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2014-09-11, 08:29 PM
I was thinking the current version of the Boots of the unending journey (MIC, pg 79) was a bit lackluster, so I tried to improve them a bit. Do you think this is balanced?
I marked changes made by me.

These serviceable black leather boots always seem to bear the dust of the road, regardless of your efforts to clean them.
Travel is a way of life for the followers of Fharlanghn, and these boots give his chosen followers a spring in their step.

While wearing boots of the unending journey, you gain a +10-foot enhancement bonus to your speed if you are neutral good, lawful neutral, neutral, chaotic eutral, or neutral evil. In addition, you are constantly under a pass without trace effect. This is a continuous effect and requires no activation.

Relic Power: If you have established the proper divine connection, you are constantly under a pass without trace effect. Boots of the unending journey also render you immune to the effects of fatigue and exhaustion. You also gain a climb speed equal to your land speed and can always take 10 on climb checks, even if under stress or endangered. You don't need to have your hands free while climbing. These are continuous effects and require no activation. To use the relic power, you must worship Fharlanghn and either sacrifice a 4th-level divine spell slot or have the True Believer feat and at least 7 HD.
If you sacrifice a 7th-level divine spell slot or have the True Believer feat and at least 13 HD, you can once per round as a free action decide the direction of gravity's pull on you, your equipment and everything you're carrying. You can also carry another living being and as long as you don't let go of the second character, that character's gravity is the same as yours. Dropping an item or creature lets it fall to the ground as normal. You can "fly" by choosing a direction of gravity and fall towards that direction. If you move this way you fall at a constant 60ft. per round. Choosing a new gravitational direction resets all "downward" momentum.

Lore: The first pair of these boots was made by an adventurer who had grown too old to travel without magical aid. When she died, the boots were offered to the god Fharlanghn, who wore them himself in his earthly travels. It is said that once per century, Fharlanghn gives his pair of boots of the unending journey to a fellow traveler, then endows an ordinary cobbler with the power to make him a new pair (Knowledge [religion] DC 20).