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2014-09-09, 11:04 PM
•-2 Strength, -2 Constitution, +2 Intelligence, +2 Charisma
•Humanoid (Gardevoir, Augmented Fey)
•Medium size
•a gardevoir has a base move speed of 30 ft.
•Naturally Psionic: a gardevoir gains 1 extra power point
•telepathy 100 ft. with creatures it shares a language with.
•Confuse Ray (Su): 1/day, as a standard action, the gardevoir fires a single ray at the enemy. this is a ranged touch attack. if it hit the target must make a Will save (DC 10+1/2 level+Charisma modifier) or become confused (http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/SRD:Confused) for 1 round/level this attack has a range of 100 ft.
•Automatic Languages: Common, Sylvan
•Bonus Languages: Any (other than secret languages, such as Druidic). See the Speak Language skill.
•Favored Class: Wizard, Sorcerer, Psion, Wilder
•LA +0

2014-09-09, 11:52 PM
This here actually looks like it could be an LA +0 with a few changes.

Confuse Ray cannot be at-will at first level, and it must have a duration. Lesser Confusion has a duration of 1 round as a 1st level bard spell (CL 2). 1/day at 1 round duration should be sensible, but please, the standard DC is (10 + 1/2 level + stat mod) not full level.

Telepathy is something that I feel shouldn't be on a LA +0 race (and if you know of an official LA +0 or +1 that has it with 0 RHD, let me know). Telepathy is pretty darned good for communication, and it tears down language barriers. It also opens up Mindsight on a LA +0 race, which is probably too good. I would move Telepathy to a feat that requires 5HD and a minimum of Intelligence, and add this:

Empathic Communication: With a combination of motions, words, and projected thoughts that blend into most minds as stray thoughts of their own, a Gardevoir is skilled at sending messages without others knowing. A Gardevoir gains a +8 racial bonus on Bluff to deliver a secret message.

Fey isn't a language in standard 3.5. Lots of Fey are given Sylvan as a starting language.

While skill bonuses don't usually add much at the end, they often add some flavor, and I don't think I like Gardevoir not getting any flavor bonuses. Maybe +2 to Sense Motive and Knowledge (Local) from how much on guard they have to be around other humanoid races? Maybe +2 to Gather Information to emphasize curiosity?

2014-09-10, 02:10 AM
well the other option was synchronize.

''if the gardevoir is hit by an attack that would render it Confused, Dazed, Dazzled, Frightened, Nauseated, Panicked, Paralyzed, Petrified, Poisoned, Shaken, Sickened, Staggered, or Stunned, then the initiator of the attack is subject to it's effects as well, at the same save DC (if one is allowed).''

2014-09-10, 05:03 AM
Telepathy should probably be limited to creatures with which it shares a common language.


2014-09-10, 11:57 AM
Telepathy should probably be limited to creatures with which it shares a common language.

that... would actually work extremely well. thank you.