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2007-03-11, 05:19 PM
Hiya everyone!

First time posting here, I actually stumbled across this site while researching things for the campaign i'm building a few weeks ago. I'm taking this opportunity to get some feedback on my ideas, so i'd love any and all criticism and comments.

The campaign world has been one i've had in my mind for years now, and used bits and pieces of it in small games but never really fleshed it out. I've finally found a large group to play, and i'm having a bit of difficulty fleshing out some of the details.

First here's a general idea of the world and it's cultures... more to come later.

The World of Nimh

The campaign world, Nimh, is a world based on historical and mythological stories. In trying to keep an air of believability and reality, i'm trying to tie in a few "real world" references to the fantasy world as i can, such as actual legends, names, and conventions, rather than the generic fantasy to make the world more recognizable, (and thus more identifiable with the players).

The geography itself is based on "Ultima-Pangea (http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/ap001002.html)" (a prediction of Earth's landmasses 250 million years from now)

Topography will range from Northern frozen tundra, temperate forests, rolling plains, to thick vine choked jungles. Much of "Future Africa" will be known as the Deadland, a desolate desert choked with sandswept ruins. Many of the different parts of the world are isolated from each other, so people on the eastern side of the continent will be largely unaware or unfamiliar with those from the west.

Common Races

I've divided the races up into cultural/ethnic subgroups.

All of the humanoid races with pointed ears are known as the Tuatha de Dannan, the children of the Goddess Danu. The Tuathans are all in decline in this world, slowly shrinking in number after the 'Great Old Kingdom' was decimated eons ago by the Formorian hordes. The populace of Tuathans have been scattered or driven into hiding, either wandering the lands or finding solace in cities they've built in remote forests and jungles, far from the lands of others. Because of this, most Tuathans have a deep ancestral distrust and rivalry for those hailing from the Formorian clans. The races of the Tuathans includes Elves, Gnomes, and Halflings.

Elves- There are two known offshoots of Elves-

*Daione, (Or Daione Maite, meaning "The Good People") are the pure descendants of the Tuathan heritage. One with nature and the old ways, they now live within one of five cities, each hidden away deep in the jungles and forests of the land. They are solitary and dislike intrusion by those they do not know to their lands, and tend to keep out of the affairs of the other races. They are very druidic in custom.

*Elben are elves that, eons ago, split off from their Daione heritage to persue magical enlightenment. While they acknowledge their Tuathan ancestry, they no longer consider themselves part of the same kinship, and as such do not share their Formorian rivalry. They are scholars and masters of the arcane, constantly striving to achieve magical perfection and enlightenment. They have waged an ancient blood war against the Kropel for as long as recorded history can remember.

Halflings- Known as the Sidhe (Pronounced 'Shee'). The peaceful Sidhe are very few in number, and those few now live within the old Sidhe burrows for which they take their name. There have been wild tales of strange pygmy tribes in the remote corners of the lands however...

Gnomes- Known only as Clurichauns, these fun loving tricksters wander about the kingdoms living wherever they please, and have no known society or political structure.

Dwarves- Common in the world and one of the most prolific races, rivaled only by Humans. Divided into three subgroups, each have widely differing cultures. Each are sometimes referred to with the general term of "Dwarf", but that is seen much the same as referring to a Roman or Egyptian as "Human" rather than more specifically their racial heritage.

*Fir Domnann are Dwarves who hail from the Formorian clans. They consider themselves kin with humans who also are part of the clans, and often live side by side with them in communities. They are particularly apt at digging and carving earth and stone, and are architects of unsurpassed quality. Because of thier affinity with humans, they are often found outside of Formorian lands, visiting or even living among the human kingdoms.

*Dvergar are Dwarves from the Nordlands, arctic and barbarous. They tend to be xenophobic, avoiding controntation or interaction with the lands around them. They are expert carpenters and often erect great wooden fortresses and halls of intricate design, as well as sturdy boats and massive ships that few can match.

*Kropel are industrious and technological in nature, having little faith on unpredictable magic and voodoo incantations. Their strange magic-defying devices that churn steam and move without arcane assistance are seen as alien and even dangerous, and because of this coupled with their remoteness from "civilized" lands, they are widely left alone to their "impure" ways. It is even rumored that they have built mysterious cities that move or even dissapear beneath the earth completely using their strange and unholy science. They wage an ancient war with the Elben, constantly defending their lands against their hated enemy.

Humans - The most common race to walk the lands of Nimh, Humans have countless cultures and racial offshoots. Some of the more common:

*Promethians hail from a massive empire ruled by a Democratic council of Praetorians elected by the people. They commonly have bronze skin and dark hair, and are in many ways modeled after a slightly more advanced Roman Empire.

*Gaileon are folk who hail from the Formorian clans. They tend to have bright red/orange hair and thick Ulster accents. They live among the northern rolling green hills and mountainsides in small hamlets, growing crops and ranching herds of sheep. Often they can be found living side-by-side with the Fir Domnann.

*Fir Bolg stand a full head above most other men, bearing with it a strength to match. They tend to be savage and barbaric in nature, and value strength and battle above all else. They also are a part of the Formorian clans, and while some few can be found living among the Gaileon and Fir Domnann, most live in their own remote mountain villages.

I am also fleshing out minor details on several additional ethics that will include Japanese, German, English, and Celtic/Gaelic, and possibly Persian/Indian.

More to come soon!

2007-03-12, 08:49 AM

When I saw the thread title, I thought it was "Mrs. Risby & the Rats of NIMH", which would make an amusing campaign setting (awakened mice?). But Mostly Celtic/Nordic campaign looks good, too.

2007-03-13, 08:32 AM
This looks like it was based off Irish myth. Very nice job. :)

2007-03-13, 09:00 AM

When I saw the thread title, I thought it was "Mrs. Risby & the Rats of NIMH", which would make an amusing campaign setting (awakened mice?). But Mostly Celtic/Nordic campaign looks good, too.
same here.

perhaps I need to pick up GURPS: Bunnies and Burrows after all