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2014-09-17, 12:29 AM
How does this work? Too powerful? ok? Want to run it past my GM.

“Put the Hammer Down” – Spell for Bolphie

School: Transmutation Level: Bloodrager 2

Casting Time – 1 Standard Action
Components – V, S.

Range – Medium
Target – One Creature
Duration – Instantaneous
Saving Throw – None, See below. Spell Resistance – No.

The Bloodrager gathers his arcane force and flings his hammer towards a target with all his strength. Make a ranged attack against a single target, if the attack succeeds, the target takes damage equal to the weapon’s damage plus the bloodrager’s strength modifier. The target makes a strength check, with a DC equal to the bloodragers’ 2nd level DC, otherwise is forced back 5 feet by the force of the blow, plus an additional 5 feet for every 5 points of damage dealt. If this forces the target into a solid wall, they take double the damage. After the spell has hit, the hammer flies back to the Bloodrager, arriving at the start of his next turn.

2014-09-17, 05:13 AM
Too weak....

The damage is like what 1d8+3? Then a save for like DC 12 or get knocked back five feet? That is not much....

The ranged attack is nice, but the rest of the spell hardly makes it worth it. You can cast tons of other spells that do more.

What is your idea here? You just want to hurl the hammer?

2014-09-17, 05:44 AM
Pretty much. It's more like 2d6+5 (or +7 in Bloodrage) since the hammer he's throwing is an earthbreaker, and the DC is 15, 'cos remember Charisma. The 'wall' bit is probably the most important part, 'cos it means that the guard standing by the wall is going to take 4d6+14 damage.

My original thought was something more like Force Hook Charge (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic/all-spells/f/force-hook-charge) except that on closer examination, that's not really very useful for my character. He's elemental bloodline, so can fly 60ft, 120ft Charge when racing, and really I'm wanting something more synergistic with his "flying around being a tiny halfling ball of insane shouting" bit.

Any thoughts then?

2014-09-17, 11:19 AM
Flyby Thrust Level 2 Evocation [Air] range-0 casting time-swift action Duration- instantaneous

This spell creates a thrust of wind that hurls you at foes and eases your attacks.

When flying, you can move up to your fly speed in a straight line and attack a number of opponents equal to your spellcasting bonus. This is a full round action. All targets must be within your reach along the line of your movement. Make one attack roll, add the appropriate modifiers, and compare the result to the AC of each opponent you are attacking. If any hits are successful, make one damage roll and add the appropriate modifiers. Each successful hit does the full damage to that creature; do not divide the result of the damage roll among the targets. Targets of your attack do not get attacks of opportunity against you, but other opponents that would be entitled to attacks of opportunity may take them.

Of course, this spell is the feat, with a bit of Air, but it works....

2014-09-20, 08:26 PM
For a single strike as a standard action we determined that strength + 2/level dmg was balanced for a DPS with a 1':1dmg knockback ratio is ok, then just adjust that to include the sustainability loss of the spell slot. Does your attack trigger your weapon's effects and such?

Ultimately this just sounds like a maneuver.