View Full Version : How to be really annoying

2007-03-10, 03:18 AM
Ok, just played this game for the first time with my friends. The only problem I ran into was that two players seemed to delight in making the battles as huge as possible. On the fourth floor, when I finally found Xykon, they had put so many horde ability cards on the table that Xykon had an entourage of 24 cards and an attack and defense of 60. Is there any sort of guard against annoying behavior such as this?

2007-03-10, 03:43 PM
Of course there is. In fact, it is mentioned in other threads. The short answer is a fun screw this card known as "I forgot they could do that." Boom, no more powerful Xykon cause nothing supports him. Another fun thing to do is if your Durkon and use turn undead to kill the undead supporting him. Boom, lots of exp and a weaker Xykon.