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2007-03-10, 02:50 PM
Welcome to the Dementrivia, the Jelly Beans of quiz shows

What is this about? You can read the long description (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35592) or accept the short explanation:
Each round, I give you one question. You send me an answer that is wrong, but as funny and entertaining as possible. After some time, I will gather your entries and reveal them. Then, you may vote for your favorite answer, thus awarding it points.

After three rounds, the leaders have closed up on each other but there is still enough time to catch them.

Question 4: In the late 80's a new drug hit the streets in Europe and the USA and was quickly adopted by more than one subculture as their icon drug. Due to the hazards in its use, it became soon prohibited, but the great variety of substrates in which it is distributed makes it nearly impossible to completely abolish. What is the name of this drug?

Please send your answers as a message until Monday, 5 PM Eastern

Note that this is a game without signups. You can send answers/vote anytime.

Dementrivia's Season I Standings after 3 Rounds

1. Deckmaster (18 Points)
2. evnafets (11)
3. DLD (10)
4. David94, Raistlin1040 (9)
6. Deathcow (7)
7. Eldritch Knight (6)
8. Alarra (5)
9. faerwain, Shadow, Tormsskull (4)
12. Captain van der Decken, Castaras, Lord Fullbladder, Zar Peter (3)
16. Khantalas, Indurain, Rama Lei, heretic, Atreyu the Masked Llama, Calamity, Blood (2)
23. Korith, Lucky, purple cube, AwesomeGirl, Xaspian (1)

The Rules (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35592)

2007-03-10, 10:02 PM
Hm... this is a good one... and I don't like the answer that's coming to me right now so I'm going to think of more. Good luck everyone!

2007-03-11, 07:31 AM
I thought of three answers to choose from for this. None of them that good, but meh I'll send one.

Zar Peter
2007-03-11, 02:32 PM
I expect no votes for my answer.
Please do not vote for me!
(Maybe that helps)

2007-03-12, 11:15 AM
Reverse psychology doesn't work that way. At least not if the others don't know which one yours is.

Zar Peter
2007-03-12, 02:20 PM
I only pray to the gods of reverse psychology.

2007-03-12, 02:24 PM
They probably are not going to heed your call.

The dark gods hopefully will heed mine, I sacrificed quite a few clones of AMEN members.

2007-03-12, 03:37 PM
If I don't get any votes this time, I will be throughly shocked.

2007-03-12, 05:17 PM
Round 4 is done. 13 players tried to find a cool answer for this one:

Question 4: In the late 80's a new drug hit the streets in Europe and the USA and was quickly adopted by more than one subculture as their icon drug. Due to the hazards in its use, it became soon prohibited, but the great variety of substrates in which it is distributed makes it nearly impossible to completely abolish. What is the name of this drug?

True Answer: The drug in question is 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine, better known as MDMA and even better known with its street name Ecstacy (or XTC). The amphetamine was mainly used during raves but could also be found in other subcultures. The hazards in its use are injury or death from dehydration.

Yeah...lame. Let's rather have a look at you stuff:

Answer 1:
Giant in the playground forums.

Answer 2:
Electro-pop music

Answer 3:
Internet p0rn

Answer 4:
The Giant in the Playground Forums. They're certainly addictive enough. (It's all a conspiracy! They didn't come out in 2003, it was 1988!)

Answer 5:
New kinds of metal, such as nü-metal, which destroys the eardrums and makes the listener tear his brain out, as well as making him slavishly devoted to itself

Answer 6:
Commodore Amiga

Answer 7:
Pixie Sticks

Answer 8:
The drug in question is Advil. It was developed at the same time that the Great Migraine Epidemic of 1983 was gripping the nation, and the black market trade soon surpassed the legitimate business prospects. Shortly thereafter, the migraine epidemic died down, and the legitimate businesses gained control of the Advil market once again. (Note: it is a little-known fact that Advil itself was never illegal. Rather, the feds outlawed the preferred method of taking black-market Advil, which involved the use of heavy industrial pliars and was administered as a suppository.)

Answer 9:
The drug was known as AD&D. Finally, nerds who weren't "cool" enough to get mainstream drugs could get their own special brand of high. They'd sit in dark basements for hours, getting high off pictures of orc barbarians, their 300 page long PHB, and that cute Half-elven sorceress with 18 CHA

Answer 10:

Answer 11:
D&D. In fact, it was so addictive, that many poor fools have still urges to fulfil their appetite for this terrible drug today, even going to the extent of meeting up in small, secretive groups, isolated from society, to partake of it. Although, nowadays, the drug has become more popular, and entered more of the mainstream culture, it is still frowned upon by some sections of society

Answer 12:

Answer 13:

Cast your votes by replying and stating your favorite. Remember that you can vote even if you did not submit an answer. Remember that voting brings you points for the standings.

Or just read everyhing again in The Rules (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35592)

Please cast your votes until Wednesday, 5 PM Eastern

2007-03-12, 05:20 PM
#9. Definatly.

2007-03-12, 05:21 PM
Bah! Two options have been posted twice! By different people!

Geekdom rise!

Anyway, mine was about music. I can tell you that much.

My vote goes to 4.

2007-03-12, 05:30 PM
I seem to have missed entry... good luck to whoever entered!

I vote for #12!

Lord Herman
2007-03-12, 05:31 PM
I vote for #4.

2007-03-12, 05:34 PM
Question: We have the D&D option twice, and the Giant in the playground option twice. What will happen if one gets loads of votes while the other gets only a few? Otherwise it's a guess on which to take, and just luck.

Zar Peter
2007-03-12, 05:46 PM
The explanations make the different!

