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2014-09-14, 09:42 PM
CG Great Old One of charity and benign insanity
Symbol A multi-chromatic four-pointed star
Domains Chaos, Good, Madness, Void
Subdomains Dark Tapestry, Insanity, Redemption, Stars
Favored Weapon Cat-o'-nine-tails

--While it is unclear whether it is a matter of intent or mere happenstance, those who's minds are touched by the influence of Ehye'bthnk become individuals of great charity. Though each and every one of them insane, they would say they have seen the truth, the light in the darkness. They become individuals who give of themselves constantly, many even coming to deny themselves the most basic necessities for their own survival. Be it in spite of this or even because of this, cults have risen up to venerate Ehye'bthnk, the charitable madness as both it and its influence are called.
--Scholars familiar with Ehye'bthnk are divided on the intentions of the outer god. While some have come to the conclusion that is shared by many of it's cultists, that it is a benevolent creature born of a realm of madness, others believe that its influence is an unintentional effect or that it is malign in nature, causing individuals all too willing to pry to deeply to kill themselves by means societies just happen to describe as charitable. In any case, its influence is faint and is felt far and few between, for Ehye'bthnk is only able to touch upon minds already beginning to wane when where it resides is directly overhead in the night's sky.
--It is said that Ehye'bthnk is vast, tentacled creature of boundless and impossible color. Each limb coming from a point at odd angles, and twisting and extending out ceaselessly. Whether this is the actual form Ehye'bthnk takes or merely the common vision held by many a mad cultist is unknown and is best left that way.

The Cults of Ehye'bthnk
Fewer in number than their malevolent brethren, but typically equally secretive in their worship, the cultists of Ehye'bthnk often display themselves as charitable organizations without religious standing, or with held tongues on the name and nature of the one they pray to. Their members fall into two distinct groups; those who's minds have the charitable madness, and those that do not. In cults that have lasted, saner members often force their maddened brethren into the activities required for their survival, lest they starve to death.
Those touched by the charitable madness each come from different walks of life. It matters little if the mind touched was of exalted or vile thoughts, the result is the same. Many that survive, be it by the help of others or they are of races that do not require much or any sustenance, become clerics or oracles. It is not uncommon to find multi-class rogue/clerics, and even the occasional ex-antipaladin is not unheard of among Ehye'bthnk's followers.
Those of saner minds vary less in their origins, but a bit more in how they serve. Though members of all classes have been seen, save for those that require service to evil, there are still strong tendencies towards a few practices. Clerics, oracles and warpriests are the most common still, but paladins who have taken oaths of charity are also relatively common. Inquisitors are far and few between, but exist in cults of Ehye'bthnk when interactions between cults to other gods of the dark tapestry become involved. When it comes to arcane practices, white mages make up the greatest numbers.
When it comes to the cult's interactions with other cults, the results have mostly been of hostility in some form or another. The rare inquisitors of Ehye'bthnk often are seen where cults to other great old ones and outer gods are near, attempts at sabotage and conversion are common place when Ehye'bthnk's followers perceive the threat the other cults pose.