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Fatal Rose
2014-09-16, 10:33 PM
I know of this


..and this

Any other high quality Final Fantasy available?

By the way I love this site!

2014-09-17, 12:32 PM
I've played around with the idea a bit, but the biggest problem with a Final Fantasy homebrew is that all the games use different mechanics! Sometimes you can get away with standard D&D, but most of the time it just won't work. In my opinion, you should do what the Final Fantasy series does and develop a new homebrew setting and magic system from scratch, and then modify an existing RPG system to fit it.

However, I do believe that the Stargazer Games system Warrior Rogue & Mage (and its spinoff/patch Resolute Adventurer & Genius) is the best general-purpose system for running a Final Fantasy game. Rule Of Cool's Legend D20 would also work pretty darn well, especially because you can easily pare away any spellcasting systems that don't fit your setting while leaving everything else intact.

Which Final Fantasy in particular were you looking for?

Fatal Rose
2014-09-17, 06:20 PM
None in particular, just looking for some quality FF homebrew for 3.5/pathfinder.

I like the two links I posted because both are FF but serve different purposes. One is trying to emulate the general feel of FF. Common/recurring classes, themes, magic, etc. while the other focuses on emulating a single game faithfully by converting it to D20.

If we are going the latter route (FFX) some FF games could be meshed together similar to the first link i posted.
FF1,4(and its sequels),6, and 9 share enough similarities to be grouped together with each game getting a few unique special features/flavor.

FF 3, 5, tactics games, bravely default could be something separate or just some added classes/settings/archetypes to the ones above.

FF 2 is a bit more complex because every character seems to be a master of 7 different weapons and can fight unarmed.They also seem to represent classes from various final fantasy games.

7,8, and the Lightning games would all have to be separate games like what Zeta Kai did with FFX IMO.

2014-09-17, 08:08 PM

This was intended as a Final Fantasy 1 system due to the way FF1 is largely based off of AD&D. It takes a lot of inspiration from FFXI though, as the multiplayer aspect covers a lot of what was needed in a 3.5 context. It can generally be used as a template for the basic Final Fantasy feel, although it only covers the 6 main classes due to being based off of FF1. It was expanded to include many more classes for a FFXI pbp game but I don't believe any of that material is readily available (except at the game) and lacks the play testing experience that this version has had.

I'm a big fan, I played a white mage in a Final Fantasy 1 game using this system for levels 1-8.

Fatal Rose
2014-09-18, 02:30 AM
I really liked that thread. So far in this forum I've found works based on FFI, FFIX, and FFX. Sadly the IX project seems unfinished.

2014-09-18, 05:56 AM
There is one FF tabletop I really liked that was based on 2d6. I believe it was this one (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?173958-Final-Fantasy-d6-(Complete-System)). A great system that inspired my homebrewing and made me switch from d20 to 3d6.:smallwink:

Fatal Rose
2014-09-19, 11:49 AM
Downloading now. Excited to see this.

I've only ever played d20 and DC heroes. No experience with D6.

2014-09-19, 01:00 PM
I've only ever played d20 and DC heroes. No experience with D6.

It's like d20. Except it uses 2d6.:smallbiggrin: