focus--1312/ (http://dndtools.eu/feats/players-handbook-v35--6/greater-weapon-focus--1312/)

Investment (Armour) (Su): Much like the process which the Sword Saint used to absorb his Sword, Non-magical Masterwork armour of the Sword Saint can be absorbed into his body. It gains the benefit of the Weightless, and Ghost Strike enchantments, and an enhancement bonus equal to the Sword Saint's Charisma Modifier or level, whichever is lower. The Sword Saint also gains the benefit of the Endurance feat, and may sleep in that suit of armour without penalty. Furthermore, the Sword Saint may modify the appearance of his armour like it was treated with the Glamour enchantment. He only gains the armour bonus when his armour is summoned out of his body. Unlike with summoning his Sword, the summoning of Armour, or his Shield when he gains that ability, is only a Free action.

A Sword Saint may disinvest a suit of armour from himself over the course of a day's meditation, should he need to do so for any reason.

Ego Death (Sustenance) (Su): The Sword Saint's body has begun to function differently from that of a human. He no longer feels the need to eat, nor drink. Over the course of a week, he begins eating less and less, seemingly disinterested in provisions of any form. Eventually, he stops altogether.

Melee Weapon Mastery: The Sword Saint is treated as having Melee Weapon mastery over slashing weapons, despite not qualifying.

http://dndtools.eu/feats/players-handbook-ii--80/melee-weapon-mastery--1917/ (http://dndtools.eu/feats/players-handbook-ii--80/melee-weapon-mastery--1917/)

Greater Heavy Armour Optimization: The Sword Saint is treated as having the Greater Heavy Armour Optimization feat, even if they do not qualify. Further more, whatever heavy armour is being worn by the Sword Saint is treated as being the armour selected with the Feat.

http://dndtools.eu/feats/races-of-stone--82/greater-heavy-armor-optimization--1277/ (http://dndtools.eu/feats/races-of-stone--82/greater-heavy-armor-optimization--1277/)

Northswain's Strike (Su): A third tier sword art, drawing upon the forces of peaceful death, the north star, and the fires of the end of time, deals fire damage. If the target fails a fortitude save, it is reduced to -1 HP. Range is Fifteen feet.

“The doom of a planet! NORTHSWAIN'S STRIKE!”

Improved Critical: The Sword Saint is treated as having the Improved Critical Feat with the Bastard Sword, even if they do not qualify.

http://dndtools.eu/feats/players-handbook-v35--6/improved-critical--1463/ (http://dndtools.eu/feats/players-handbook-v35--6/improved-critical--1463/)

Investment (Shield) (Su): Much like armour and his sword, the Sword Saint has the ability to draw his shield into himself over the course of a day's meditation. From then on, it gains an enchancement bonus equal to the level of the Sword Saint, or his Charisma modifier, whichever is lower, is effected by the Ghost Strike enchantment, and grants him Fortification equal to his Level x 5%, as well as being able to be summoned from within him. These bonuses only apply when he summons them out of his body.

Crushing Blow (Su): Gravity, Darkness, and Time are invoked with this sword art. The whistling of the sword through the air warbles, and if the target fails a Fortitude save, they are afflicted with the 'Slow' spell. (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/slow.htm)This is negative energy damage. Range is Fifteen feet.

http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/slow.htm (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/slow.htm)

“Bloody Angel’s Rage, lay them low! CRUSHING BLOW!”

Shatter Fortification (Ex): A Sword Saint's attacks deal max damage, and bypass hardness when used against objects that are unattended.

Sunder War Machine (Ex): A Sword Saint's attacks deal max damage, and bypass hardness when used against War Machines, and other forms of artillery.

Blastar Punch (Su): A third tier sword art, this one is again drawing on the powers of Entropy, Acid, and Decay, targeting the Shield of the Sword Saint's enemy. Should it strike, and the target fail a reflex save, their Shield is rendered temporarily useless, and it's enchantments temporarily dispelled. This is an Acid Damage attack. Range is Fifteen feet.

“Curses from all directions! BLASTAR PUNCH!”

