View Full Version : Language help with F.E.A.R.

2007-03-11, 10:40 AM
So here's the story. I live in Switzerland. No big surprise there. Recently, me and my family took a short trip to France. We went to Fnac (Electronics chain). The games there were ridiculously cheap. Like, 15 euros each. I bought games. Happiness ensued.

But then, after playing a lot of Civ IV, I installed F.E.A.R. What kind of game doesn't have a language setting? I'm sure F.E.A.R. does, but I can't for the life of me find it. The fact that the whole thing was in French doesn't help either.

Does anyone know how to change it to English? I tried looking for a patch on google, but there were none that changed the language to English.

Thanks for any help I may receive.

2007-03-11, 10:41 AM
I dropped french at the first opportunity (all because of the teacher, I assure you), so I'm afraid I can't help you. Try finding some online English-French dictionaries, and finding the french for words like "options" "language" etc.

2007-03-11, 10:52 AM
I think it would be really funny to hear the replicas in slomo in another language.

"Il est trop viiiiite"

2007-03-11, 10:55 AM
While it would be funny after I had played it once through in English, I'd rather hear the story.