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2007-03-10, 03:01 PM
In this thread we talk about your favorite D&D class. I'm sorry if your favorite class wasnt on the poll I put the classes I saw most around the site. If you chose other please tell what one you are talking about.

2007-03-10, 03:03 PM
I believe the common answer is "Full spellcasters", the tops being Cleric, Druid and Wizard.

2007-03-10, 03:04 PM
The answer to this is always "whichever one i'm playing".

not because i'm great, but because i always enjoy it.... enjoyment over power any day

2007-03-10, 03:08 PM
I like Wizards and rangers but after seeing Belkar:belkar: i'm not so sure anymore...

2007-03-10, 03:15 PM
Rangers. I like the whole fighting outdoorsman thing, though it has nothing to do with their mechanical effectiveness.

Emperor Tippy
2007-03-10, 03:15 PM
Best power wise are clerics, druids, and wizards.

Any other definition of best is entirely subjective. Everyone can like whatever class the want the most and it is the best for them.

2007-03-10, 03:16 PM
Your making a best class poll and you don't even include CoDzilla?

Seriously though, as far as sheer power level goes, druid, cleric, and wizard take the cake as far as core classes are concerned, of those three wizards are generally considered the most powerful though they reach full usefulness at a much later level.

2007-03-10, 03:16 PM
Ehhh, I had to go "other" because me favorte class (Soulknife) was not listed. Perhaps the poll could be better served as an "what are your favorite character archetypes?" version.

The whole "most powerful" thing does not sit with me. I have power roll played once; and it was a little boring to be honest. But it was funny that one time I did over 1200 damage (various creatures) in a round with my scout/dervish.

2007-03-10, 03:17 PM
I voted bard. Mechanically they are not the most powerful, but they win a "fun" award.

2007-03-10, 03:28 PM
I voted other since the Scout wasn't there.
I think it's the best wilderness class there is, mixing my two favoured classes, the rogue and the ranger.

Concept > Power every time.

2007-03-10, 03:45 PM
I voted wizards, because they are the best and I enjoy them, but I usually play a fighter. A TWF fighter. Powergaming does not exist inside me. :smalltongue:

Woot Spitum
2007-03-10, 04:23 PM
I like clerics, just because it's so much fun to try and embody a certain philosophy. Different deities give different clerics so many different flavors. Trying to convert the townsfolk to the worship of Olidammara is priceless.:smallbiggrin:

2007-03-10, 05:46 PM
I'll vote for wizard as probably the most powerful class, but also my favorite to play.

2007-03-10, 06:02 PM
wizards I play alot because of their customisation is realy high compared to te other class's but after ready the psionics handbook I'm more inclined to go with Psyic warrior heart and mind working in harmany.:smallbiggrin:

Dire Cohort
2007-03-10, 06:14 PM
I voted Rogue, but for for storytelling ability than any tactical advantage (I'm kinda a newb so I don't feel like I'd have anything useful to say on that topic). You can do pretty much whatever you want with a rogue, due to its high skill points and wide variety of class skills. Sneaky folk are an obvious choice, but it's also easy to build talky folk and fighty folk (though more of a Miko crazy flipping fighty than a Thog hotel-room-door-beatdown fighty). Get your UMD and Charisma high enough and you can even be a magicy folk. More importantly, since you have so much flexibility in alloting your points, you can do a little bit of each. You can mix and match your skills to create truly unique folk. If you want to play a more stereotypical character, the other choices are good. But if you want your guy to be something a little more outside the box, the customizability of the rogue is a huge advantage. Whenever I get a new character idea in my head, they almost always start out with a level or two of rogue (then I remember I still have to be useful to the party and do revisions).

2007-03-10, 06:29 PM
most powerful--wizard
favourite--either rogue(has to be small/talkative/greedy/waytoocurious)
sure you won't be the most useful at melee combat, wizards can do all your work for you once your party is around lvl 10(give or take), but the sheer roleplaying opportunities are countless, and any DM worth his salt will still enable you to remain useful.

or if you are playing an evil campaign... a psion(telepath) that is creul and forces people to fight themselves/each other and is all about genaside.. seriously how can you contend with that

or a homebrewed class designed around a character idea (bye bye need for a PrC hello character concept that you can start at level one with!)