Greater Weapon Specialization: The Sword Saint is treated as having the Greater Weapon Specialization feat in regards to Bastard Swords, even though they do not qualify.

http://dndtools.eu/feats/players-handbook-v35--6/greater-weapon-specialization--1313/ (http://dndtools.eu/feats/players-handbook-v35--6/greater-weapon-specialization--1313/)

Aura of Resolve (Su): The Sword Saint casts an aura that gives a bonus to saving throws against compulsion and charm effects equal to his level. It extends to a number of squares radius equal to his charisma modifier.

Ego Death (Greater Sustenance) (Su): Air is another human need that the Sword Saint eventually surpasses. He stops breathing, stops needing to breathe, and can now operate underwater or in a vacuum with no issue, as his tolerance to temperature increases as well. It does not protect him from magical elemental damage however.

Armour Specialization: The Sword Saint is treated as having the Armour Specialization feat, even if they do not qualify, and further more, whatever Medium or Heavy Armour worn by the Sword Saint is treated as having been the armour selected for that feat.

http://dndtools.eu/feats/players-handbook-ii--80/armor-specialization--120/ (http://dndtools.eu/feats/players-handbook-ii--80/armor-specialization--120/)

Sublime Pursuit (Su): The Sword Saint gains their Charisma Modifier x 5 feet as an untyped bonus to their base speed.

Hallowed Bolt (Su): The forces of the heavens, lightning, and silence become involved in this fourth tier Sword Art. It has a range of thirty feet, and an area effect of five feet around the target. All individuals hit must make a will save or suffer a 'Silence' effect. Lightning/Electricity Damage.

http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/silence.htm (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/silence.htm)

“Absorb power in the sky and strike! HALLOWED BOLT!”

Sublime Reaction (Su): The Sword Saint gains their Charisma modifier as an untyped bonus to their initiative.

Ego Death (Touchsight) (Su): The universe extends the sensation of interaction outwards for the Sword Saint, granting him Touchsight out to a range of Y to the second power. (Y*Y) in squares. This can make meditation difficult over the first few days, until such time as the Sword Saint recognizes that all nature has a place in his world now. He must succeed on Y will saves over as many days, or be treated as Fatigued. Once he does however, he sleeps peacefully. This effect CAN NOT be turned off.

http://www.d20srd.org/srd/psionic/powers/touchsight.htm (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/psionic/powers/touchsight.htm)

Abyssal Blade (Su): With a swing, drawing upon the forces of Spite, Evil, and Hatred, there is an explosion of Negative energy around the Sword Saint, creating a blastwave which extends outwards a number of squares equal to Y. This effect deals damage equal to (Y x 10%) of the Sword Saint’s HP. They, and the targets, may both make Fortitude saves to reduce the damage.

“I call upon the darkness of hell! Accept this sacrifice, and drink of my life! ABYSSAL BLADE!”

Portable Armoury (Su): This ability gives the Sword Saint the ability to absorb multiple sets of Masterwork Non-Magical Armour, and Shields, before determining which they would like to wear when they arm themselves. Absorbed armour does not encumber them, nor does it have an appreciable weight.

Ego Death (True Seeing) (Su): The Universe has taken from the Sword Saint the ability to lie to himself, and made it so others may not lie to him either. The Sword Saint gains always on True Seeing, only it extends as far as he can see, not 120 feet.

http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/trueSeeing.htm (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/trueSeeing.htm)

Icewolf Bite (Su): The Fourth Tier Acid power, this one also draws on the powers of Cold and Entropy as well. The Target must make a Reflex save, or all magic items that are not Armour, Shields, or Weapons turn off. Range is Fifteen feet. Half acid, half cold damage.

Accumulate (Su): A Sword Saint can make a DC 15 Concentration check to gain a +8 untyped bonus to their Charisma for one minute as a free action. This check can be made multiple times, though the DC goes up by 10 each time (25, 35, 45, etc) until one minute has passed.

Ego Death (Favour of the Martyr) (Su): Human frailty is almost all taken from the Sword Saint, and thusly he is under a permanent effect of 'Favour of the Martyr.”

http://dndtools.eu/spells/spell-compendium--86/favor-martyr--4479/ (http://dndtools.eu/spells/spell-compendium--86/favor-martyr--4479/)

Divine Ruination (Su): The fifth tier sword art that can only be used by those who have seen past the lies of the universe. There is now no will in heaven, but to crush sentience. As a willing agent of Heaven, the Sword Saint may maintain his. Divine energy damage. Will save, or suffer a confusion effect. This ability has a range that extends twenty five squares in any direction, and the Sword Saint selects one, hitting everyone in that line.


“Heaven’s will to destroy all minds… DIVINE RUINATION!”

Ego Death (Displacement) (Su): Self is an illusion, and so is form. The Sword Saint begins to break apart when threatened with the stress of combat, replicating a Displacement effect until combat ends, and he can pull himself back together.

http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/displacement.htm (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/displacement.htm)

Ego Death (Death Ward) (Su): Life and Death are lies. The Sword Saint now looks past them, having become immune to those things which would snuff him out in a single blow. The Universe protects her chosen agents. The Sword Saint is under a constant Death Ward now.

http://dndtools.eu/spells/players-handbook-v35--6/death-ward--2727/ (http://dndtools.eu/spells/players-handbook-v35--6/death-ward--2727/)

Unholy Sacrifice (Su): Hellfire is the most painful of weapons the Sword Saint can access with this technique. He channels hatred, fire, death, pain, suffering, and all of the things which they draw from. This ability has a radius equal to Y, and no saves can be made to negate the damage. The Sword Saint takes Y Charisma damage whenever he activates this power. Hellfire Damage.

“My soul is prepared. Burn in hell! UNHOLY SACRIFICE!”

Weapon Supremacy: The Sword Saint is treated as having the Weapon Supremacy feat in regards to Bastard Swords, even though they do not qualify.

http://dndtools.eu/feats/players-handbook-ii--80/weapon-supremacy--3125/ (http://dndtools.eu/feats/players-handbook-ii--80/weapon-supremacy--3125/)

Ego Death (Mind Blank) (Su): The mind has slowly become more inured to the misery of the world, and has begun defending itself from all assaults. It is truly free of temptations of fear or pain. The Sword Saint is under constant Mind Blank.

http://dndtools.eu/spells/players-handbook-v35--6/mind-blank--2338/ (http://dndtools.eu/spells/players-handbook-v35--6/mind-blank--2338/)

Ego Death (Haste) (Su): Speed is part of the Sword Saint's existence now. He sees the world in between the breaths of his foes, and exploits them. He is always under the effect of Haste.

http://dndtools.eu/spells/players-handbook-v35--6/haste--2823/ (http://dndtools.eu/spells/players-handbook-v35--6/haste--2823/)

Ego Death (Freedom of Movement) (Su): Restraint, form, and limitation are lies. There is nothing in this world that can stop a Sword Saint from his mission. He is always under a 'Freedom of Movement' effect now.

http://dndtools.eu/spells/players-handbook-v35--6/freedom-of-movement--2322/ (http://dndtools.eu/spells/players-handbook-v35--6/freedom-of-movement--2322/)

Ego Death (Delay Death) (Su): The Universe refuses to allow the Sword Saint release of death. He is always under the effect of Delay Death.

http://dndtools.eu/spells/races-of-destiny--81/delay-death--3048/ (http://dndtools.eu/spells/races-of-destiny--81/delay-death--3048/)

Heretic Sword (Su): The most powerful of the Sword Saint's techniques, this strikes at all magic, and scorns it's existence. Range is Y squares. The enemy must use it's highest save, or be stripped of all magic for the duration of the encounter. No beneficial spells may target it, and it suffers 100% spell failure. It may not use Supernatural, or Spell-like abilities. It may not benefit from potions, wands, or other magical items. Barring an Artifact, it has been rendered completely without magic.

“I see you for what you are. A blind sheep, constrained in the world. Prepare to die. HERETIC SWORD!”

Ego Death (Beastland Ferocity) (Su): Pain and suffering are illusions of this world, and now the Sword Saint can go beyond them. He is always under the effect of Beastland Ferocity.

http://dndtools.eu/spells/spell-compendium--86/beastland-ferocity--3935/ (http://dndtools.eu/spells/spell-compendium--86/beastland-ferocity--3935/)

Enlightenment (Ex): Terminus Est. The Final Doors have opened, and the Sword Saint walks through them willingly. He has become enlightened, and is no longer a man, but a Heavenly Knight.