I vote for 9

2007-03-12, 05:50 PM
If the answers would be exactly identical, I will post it only once and spread the points evenly between all of them. However, the answers are formulated differently and you can still choose who executed the idea better. Personally, I am a great fan of the swift one-liners but maybe someone likes the long exclamations better.

Captain van der Decken
2007-03-12, 05:52 PM

Two, great options posted twice.. interesting.

2007-03-12, 05:55 PM
#9, though it could have been shorter.

And yes, 1 + 4, 9 + 11. Heh.

2007-03-12, 05:58 PM

Eldritch Knight
2007-03-12, 06:30 PM
Nine. That is all.

2007-03-12, 09:10 PM
I'm going to break with the group and say #11.

2007-03-12, 09:13 PM

edit: BTW I'll vote for 7.

2007-03-13, 05:56 AM
Personally, I am a great fan of the swift one-liners but maybe someone likes the long exclamations better.

Me too. I don't even read the answers that are longer than 1 line :P

Anyhow, my vote goes to #10.

2007-03-13, 08:46 AM
Is that cos it gets fingerprints all over your screen ^?

I'll go for #8
kidding relax

Death, your friend the Reaper
2007-03-13, 05:21 PM
Just to fight the establishment *Foiled by Silkenfist*

I'll just post my pun fulled reasoning now, since I am not actually playing.


Little did people know it was actually ice. You could buy the components in the supermarket after all, and this added to it's popularity.

If anyone approaches you in a dark ally and demands that you "let-tuce have some ice *They pause for a while and then add* tea"
(^This is to fool the police who have been frozen in their attempts to tract this drug since all the time those they suspect are actually out buying beverages)

You can just go to your cabbage farm and find an iceburg (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lettuce). Instant buzz (specially if those bees are still pollinating)

Just don't let your mother find out, she will give you the cold shoulder otherwise :smallwink:


Take that establishment! I laugh in mods faces

2007-03-13, 05:27 PM
I'll vote for charity's response to Tormsskull. in post #24

Oh it doesn't count.
Sigh. #9 then

2007-03-13, 05:31 PM
poor #1, I prefer your swift one-liners too, so my vote goes to #1!

2007-03-14, 06:03 AM
Sorry Death, but there is a significant bit of a psychological advantage for someone who posts his answer apart from the answers. If more than one player sends their stuff later, I will ignore it but just for one the effect is too great, though.

2007-03-14, 03:22 PM
Shouldn't this round be over now?

Zar Peter
2007-03-14, 03:23 PM
If it's over I thank you all for obeying my wishes! :smallannoyed:

I expect no votes for my answer.
Please do not vote for me!
(Maybe that helps)

2007-03-14, 03:28 PM
By my calculation, you still have 90 minutes.

Zar Peter
2007-03-14, 03:30 PM
Yes, you're correct.
But I don't think it helps. (It doesn't make my answer any better)

2007-03-14, 03:32 PM
Awww, poor Zar Peter. Everybody say awww. Awwww.

Zar Peter
2007-03-14, 03:35 PM
Yes, that helps. Thank you! Ahh, a little bathing in self pittiness.

2007-03-14, 03:48 PM
*Opens a can of mercy*

And #7 it is for me.

2007-03-14, 05:53 PM
And now: Let's see how well your ideas did:

Answer 1 by Castaras
1 vote by Calamity

Answer 2 by Calamity

Answer 3 by evnafets

Answer 4 by Blood
2 votes by Khantalas and Lord Herman

Answer 5 by Khantalas

Answer 6 by Zar Peter

Answer 7 by Tormsskull
2 votes by faerwain and Raistlin1040

Answer 8 by Deathcow
1 vote by Charity

Answer 9 by Raistlin1040
7 votes by Alarra, Blood, Captain van der Decken, Castaras, Eldritch Knight, evnafets and Zar Peter

Answer 10 by Alarra
1 vote by Tormsskull

Answer 11 by Xaspian
1 vote by Deathcow

Answer 12 by Edlritch Knight
1 vote by DLD

Answer 13 by faerwain

Now THIS is what I call a clear victory. Congratulations Raistlin on that sweeping win. The 15 points gained this round bring him to the first place instantly. This and the fact that Deckmaster sent no answer during the weekend. Evnafets and DLD's ambitions are stifled somehwat.

Dementrivia's Season I Standings after 4 Rounds

1. Raistlin1040 (25 Points)
2. Deckmaster (18 Points)
3. evnafets (12)
4. DLD (11)
5. David94, Deathcow (9)
7. Eldritch Knight (8)
8. Alarra, Tormsskull (7)
10. Blood, Castaras, faerwain (5)
13. Captain van der Decken, Shadow, Zar Peter (4)
16. Calamity, Khantalas, Lord Fullbladder (3)
19. Indurain, Rama Lei, heretic, Atreyu the Masked Llama, Xaspian (2)
24. Charity, Korith, Lucky, Lord Herman, purple cube, AwesomeGirl (1)

New round and new question won't be put up until tomorrow. Check back then.

Lord Herman
2007-03-15, 03:28 AM
Where did my 1 point come from? I don't remember ever submitting anything.

2007-03-15, 08:41 AM
Voting also gets points, appearantly.

2007-03-15, 12:20 PM
Yes - I want to encourage players to vote on their fellow players entries. If you don't want to have your votes counted (for example if you don't plan to play and don't want to appear somewhere in the last places of the ranking) just tell me.

Lord Herman
2007-03-15, 12:27 PM
Ah, okay. But if it's one point per vote, I should have 2 by now. I voted in rounds 3 and 4.