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2014-09-17, 12:33 PM
So, for a while, I had been messing with archetypes of elemental monks in a more thematic way than the Monk of the Four Winds, with the monk quickly embodying the specific element. If there's actually any interest in this, I'll probably go ahead and post the other elements.

Disciple of the Waves (Monk Archetype)

Taking up his studies near a large body of water, the Disciple of the Waves believes the purity of water is the key to self-enlightenment.

Rapid Swim(Ex): You gain a 20ft swim speed at 3rd level. Every 3 levels past 3rd, your Swim speed increases by 10 feet. Any effect that increases your land speed also increases your swim speed. You gain +8 on Swim checks, and can take 10 on Swim checks, even in combat or other stressful situations. You lose this speed if you carry more than a light load or wear any armor or a shield. This replaces fast movement.

Water Breathing (Ex): At 3rd level, you can breathe underwater as if it were air. You are breathing the water, so you are still subject to any poisons or diseases in the water. This replaces Still Mind.

Undersea Brawler(Ex): At 4th level, you take no attack or damage penalties for using any melee weapon underwater. This has no effect on throwing weapons or other ranged weapons. This replaces Slow Fall.

Quiet Swimmer(Ex): At 5th level, you add your Disciple of the Waves level to Stealth checks when you are underwater and 1/2 your Hurricane Spirit level to Swim checks. You may spend a ki point as a swift action to gain a +20 competence bonus to either Swim or Stealth while underwater. This replaces High Jump.

Ice Touch(Su): At 7th level, your unarmed attacks are treated as cold weapons for the purpose of negating regeneration, and your unarmed strikes do extra damage equal to 4 times your Wisdom to creatures that take additional damage from cold.

At 10th level, your unarmed attacks are treated as Cold Iron and Silver Weapons for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. This replaces both the 7th and 10th level benefits of Ki pool.

Water Meld (Su): At 12th level or higher, a Disciple of the Waves can spend 1 ki point as a move action to meld himself completely into the water. This acts like Gaseous Form, except that it only works in water. This replaces abundant step.

Hurricane (Su): At 19th level, the monk can spend 3 ki points as a move action to transform into a Whirlpool, acting like the whirlwind special attack, but the Hurricane Spirit must be within water, and it lasts for up to twice the Disciple of the Waves' level. This replaces Empty Body.

Ocean Ascension: At 20th level, the Hurricane Spirit becomes a magical creature. The Disciple of the Waves' is treated as his choice of an Outsider(Water) and his original type for all purposes. The Hurricane spirit gains DR 5/- and Regeneration 20/Fire. He also becomes immune to cold, and takes 50% more damage from all sources of Fire.