The Sword Saint's type changes to Outsider, and he gains Fast Healing Y, DR Y/-, and Spell Resistance (HD + Y)

2014-09-05, 10:21 PM
Good Evening folks~ I am a long time lurker who had the unfortunate experience of being struck with a creative urge when asked to make a homebrew class for a friends campaign. All he specified was that he wanted it to be like Orlandu from Final Fantasy Tactics, and... Well... This happened. I was aiming for Tier 2, but I am not sure if I pushed it to far into Tier 1. What is the opinion of the community at large?

2014-09-06, 07:10 PM
Interesting. As a huge fan of FFT, I am happy to see anything from the setting getting some home brew love. That said, my thoughts are going to be penned as a read.

D10 hit dice, 6+Int skill points, full equipment proficiency, full BAB, and all good saves is really heavy handed out the gate. My knee-jerk suggestion would be to, at the very least, drop to 4+Int for skills and make Ref a bad save.

Weapon Focus: Providing Weapon Focus, without Proficiency, could be intentional but almost obligates a feat tax in order to optimize.

Sublime Resolve: Neat concept, but I don't care for the level-dependent immunity as it renders the class feature useless when multi-classing or picking up a prestige class. If anything, I'd make it a flat immunity to charm/compulsion.

Sublime Blade: I find this class feature a little awkward. Given the lack of Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Bastard Sword the weapon in question needs to be wielded in two hands OR a feat tax needs to be paid to hold it in one. With this feature in place, the damage advantage of two handed fighting is erased while the feat-taxed one handed use allows the player to dump Str entirely in order to bulk up Cha.

The Tithe: I don't understand the purpose of this or how it would function. Like the vow of poverty, it'd make sense for the party to simply keep all the assets away from this character rather than suffer an invisible tax on party assets.

Sword Arts: I like the scaling math, and the neat twist on critical hits, but find the Full Round action both horrifically unwieldy and not thematically true to the core material. The verbal component is also an awkward carry over from the core game that I don't care much for.

More when I get back home and can finish reading. So far, I still see potential in the overall concept even if I find some of the mechanical decisions questionable.

2014-09-07, 06:17 AM
Judgement Blade: An alternate version of an 8th level, touch-range CC spell that is a rider on an at-will ranged AOE damage skill? That's slightly more Hoss than a bonus feat at level 2. Given the rider effects on some of the source material, I'd probably rethink the math on the save DCs as a baseline way to offset the potency. Even if I understood the Sword Art section, and the Temporal Stasis effect "only" lasts for Cha/rounds, that's still beast mode battlefield control on top of good spell-tier damage.

Shield Specialization: A flat +1 to one's shield bonus is harmless enough.

Evasion: Isn't something I'd consider thematically appropriate for a heavy-armor-capable class, but that's just me.

Shadowblade: Dealing 1d10+2d6+attribute negative energy damage, and gaining back that much life, as an at-will would effectively mean that all non-undead fights from level 3+ would largely be reduced to a tank and spank.

Mettle: Makes sense.

Shield Ward: Makes sense.

Shellbust Stab: Ref to lose armor bonus to AC for Y rounds might not be as cool as the Tactics version, but it'd be a better conversion.

Weapon Specialization: Not a problem.

Heavy Armour Optimization: Not a problem.

Ego Death (Endure Elements) (Su): Confuses me. If the SS is melding more with the universe, wouldn't this be an EX rather than an SU feature?

Sublime Fortitude (Su): Another feature that I question the SU nature of.

Investment (Sword) (Su): Strange and multifaceted but who's going to argue with having an ethereal +5 Ghost Touch bastard sword at level 5?

Cleansing Strike (Su): As there isn't such a thing as a critical failure, I suspect you mean a nat 1 on a saving throw. This is an interesting spin on the source ability. Am I mistaken in assuming that the duration of the rider effects is Y/rounds?

Improved Evasion (Ex): See Evasion.

Sublime Reflexes (Su): As if the scaling CC and near peerless tanking wasn't enough, now we've delved into the realm of making this at-will nuker a SAD skill monkey with Cha to all things Dex related save for Init.


There are a lot of neat ideas to be found in this class, but the execution could use a fair amount of polish.

Extra Anchovies
2014-09-09, 12:28 AM
I'm definitely in agreement that this class should be 4+int skills at the most, and have Reflex as a poor save. Also, limiting the Sword Arts to Bastard Sword only makes the class rather unappealing; with a rigid list of class features and a strict one-weapon requirement, pretty much every Sword Saint is going to fight in exactly the same way. In addition, I don't think that any one class should grant both Mettle and Evasion, let alone Mettle and Improved Evasion. And Improved Mettle is very, very overpowered, considering most Will and Fortitude saves are "___ Negates" rather than "___ Half". Improved Evasion works because almost every Reflex save-allowing effect is Reflex for half damage rather than Reflex to not die outright.

The damage from the Sword Arts also feels a little too strong; maybe change it to somewhere between 1/2 Sword Saint level and 3/4 Sword Saint level, and bump the Arts down to requiring a standard action? Otherwise, between full attacks and full-round sword arts, the Sword Saint is a stationary turret like no other.

Ego Death (Favor of the Martyr) is too strong. Continuous immunity to a laundry list of conditions (without shenanigans) is too much, IMO. And then there's Ego Death (Delay Death). Well then. I know it's 19th level, but a Sword Saint should still be killable outside of an antimagic field.

Out of curiosity, where did you get the inspiration for this class? The little bits of flavor text make it seem like you got it from some external source and then adapted it yourself. ETA: Whoops. Should've read the second post. Also, how do you get your tables to have the filled-in backgrounds like that? It looks really cool.

2014-09-09, 05:18 AM
Honestly, I cannot even begin to take this class seriously. I linked it to a friend who read off most of the abilities in full and that only confirmed that I should not take it seriously. Putting aside the poor formatting, even the base of full BAB+d10's+all high saves makes is suspect. Then it has three class abilities exactly every level, including bonus feats stolen from the fighter-only list. Far more importantly is a massive list of immunities, ridiculously overpowered abilities starting with Temporal Stasis, an 8th level spell with a permanent duration and 5,000gp material component you linked yourself, at level 2. Better in every way than the existing 8th level spell at ECL 2. Uncapped enhancement bonuses, higher level abilities that are actually weaker than those at lower level, and some sort of supposed balancing mechanic based on making your money vanish.

I fail to understand even what is supposed to have inspired these abilities. I know perfectly well that neither Final Fantasy Tactics characters in general nor this one in particular are anything like this. They have defense stats that go up with level and supernatural sword attacks sure, but not Temporal Stasis at level 2, not full immunity to every effect under the sun, not charisma stat to everything, they still have to buy high level weapons and armor like everyone else, and money doesn't spontaneously disappear out of their pockets.

So with that in mind, I can't say if it's "tier 2" or not, because it hardly looks like a class. There's no choice, you do the same thing as anyone else with the "class," more accurately it's just a long list of overpowered abilities. It's obviously far more powerful than "tier 3" classes. Theoretical sorcerer or wizard builds could still kill it, but that applies to everything and as usual they'd need to basically read the whole class description to counter it so in practice it means nothing. I'd compare it to mythos classes or the tier 1 mundane challenge from a while back but those were unfinished and/or I never got around to reading them in full, but I know they don't have anything that matches the first two abilities you've written here. I don't want to make you feel bad on your first homebrew but there it is. I would suggest asking your friend what exactly he wanted out of it and remember that a supernatural sword skill system is probably worth most of the class to begin with.

Extra Anchovies
2014-09-09, 01:14 PM
I feel like the main issue with this class is the fact that it's terribly complicated while at the same time being wholly inflexible. When designing a class based one a fictional character, it's usually not good to make it a core class anyways; better to create a prestige class that grants their signature abilities, and assume that the inspiration character was an example of a build using that prestige class. Orlandu's specialization with the sword-and-board combo would have come from, say, a few levels in fighter, and then the sword arts come from the PrC.

Thus, I would suggest making the Sword Saint a ten-level prestige class. Full BAB, good Fortitude and Will saves, 2+int skills, d10 hit die. Remove all of the references to bastard swords (yes, all of them. Single-weapon restrictions only work for very distinctive weapons or groups of weapons, such as the longbow/shortbow group or the spiked chain). Remove all but the first three Ego Death abilities (i.e. only leave in Endure Elements, Sustenance, and Greater Sustenance, with the last one as a capstone). The Sword Arts... I don't know. They almost all need some serious nerfing, and I don't have the brainpower for that right now. May come back later to it.