2007-03-10, 06:41 PM
I personally like Rouge, since it's really the best thing on that list that really IS NOT AN ACTUAL D&D CLASS. For the love of god, it's FACE PRODUCT...

Graah... sorry, pet peeve..

Mages PWN.

2007-03-10, 06:52 PM
I like to play Wizards and Rangers, mostly, although I've been wanting to play an Artificer at some point. Powerwise the Druid and the Artificer (from Eberron) are the "best".

2007-03-10, 06:54 PM

Strongest non-full-caster warrior and not useless when around experienced spellcasters.

2007-03-10, 07:01 PM
None. They all have their situational usefulness. Although if you want to go buy "number of situations they're useful in", Cleric or Wizard. But I'd say none.

2007-03-10, 07:20 PM
I personally like Rouge, since it's really the best thing on that list that really IS NOT AN ACTUAL D&D CLASS. For the love of god, it's FACE PRODUCT...

Rouge is easily the most powerful item, since it combines the effect of Hideous Laughter and Feeblemind in one (many Wizards have been known to laugh themselves silly when someone uses it). Beware the power of the mighty RED COSMETIC! It's so powerful that people even confuse it with a character class. It really should be considered an artifact, IMO.

2007-03-10, 08:28 PM
Cleric. A primary spellcaster with good hit points and armour. You instantly know all the core spells of the levels you can cast, you have spontaneous spell conversion and Diplomacy as a class skill for persuasion. Turning undead is also thrown in. A man for all seasons. Oh alright, except for stealth and intrigue but a character that was good in every situation would spoil the game.

2007-03-10, 08:44 PM
Overall, I'd say Cleric. With the choices given, I voted for Wizard. Just a phenomenal amount of power at higher levels.

2007-03-10, 08:59 PM
Warlock. Rockin'

2007-03-10, 09:32 PM
The three strongest PHB classes are, from my limited mostly to theory, experience:
1. Wizard
2. Cleric
3. Druid

While the three weakest PHB classes would be:
1. Ranger
2. Monk
3. Bard

2007-03-10, 09:35 PM
In this thread we talk about your favorite D&D class. I'm sorry if your favorite class wasnt on the poll I put the classes I saw most around the site. If you chose other please tell what one you are talking about.

Warblade, followed closely by Beguiler and a bit further back the Dread Necromancer.

2007-03-10, 09:40 PM
Whoa, wait, 'best'?

You titled the topic 'best', then put 'favorite'. >_> My favorite class is Fighter, then Wizard, then Bard.

2007-03-11, 03:38 PM
My favorite in order


I love druids spells.

2007-03-11, 03:41 PM
I ment it to say favorite so there:smallannoyed:

2007-03-11, 03:51 PM
Uhhh.... CLERIC? Not just cuz CoDzilla pwns your poll, but because they are really fun to play, especially since you can customize them in so many different ways.

2007-03-12, 02:52 AM

Because spell slots fail.

2007-03-12, 03:54 AM
true that.

PnP Fan
2007-03-12, 07:44 AM
I voted other, because I really do prefer to DM. :-)

2007-03-12, 08:29 AM

and Barbarian.

2007-03-12, 09:16 AM
i Voted "Other" - The best Class is the one that suits you and your concept for a character

2007-03-12, 09:28 AM
my favourite is wizard, though i like rogues and rangers too, but many dms do not allow you to do the stuff that actually makes those classes cool.

2007-03-12, 10:00 AM
My favorite D&D class is the one which I happen to be playing, generally.

There is no 'best' class in a game where winning and losing intentionally have no definition.

2007-03-12, 11:36 PM
Rouge (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=10445&highlight=Rouge) - the spank attack and bedfinding abilities are total winners for me.

2007-03-13, 02:00 PM
mine would be the monk. i mean seriously i think anyone who can deal 8d6 with their bare hands while being able to fall like 80ft should be considered an great.
and what the heck is a spank attack i mean seiously you dont just seak up to a dragon and slap it in the butt, but the humor potential is great

Illiterate Scribe
2007-03-13, 03:22 PM
I like the warblade, but that's because I always surround him in an Outlands Planar Bubble. Basically, you have no magic/su abilities (but I do).

But for sheer power and concept - you can't go wrong with an archivist. Wizards in medium armour with the ability to auto-stun anything, and that have Righteous Might/Divine Power/Heal?

Count me in.

2007-03-13, 04:54 PM
... anything from Book of Nine Swords. Right now I'm really liking warblade.

2007-03-13, 04:58 PM
Best: Cleric. As people said, good defense, can fight as a fighter, and spells to fight enemies vulnerable only to magic, and the always useful healing spells.
They do lack in stealth and these rogue-ish stuff. Druid is better in widerness and stealth, but his defense is not as good as the cleric's. Wizard still powns in sheer power alone.

Favorite: Paladin. I just like the "knight in shining armor" concept :P

Generic PC
2007-03-19, 08:54 PM
Warlock. Rockin'

Agreed. they might not be as powerful as wizards at level 20, but the eldritch tie in (with demons) makes them fun to roleplay

2007-03-20, 02:06 AM

They're fun to roleplay and are powerful.

2007-03-20, 10:50 AM
fighther. why you ask, because i enjoy playing them the most. i haven't read the thread but i'm sure people are debating what class would beat the other class and so on.

2007-03-20, 02:49 PM
Wizard, by far. Sheer power and versatility wins out here. Plus, they're really, really fun to play, and the vast spell list lends itself to varied concepts and builds.

2007-03-20, 02:57 PM
I vote rouge. Because I just want that extra color on my cheeks.

2007-03-20, 03:00 PM
You misspelled Rogue as Rouge...

I chose Rogue(incorrectly spelled as Rouge), because I just like them. Sort of fragile, but sneak attack means there's a bit more tactical variety, and it has a gazillion skills for fun out of combat. Not to mention a lot of in-combat uses, if you have a DM that let you bluff mooks into stepping off a cliff.

2007-03-20, 03:18 PM
The name says it all. I love the druid's flavor. Though I will admit that a chaotic skill monkey is very fun to play.

2007-03-21, 12:07 PM
The most fun I've ever had was with a Dwarf Barbarian/Cleric. Power-wise, a single-classed Cleric, Druid, or Wizard probably rules the day though.

I've always wanted to powerplay a Elf Cleric archer. Cleric as the only class ever taken, but spend all those feats on archery-related stuff. You'd have a combat master and full spellcaster rolled into one!

2007-03-21, 01:14 PM
Overall? wizard.

But at what level? Under what circumsstances?

In ravenloft, I love me some cleric munchiness.

In eberron, it's all about the warlock psion shaper, yo.

PRCs allowed? Right now I love me some abjurant champion: best gish class ever. Just wish it was ten levels long, instead of five.

2007-03-21, 08:28 PM
a barbarian/druid is always awesome.

Innis Cabal
2007-03-21, 08:34 PM
HEALER! by far the healer

Viscount Einstrauss
2007-03-21, 08:40 PM
Rogue, because I'm f*#&ing James Bond.

It's just how I always find myself playing. I like to MacGuyver my way out of situations through a combination of trickery and clever tactics, both of which end up harder when I try to play something without the mass skillage to work it.

"We're stuck in an antimagic prison, and they put the monk is steel stocks. I think we're boned."
"No way. Before we got thrown in here I slipped three inches of twine and a mirror shard into my sleeves. In the cell I've got a bucket, some dirt, moldy bread, and a live rat. Now to escape. With science."

2010-04-13, 04:57 PM
I've grown a huge love of sorcerers, they are just awesomely powerful, make great leaders, and honestly as long as you can get some extra prestige class on it it isn't as barren as the PHB seems.

Second, Druid, so you don't have either up there and I feel sad....

third is rogue though...

Tao the Ninja
2010-04-13, 05:07 PM
Favorite powerwise: Wizard
Favorite to play: Ranger or Sorceror

2010-04-13, 05:16 PM
Gestalted Factotum//Warblade is always nice for fun and epic wins.

Deth Muncher
2010-04-13, 05:25 PM
How does someone find a thread three years old?

2010-04-13, 05:26 PM
best? wizard, cleric or druid. casters in general, really.

why? most options available, really. if i want to make a fighter-type, i'll probably go cleric or druid in all honesty and reflavor. the melee classes are too "locked" into their choices, barring the optional retraining rules, while for a caster it's usually a matter of waiting until the next morning.

i like having my options open to me and the non-casters, regretfully, just can't keep up.

Roland St. Jude
2010-04-13, 05:33 PM
How does someone find a thread three years old?

And why do they post in it despite the clear rule against thread necromancy? Please don't.